Sesame Street: Twiddlebugs And Paperclip

Sesame Street: Twiddlebugs And Paperclip

you seen my other snowshoe around here? I can only find one, and
I need two of them to walk in the snow. TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: No,
my dearest darling. I have not. THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Hmm. TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: Have you
checked the basement? THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Good
idea, my Twiddle wife. TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: I
will look for your snowshoe in the kitchen. I am going to make a cake. THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Mmm! TINA TWIDDLEBUG: Now, where
shall I stand up my music while I practice? Oh, goody goody! Maybe this will work. Perfect. I’ll just go and get
my twaddle-horn. TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: That itches! Can’t reach! Hey, that’ll work. Ahhh. TINA TWIDDLEBUG: Oh! Timmy, my brother, that’s
my music stand. TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: Really? It’s also a perfect
to frosting. My mixer broke right in the
middle of making this cake. TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: Uh-oh. TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: I must
mix the batter. Ohhh. TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: No mixer? Maybe we could find something
else to mix it with. ALL: Hmmm. TINA TWIDDLEBUG: Ooh! That’s it! TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: Hey! TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: Oh! Goodness gracious me. TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: Moo. TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG:
Look, how nice. THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: My dear
family, I have some bad news. It seems we don’t
have a basement. ALL: Oh! THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Bleepin’
blizzards! My snowshoe! Wherever did you find it? ALL: Snowshoe? TINA TWIDDLEBUG: You mean
my music stand? TIMMY TWIDDLEBUG: My
back-scratcher? TESSIE TWIDDLEBUG: My mixer? THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Well, I
suppose so, though I had no idea you could do all those
things with a snowshoe. What a smart family I have. ALL: Yay! THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Well,
family, I’m off for an adventure in the snow. ALL: Bye! THOMAS TWIDDLEBUG: Uh-oh. It appears to be summertime. Anyone seen my swimming

23 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Twiddlebugs And Paperclip

  1. WTF? Ok, I won't crap on Sesame Street because it is always awesome … but THIS is NOT the Twiddlebugs. My favourite part about the Twiddlebugs was the zoom-in on the non-CG miniature home Ernie created for them. Made me imagine that I could create my own Twiddlebug family …

  2. i completely agree with you. i love the ORIGINAL twiddle bugs too and this imitation is not representing my childhood memories AT ALL. they should just stop tryin to change everything and makin it all animated and stick to the awesome way sesame street USED to be.

  3. CGI Twiddlebugs…I dunno…not really doin it for me.
    It's almost like George Lucas got his greasy paws on our Sesame Street.

  4. This has absolutely no educational value. What on earth are the Sesame Street guys thinking? Plus she's mixing a cake with a shoe. Quite unhygenic.

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