Sewing My 1st Men’s Collared Shirt ✂️ McCall’s Pattern M6044 | SEWING REPORT

Sewing My 1st Men’s Collared Shirt ✂️ McCall’s Pattern M6044 | SEWING REPORT

the collared dress shirt a sewing
project that can look intimidating but it doesn’t have to be welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
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and we are wrapping up an ongoing series of sewing a collared shirt now this
series can apply to pretty much any pattern but for the sake of this I am
sewing M6044 this is a men’s collared dress shirt but there’s a few steps and
pieces in here that make it a little bit easier than your standard dress shirt
but I’ve made quite a few videos on this already so if you are new here and you
want to check out some other videos I’ve got plenty of technique videos just
showing step-by-step how I made this shirt now on the surface this looks like
your standard dress shirt but there’s a few things that make it a little a
little more approachable and that is the back piece does not have a yoke on it
which is a standard part of a dress shirt another thing about this pattern
is that it does not have a regular placket they sort of do a faux placket
by having the sleeve be two pieces which I thought was pretty clever so I’m going
to walk you through kind of a wrap-up of everything we’ve been doing to make this
shirt these shirts were actually a Father’s Day gift and I wanted to
personalize them with a custom monogram it’s easier to embroider the fabric
before cutting out the pattern piece between sewing and filming this was a
pretty lengthy project for me spanning well over a week technically I used for
sewing machines the brother PE 800 embroidery machine Brother 1034 D serger
the ever sewn Sparrow 25 and by Janome 7700 for the buttonholes obviously you
don’t need this many sewing machines to make a shirt but yet here I am I’ve
mentioned this throughout the series but I constantly used my budget pattern
weights which are just washers from Home Depot my magic pins which are new a
water and air soluble marking pen a seam gauge fabric scissors
and of course Elmer’s washable school glue in a fine tip bottle while I do
have a fancier cordless iron this 1299 steam iron from all these was a great
find and I use it all the time here’s a look back at the techniques featured in
previous videos making and sewing the monogrammed shirt pocket sewing the
shoulder seams and finishing with a flat felled seam setting in the two parts leave flat my
easy hack for doing a narrow hem and constructing the cuffs and shirt collar the only major part of this pattern I
haven’t featured yet is the button band one side contains the buttons and the
other buttonholes similar to the collar and cuffs you fold in the long side that
will not be sewn to the shirt pin the bands to the front pieces so with a
standard 5/8 inch seam allowance trim the folded edge down and fold the band
back on itself right sides together stitch the bottom short edge to match
the length of the hem trim the seam allowance clip the end piece and fold
the band over to encase the edge of the shirt press and you can use glue to hold
the loose side in place until you edge stitch around the entire band mark and so with the buttonholes
I used a seam ripper to open them up then sew on the buttons you can do this
by machine but I chose to hand sew in this case now this is only the second
collared shirt pattern that I’ve tried I tried a vogue shirt pattern last year
for women and that turned out okay but I think I used too lightweight of a fabric
for that pattern I think the chambray was a better choice
although I still have yet to make a dress shirt in your average broadcloth
or just standard cotton fabric so that may be next if you’ve never made a
collared shirt before I would recommend really try to break down these steps
individually and don’t try to get overwhelmed but I found that when I just
focused on one aspect at a time the project seemed a lot more doable to me
and I didn’t get to like oh my gosh what is happening but I would label this
pattern probably good for an advanced beginner I wouldn’t have this feel like
your first sewing project ever but if this is your first time just doing a
collared shirt I think this pattern would be okay for
you if you’ve also tried this sewing pattern m60 for for the men’s color
dress shirt I would love to know what you think below in the comments and if
you have any helpful tips feel free to share them below I would love to see
what you have to say about it and I also want to share a couple
thoughts on the kind of enjoyability of this project there are certain patterns
that you just feel kind of like happy-go-lucky while you’re sewing and
there’s others that can be a little bit frustrating I didn’t
find this pattern to be particularly frustrating at any point but I did make
a few mistakes going into it but that’s there’s gonna be mistakes with every
sewing pattern you try so just know that going in I gotta say finishing this
project felt like a huge accomplishment to me and this is going to be my last
video in the series but if you’re just stopping over here I’ve got plenty of
other videos just breaking down different steps of this pattern or if
you’re just making a dress shirt in general hopefully they’ll be helpful
everything from doing the collar stand and cuffs to setting in sleeves anyways
I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit that like button and
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DIY projects I’m Jennifer Moore for the sewing report and I’ll see you guys
again in the next video

11 thoughts on “Sewing My 1st Men’s Collared Shirt ✂️ McCall’s Pattern M6044 | SEWING REPORT

  1. Excellently done!!! What a lucky husband to get. such a fabulous shirt! I'll be picking up this pattern now that I've seen that clever two piece sleeve. Loved your coverage of the techniques. This is gorgeous filming! What lighting do you use? I'd love to light my sewing machines nice and brightly like that!

  2. WATCH ✔️ M6044 Men's Button-Down Shirt Sewing Pattern

  3. That shirt is gorgeous! I've never heard of the 'magic pins' till this vid. I reviewed at Connecting Threads. I person said they were great, another said 'they bend easily & are not very sharp'. Could you please let me know your take? Thanx for sharing 😀

  4. Hey Jennifer you did a wonderful job on that shirt you mentioned your straight pins where did you get your straight pins pins from you said that they were new I would like to order some of those

  5. I've made this pattern so many time short sleeve and long sleeve. It's amazing and easy to do. The longest part is cutting and placing all the pieces. 😂

  6. I actually used this pattern, it is really for a thin man, so I had to make adjustments for my husband. But, I did not have iron on interfacing only the old fashion kind which I hand based. Honestly, today's shirts do not have any interfacing from off the rack so I am wondering, should interfacing be used if ready wear clothes do not have them? It adds a lot of extra time.

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