Secret Sketchbook: Hidden iPad mini

Secret Sketchbook: Hidden iPad mini

over the years I’ve had a few sketchbooks and I always customize them a few videos ago I did a video about doing a custom wrap on the outside of my sketchbook and that was relatively popular so I thought would it be really cool if I could put my iPad Mini inside of my sketchbook it seems to fit seven by ten format so let’s do a secret sketchbook with a hidden iPad Mini my name is Eric stable I’m an industrial designer welcome to my channel about product design and making I hope that you like and joy and become a subscriber make sure you give the video a thumbs up and then you hit the bell hit the bell again so you get the little parentheses around it that way you’ll be notified every time I have a new video don’t forget to check out the design and making merch below hoodies t-shirts and stickers the sketchbook that you saw me wrap in ultra suede a few videos ago is just about full so it’s time for a new sketchbook let’s see we’re gonna put this iPad Mini inside of my sketchbook now the iPad Mini is about the thickness of a piece of foam core and a piece of matte board so just around 6 millimeters thick and that foam core and that matte board from make up just a hair over six millimeters so I’m gonna basically make a composite structure between the outside cover or the front cover of the sketchbook the foam core on the middle which will be the distance in between the two pieces of matte board in a sense to give it a a amount of structure I’m cutting out a little hole at the bottom so that I can put a cord in there and still charge my iPad and a little finger grip at the top of course so that I can remove it easily from the inside of the cover so here I’m just lemon aiding the two pieces together so the foam core on the bottom and the matte board on the top I’m using this pen talaq seven by ten sketchbook it’s the brightest white paper sketchbook in a seven by ten format that I could find it’s slightly bigger size than all my other sketchbooks because all the blick and Utrecht sketchbooks that I have in the past have nice bright white paper and sketchbooks today for whatever reason don’t have very bright paper anymore so I’ve had a really tough struggle finding a sketchbook with bright enough white paper for me to sketch in if you know of a good sketchbook that’s seven by ten wire bound leave it in the comments below I’d love to check it out I’ve tried a couple cants on ones and I just returned those on Amazon didn’t so cut everything out kind of rough cut and here I’m using the oscillating spindle sander to get a nice radiuses on the two cutouts and get it nice finished so here I’m gluing it together with the front cover again using white glue cuz white glue gives me great strength so I love to use it I use a piece of tape to line everything up so that when I fold the two halves together and get a nice clean edge I’m using some camouflage vinyl that I bought out recently did some work for the military and a lot of these army personnel have these sketchbooks with camouflage on it and I was like all those are pretty cool so I thought camouflage would be a fitting finish for this sketchbook since it’s actually hiding something on the inside of it you know it looked really cool when I saw it on ebay and it came in the mail and yeah not super super excited about the camouflage it is growing on me and it looks a lot better on the sketchbook than just the sheet sort of rolled out so it’s it’s turning out okay it’s not a hundred percent what I was looking for but it will certainly do so here once I’ve got the cavity built we need to have a little flap to keep the iPad from falling out I’m gonna use a piece of styrene for that it’s an oath thirty piece of styrene and we’re gonna drop in some magnets and that is going to keep that styrene flap closed and locked so the iPad cannot fall out these are the same kind of magnets that you’ll find in a retail box in a store maybe something that holds an iPhone case or something like that so you can an open and close and the lid stays closed securely I’m use a little East 6000 to glue these magnets in it turns out to be kind of problematic the e6000 eats away my foam so I end up having to go back and put in a different kind of glue off-camera but so be warned there about that so one of the hardest parts about this whole process was lining up the camo pattern on the front of the cover so that it was Square to the cover itself that took a little bit of work of course the cutting mat that has a grid on it was really helpful so I could line everything up and then kind of eyeball things and that’s how I was able to get it really nice I cover the front and then the back and what you’re looking at here is the inside and I’m just kind of match cutting the best I can with the hidden seam that I fold over from the front and here I’m moving removing the inside of the vinyl this is where the iPad actually goes so I try to make everything as seamless as possible and nice and clean as I can so you can’t see any of the seams New York team-up trim off the last little part with a knife blade little flap that’s made of styrene gets the vinyl as well and that’s actually what holds the metal in place on the styrene cover so there’s magnets in the inside cover and the flap that folds down actually has three pieces of metal that snap to the magnets on the inside that cover and the vinyl on both sides of the styrene here holds those little metal plates in place and I don’t fold the vinyl over here like I do on the front and back cover I just flush cut it it’s very thin so thirty stuff so it’s not worth it to fold it over and I just use this straight edge of the plastic for that and I get a nice clean seal here and then we’re just going to put a little piece of vinyl on the bottom and that’s going to become our a hinge hopefully that’s gonna last through the life of this sketchbook if not when you put another piece of vinyl there if we have to replace it the last thing left to do here is to cut out all the little holes where the spiral-bound goes together and of course this sketchbook is actually bigger than all of my other sketchbooks so I need to cut down all my paper so I rigged up a little 2×4 here with a metal ruler underneath of it and that’s what I cut against with my exacto blade and I slowly cut away the pages to make them the same size as my other sketchbooks let’s put this bad boy together so the way I designed it was that the iPad is on the inside of the sketchbook here when I load up with paper and again I’m putting the sketchbook together in the way that I like it so I can remove the pages from the back of the sketchbook and there it is that’s where the iPads gonna go and then that little flap is going to fold closed and oh you’re done now not exactly what I intended but I decided that there’s an option here that I never considered is to put the iPad on the outside this allows me to use all the paper of the sketchbook now I didn’t design it to be this way but it will allow you to have all the paper in there because of the thickness of the iPad I’m not able to put all the paper in there the way that I originally intended it to so this is another option you know good/bad has positives has negatives I rather like it on the inside I’m okay with a few less pages on the sketchbook but once you go ahead you know leave comments in the below and let me know what you like inside or outside and a bonus of this whole thing is you get it iPad stand out of the thing so it’s a great way to watch some content hope you enjoy the video leave a comment down below if you like the iPad on the inside or the outside don’t forget to subscribe to the channel you can do that by clicking on an icon in the bottom right of the video or below the video give it a thumbs up and follow the channel there as well want to know about upcoming design content and projects that I’m working on follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook and my favorite Google+ links below 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14 thoughts on “Secret Sketchbook: Hidden iPad mini

  1. Boss, question: When you have an idea like this, you at least make a video, but do you also use it as a prototype to pitch for a licensing deal? Just wondering if these are purely personal, or if you promote some of these to make moolah. I'm currently pitching an idea, so I'm curious if you're doing the same thing.

  2. Years ago I was attending a training workshop and needed some kind of notebook to take notes in. The area of town I was in had no office supply stores but there was one of those copy center/mail stores. They didn't have any notebooks either but offered to make me one. Basically it is the same binding system (or similar) as the sketch book but I just paid for 50 sheets of regular 8.5 x 11 paper plus two pieces of cardstock. They then cut the paper in half leaving me with a 100 page 4×5 ish notebook. The point is you can use any paper they have so it can be as bright as you want.

  3. Hi Eric, great video. Two things jumped out at me:

    1. Great way to lose your iPad! 🙂 Imagine if it goes missing and you find it 5 years' time when you're going through an old sketch book. Ha ha ha.
    2. The other thing I thought was that the "flap" which covers the iPad was screaming out to hold a bluetooth keyboard. Just a thought.
    Really enjoy your videos.


  4. Nice build quality. Given your attention to detail, have you ever considered just purchasing a comb binding machine to punch your own paper? Little more expensive upfront ($40-50 for a cheap one on Amazon), but you will have complete control over the paper quality and size.

  5. inside… i was thinking of a similar thing of putting a tablet in a book so it would be like penny's computerbook from inspector gadget.

  6. With the ipad on the outside you could make the book half a centimeter deeper and include a keyboard on the opposite lid. Nice work!

  7. hi eric, thanks for the video, I'm trying to make a case for my ipad also except i want it to adhere with magnets. What kind of glue could i use to adhere a magnet to the backside of my phone without damaging it? thanks in advance

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