‘Sesame Street’ Makes String Art Ornaments With Nick Offerman And Kellie Pickler

– Look who’s here! – [Sesame Street Characters] Hello! – [Kelly C] It’s Big
Bird, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch! – Hi. – Wait, where’s Oscar? – Hi. – Where’s Oscar? – I don’t know. – [Kelly C] Nick, can you give him a? (thud) – [Oscar] Hello? What do you want? – [Sesame Street Characters] Oscar! (claps) – I’m tryna watch my shows down here, what do you want? – Look, it’s Sesame Street! – Oscar we’re so happy to see you. – Yeah! The feeling’s not mutual. (laughs) – Well Sesame Street
is celebrating 50 years of helping kids grow up smarter, stronger, and kinder. This weekend, Sesame Street is even receiving
a Kennedy Center honor, the first ever for a TV show. Congratulations! – [Woman] That’s amazing! – [Kelly C] Yes! So Big Bird, I can’t believe your street is turning 50! How have you been celebrating? – Oh well, you know what? We had a big party. And our friends Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Patti LaBelle, and Elvis Costello, and Megan Trainor, they all stopped by to
join the celebration. And we got to sing great songs like ‘People in Your Neighborhood’, and ‘It’s not Easy Being Green’, it was a lot of fun! – [Kelly C] Oh that’s awesome! – It was wonderful. – Well Oscar, have you
been celebrating too? Has this been exciting? – Oh yeah, it’s been the happiest day of my life. (laughs) – It sounds like it is! So Abby, what kinds of things have
you learned on Sesame Street? – Oh golly, there’s been so many! But mostly I’ve learned that because we’re part of a big community, like we’re all in this together, that we can learn from each other. And we can get through things, like even if you let’s say, made somebody into a pumpkin
accidentally with your wand. Hahaha! But you learn from your mistakes and stuff like that. Plus kindness is a superpower, right? – [Kelly C] True! Well Nick. Nick, Kelly. Do y’all have any questions? – Cookie! – Yeah. Hi sweet thing! (laughs) – Hi Kelly! What’s it like over there? Hi. – Do you have a favorite cookie recipe? – Oh actually, I got you a cookie! – Oh you got cookie? Oh! – [Elmo] Uh-oh, here we go! – Cookie! Num-num-num! – [Big Bird] It’s almost Like – – That’s me favorite type of cookie. – Yeah his favorite
cookie recipe is step one, get a cookie. Step two, eat it. (laughs) – Me got to clean up. Ahh! – Nick do you have a question? – Sure! Elmo I was wondering, tell me, what famous people have
come by Sesame Street? – Boy so many people! Let’s see. Miss Whoopie Goldberg. – I love her! – Yeah Mr. John Legend. – [Kelly C] Wow! Oh and Miss Megan Mullally came. – [Kelly and Nick] Oh yes! – She’s my favorite! – You know what? Would you tell her that Elmo says hello? – I absolutely will! – We’ve been meaning to have
a meeting for like weeks! – [Nick] Okay! – You have to tell her, okay? – I will tell her! – Well as we mentioned, tomorrow is giving Tuesday. The day was created to
kick-off charitable giving throughout the holidays. So we wanted to give some
easy ways to give back! Kelly, what do you like to do? – Oh my goodness, I like
to do volunteer work. And just sing. Do something sweet. You don’t have to spend anything. – [Kelly C] Yeah! – You just give your time. – That’s wonderful. – Giving kindness is important to. Just be kind to people, and that’s a way of giving too. – [Kelly C and Kelly] That’s
right, absolutely! I agree. – And you don’t have
to just give to people. You can give to animals, and you can give to the environment. You can just be kind to
the world around you. – [Oscar] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Giving Tuesday’s alright but I much prefer ‘Give
Me a Break Wednesday’. (laughs) – Oh Oscar! – Well Nick, what about you? How do you think that people
can help their community? – A great way to help out if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, is if you have a skill, you can share that with your neighbors. You can shovel their sidewalk, you can make them some food, some lasagna, or some pie. Pecan or Blueberry pie. You can bring it to my house and I’ll give you a class on eating pie. – I can come over! – Anything that helps somebody
out and doesn’t cost you. Maybe to just spend a half an hour or helping somebody carry their groceries, or keeping an eye on their kids. That can be the best gift
somebody can receive. – Especially that last one. Just giving the parents a minute! – Just give the parents a minute. – Yeah! – I think so. And the kids can play. – [Nick] That’s right. – Alright, well you know my
favorite way to give back is a smile. A smile. I come from very humble beginnings, and I didn’t always have
anything to give anybody, so I think smiling can
turn someone’s day around. And it’s 100% free. And kindness is what the
world needs right now more than anything. I think we can all agree on that. I encourage all of you to
donate ten smiles every day! You can go to
KellyClarksonShow.com to find even more ways to give back y’all. Sesame Street’s 50th
anniversary special is available for streaming on HBO. And guess what? Everyone in the audience is going home with a 50th anniversary Sesame Street DVD. (claps) Because Nick’s show Making It, is premiering on NBC tonight, I thought it might be fun if
we all made something together. It looks like you guys
are all set to go, right? – [Abby] Yes let’s do it! – [Kelly] Alright Cookie Monster. – Are we making a cookie? – No, is that what you think we’re making? – Me hope we making cookies. – We nope, nope sorry. – Okay bye-bye! – I wish we were making cookies. – Oh Cookie Monster, come back! – It’s not cookies. But it is something grown-ups
and kids can make together. And when you’re done, you can keep it or give it as a gift. – Or eat it! – Or eat — yeah, okay! Oscar, does that sound fun? – As long as we’re making
a mess, it’s okay by me! – [Kelly C] Alright I’m in, I’m in! It’s a woodworking project so Mr. Nick is going to
walk us through the steps. Take it away Nick. – Yes go ahead Mr. Nick. – Okay thank you Elmo. – You’re welcome. – Alright we’re gonna
make string art ornaments. – [Kelly C] Okay. These are something that are fun to make with grown-ups and kids. You need five things. A slab of wood that’s cookie-shaped. – Cookie. – [Nick] Don’t mean to be misleading. Some small nails. – [Kelly C] Okay. A hammer. A template. And some string. – Alright so where do we start? – Okay well see, my template is in the
shape of a Christmas tree. So you lay that on your wood. – [Kelly C] Okay. And you’re gonna drive a nail – In all the dots? – Everywhere there’s a dot. – [Kelly C] Okay. – You don’t have to
drive them in very far! But you do want each one of them to be approximately level. You want to be careful. It’s a good idea to protect your eyes whenever you’re screwing in a nail. – [Kelly C] Okay. – Nothing to see here! – Oh whoops! Oh shoot! – I don’t know why we’re
doing this in the dark. – Safety first, right Elmo? – Yeah, safety first Mr Nick. – Okay. Now this is gonna take a while so I’m gonna ask Abby – Yeah! – [Nick] If she will help us
through the magic of television by giving us a wave of your wand. – Okay here we go Nick! Through the magic of television zippidy-zap! – [Everyone] Whoa! (claps) – Okay Nick, what do we do now? Thank you Abby! – [Nick] Abby, nice work! You see all the nails have been driven in, and the template has been torn away. So you take your string, and you wind it around all these nails. – Okay. – [Nick] And you see that
your shape will begin to form. In my case, it’s a Christmas tree. – [Elmo] Very festive. – Thank you. – [Elmo] You’re welcome. – What are you making? – I’m a heart. – Oh that’s so nice! – Exactly. – We’re doing a star! – [Kelly C] I feel like I am a heart, yes! – So this is really fun
because you can choose whatever pattern you want. And you can go all over the place. But it’s gonna take a long time. So Abby? – Yeah? Do you think you can wave your wand again? – Grab me one of those wands! – Will you say please? – Please! – Okay here we go! Through the magic of television, zippidy-zap! (claps) – Oh my God! – They’re so wonderful! – Mine is beautiful! – Look at that! – Look at the star! – Beautiful! – Oh my gosh! Well thank you so much Mr. Nick, I’m gonna do this with my kids.

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