SECRET ROOM FOUND ESCAPING PRISON!! YouTube Hacker Prison (24 Hour Challenge)

SECRET ROOM FOUND ESCAPING PRISON!! YouTube Hacker Prison (24 Hour Challenge)

Jocasta perfect chance you get inside trying to start it wide
it’s working G perfect let’s get out of here we’re gonna go fast
Lawson touchdown Jake just take us as far away from this place as you can we
gotta figure out where we are hey what’s going on guys we’re back and
currently escaping from a prison we were locked up but managed to escape and
we’re now on the run from what we believe or hackers or spies or we’ll
work early calling creepers they’re trying to round up youtubers to catch
all of us so right now we’re trying to escape whatever that place was and from
those creepers he’s never too far behind us though guys they know how to find us
the North trackers wait Jake stop do you even know where we are I have no idea I
mean there was the map that we found on the phone but guys I have no idea where
we could be speaker be miles from the nearest city guys you have been beyond
helpful and trying to solve this mystery all of your comments everything you’ve
been saying has been helping us and helping us to get through this like I’ve
said before guys this past week has been crazy and we still need your help if
there’s anything in these videos if you guys have any theories you need to
comment the down below helped us figure out why this group of creepers has been
following us wait Jake what if we don’t run what if we go on the offense break
back into prison you want to break back in there I mean we don’t know where
we’re going so why don’t we sneak back in and try and get as much information
as we can you know al okay that’s crazy but Papa Jake loves crazy we’ll break
back into prison and steal as much information as we can hopefully there’s
something in there to show us what’s going on hi let’s go
I mean hopefully we don’t get caught and hopefully there’s nothing too scary in
there yeah we don’t know we’re getting ourselves into guys we don’t know who
these guys are how dangerous they are we’re gonna have to figure that out for
ourselves but guys this is one video where we need you we need you to like
the video and we need you more than ever to use the comment section to help us
solve that mystery we’re solving the mystery together and we’re fighting back
together Logan here looks a good side interest to the present off we go
through here I might be able to figure out some more information come on just
be really quiet what is this place where are we no door
I just look in the outside I must be on that closed system oh no no no no this
isn’t good looking what is this place we trapped what is this Oh doors not
opening guys it seems like some sort of laboratory for what
describe your way out of your way she’s all this stuff I don’t know bunch of
paper here this looks like this is definitely a lab guys we came here to
find information we need to document everything we see in here we can always
figure out a way to get out of these places I know there is there’s got to be
a way to get out of here but first things first we got to figure out what
we can find search for any information anything that we can use okay spiders
are all empty 60 new are coming and we have a Batman clock another clock it’s a
different time zones again remember this the stopwatch we found yeah the guy who
dropped the stopwatch there different time zones in wait that’s another map
this must be the command center as to where they’re trying to track down
youtubers this has to be it I live document everything we can find here
looks like there’s a keycard here Milhouse role of Koster it’s a it’s a
doctor’s cart all right take a video of this maybe someone in the track and help
us figure out what this is Jake didn’t you say there was something going on
with your brain yeah what’s up a contraption to it Jake come look at this
this might have to do with the contraption they hooked me up to maybe
this is where they’re developing it this could all be for that all these signs
equipment this stuff it’s different chemicals here
this isn’t good Jake we’re gonna have to find these clues fast cuz we got to get
out of here before those creepers come Logan I’ve got something what guys check
this out there’s a coded file no Jake there’s cameras good another camera over
there they’re watching us you guys speed this up looking at fast
look and look there’s something in here whoa need to find the key yeah good luck
look at all these keys maybe there’s something that can open these doors all
right quickly here grab start testing doesn’t work nothing’s working
wait look I got something guys check this out
the key here looks like it’s worked got it
let’s see what’s in here gee look what’s going on I don’t know like that good okay how do you turn it off you know one
of these things okay Logan it’s got a notebook here tons of
information I’m taking this with us looks like there’s just more printouts
more of these doctor notes huh we gotta figure out a way to get out of here that
doors not opening it must be something in the other room okay guys so update
for you we’ve been trapped in this weird laboratory of some sorts has it right
now the door behind us has well closed and there’s no way getting out that way
we’re trying to figure out if we can find some clues I was able to find a
journal from whoever runs this place I’m hoping that has some more information in
it as of right now we need to find out who’s behind all of this and what they
want again guys if there’s anything in here that you see that you find as a
clue comment it down below stop the video leave a timestamp let us
know and help us out we need all of your help something in here this book on the
floor that’s just another one is encyclopedias gee the bookshop moved what’s up this is secret room
bats check this out here look we got the bookshop well okay dude this is really weird
freaking me I’ll pass Chico so don’t we need to get through no no guys this
gotta be some way we get out of here code was there a code in there you saw
Logan Jake there’s more cameras in here they’ve got surveillance all over this
place guys we need to get out of here fast we call boy came for we got the
notebook look what’s a code we can try guys calling a code down below you think
we should try leave a comment let’s see if we can try some hey Jake it looks
like everyone’s trying five zero six so six to two yeah nothing anything else
one says zero zero zero no nothing can’t be a code it’s gotta be some other way
look there’s an RF tag if we can find the access card we can get through here
maybe someone left in one of these empty in here wait a sec check the sink
doesn’t work which means there’s no running water it’s why were they in the
sink you cheap on them looking this p-traps
are you affected there’s nothing in here there’s no water
now there’s nothing oh okay it’s definitely not gonna work now yeah cheer that yeah what’s that
what’s that Nestle RF tag so let’s try to hide it in the p-trap see if it works
oh it worked guys it worked G worked that’s really weird it’s like an
operating table and small shoes oh okay we need to go now
all right Jake this isn’t good do you think we have what we need yeah I think
we’ve got enough guys this is some sort of operating room I don’t like this one
bit Logan document everything for the
viewers but guys I think it’s time for us to get out of here I think we gotta
keep moving this place is freaking me out all right
look we’ve got information and we’ve got whoever runs this place two notebook
from that we should be able to get a better idea as to who runs this place in
what they want looking you got a video of all of this yeah hi guys let’s keep
moving home let’s get out of here we shouldn’t have come in here in the first

100 thoughts on “SECRET ROOM FOUND ESCAPING PRISON!! YouTube Hacker Prison (24 Hour Challenge)

  1. Guys smack that LIKE button and comment a time stamp you saw any clues 😱Also LIKE the video if you think we should break back into the main prison for clues!!!

  2. Maybe make a makeshift ice contraption to freeze the lock of the inside door with all the sciency posions

  3. Yo bro you need to get home if you’re able to go back through and use some of the passwords on the door that’s where you could probably hear back out and on the go cart

  4. the guards could be youtubers but the leader did something with there brain and youtubers they aready hunted down! look out for that!!

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