Segmented Walnut Vase 2 – Art, Woodturning

Segmented Walnut Vase 2 – Art, Woodturning

As I said in the previous video, I cut about
100 pieces the wrong size for a previous sculpture that I made. This is the second of the two vases that I
made. I glued them up into rings. Then, I sanded the faces flat in order to
glue them together. I started with a base of solid walnut. I cut it somewhat into a circle off-camera. I decided to do one layer at a time because
it would be difficult to reach down inside the piece, once I had all the layers together. Also, like the last video, I had this black
limba that I cut into small wedges to make a feature ring in this piece. Unfortunately, my cuts were not very accurate. I had a few gaps between a few of the black
limba segments. I would glue one ring on, turn it, then glue
the next ring on. It took me several days just to do this vase. Simply because I was waiting for the glue
to dry overnight. By the time I got to the last ring, I had
to be really careful and take just minor cuts. I was getting a lot of vibration, especially
at the end farthest from the chuck. I had a few gaps, so I filled them with CA
glue. I tried something that I had not done before,
that is, I bought some sanding sealer at the hardware store to try. I wanted to see if it would make a difference. I am sure I probably did it wrong. I did not see a difference by the end of it. Once it was finish-turned, I parted it with
the parting tool. I held on to it this time. I took off the little nub with a chisel. Then, I sanded it off. Finally, I finished it with some wipe-on varnish. I really like how this one turned out. It is already sold. Thanks a lot for watching Cammie’s Garage.

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  1. Keep the great videos and projects coming, Cam. These were a great use of your "mistakes" that turned into great products.

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