Senior Turns to Ted after sand mistakenly dumped on driveway

Senior Turns to Ted after sand mistakenly dumped on driveway

[Music] when we first got to Reba Kay’s Sunnyside home we could barely see her over that giant pile of sand in her driveway why’d you order this dirt I didn’t order the dirt just somebody just dumped it in my yard yep that giant sand pile likely hundreds of dollars worth of sand at least just appeared there one day the dog started barking I ran to the door and they took off but the dirt was all here and Reba who still drives at 90 years old by the way couldn’t get her car out the mailman couldn’t get in and neither could her friends Reba was stuff I was gonna get rid of it I don’t know her nephew called us and we called her City Councilman Dwight Boykins who frequently helped seniors in his part of Houston Boykins called friend who knew the team at E is G and they jumped on the job we’ll forget the car land without was a no-brainer community is calling for us to service and we jumped out here the next morning E is G is in the dirt moving business usually acres of dirt to prep for new subdivisions so this was a pretty small haul for them but it’s one that made a huge difference for we became Oh beautiful thank God I can see we have no idea who left this sand there there’s some home construction nearby and that could have been where it was supposed to go but come on whoever drove that truck certainly could have done a better job than to leave a ninety-year-old neighbor in that kind of spot we’re glad it’s cleaned up now I’m Ted Oberg ABC 13 Eyewitness News [Music]

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  1. You would think that whoever ordered that massive amount of dirt in the first place would be making inquiries into where it ended up!!!

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