See a NASA Physicist’s Incredible Origami

See a NASA Physicist’s Incredible Origami

– One of the most important
attributes of origami is, once we have studied and
understood the way paper folds and unfolds, we can apply
those patterns to things that are very different from paper. I hope by bringing the
tools of mathematics into my origami design that
I can then fold something that’s beautiful and that’s unexpected. My name is Robert Lang,
and I’m a physicist and an origami artist. Origami is the Japanese name
for the art of folding paper, and most origami is folded
from a single sheet of paper with no cuts or tears. I have loved origami my entire life. I’ve pursued it ever since I was a kid, but my study was science and engineering. I worked for NASA doing
research on lasers, but throughout that whole time
I had been pursuing origami, developing designs, and writing books. In 2001, I quit my job
to try to make a career out of origami. I’ve worked on a couple of
different folding patterns that were round and would wrap
into a cylindrical geometry to fit into a rocket; and I
developed an airbag in a car that inflates from a small, folded bundle. So, whenever an engineer creates
something that opens and closes in a controlled way, they can make use of the folding patterns of origami. Over the years, math has
allowed me to realize as an artist, shapes and
creations that I couldn’t achieve any other way. Traditional origami was relatively simple. The designs would have taken
maybe 20 or 30 steps at most, but today, origami pieces
can be so complicated that they can have tens, hundreds,
maybe even a thousand steps. When I’m folding, it’s like
working with an old friend. It’s like dancing with a
partner whose moves I know. If I move this way, I know
my partner is going to move that way, and so I explore the
math, develop the equations, solve the equations,
create the folding pattern, and then I find out what it looks like, and, as often as not, it is beautiful. For me, the driving force
is that there’s always something new to try: a
new problem, a new subject, a new shape that I didn’t think
I was able to create before, but now I think I know how
to realize it, and each time I solve a problem I get
this wonderful feeling, and you want more of those feelings.

100 thoughts on “See a NASA Physicist’s Incredible Origami

  1. I can't even make a proper paper airplane, Fuck me. Jus when I get motivated, YouTube got some shit 2 fuck my whole shit up.

  2. People: "bet you can't fold a piece of paper 7 times!"
    Lang: "bet you can't fold a piece of paper a thousand times!"

  3. They got all that time to fold paper, because they know that the Earth is a closed system. We can't leave Earth, there's nowhere to go. Live in a terrarium people.

  4. I should pick up oragami… i always was always impressed by cool boxes more than paper. More functional. I bet there are some cool folding designs you can make and not just figurines though.

  5. dear Mr Lang, i cant even understand my own feelings how cd i understand ways paper folds? :')

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