Secret Hidden Symbols in US Dollars

Secret Hidden Symbols in US Dollars

– [Narrator] Have you ever stared at the strange illustrations on U.S. Dollars and
wondered why they exit? It’s the most important
currency in the world but few actually take
a moment to contemplate the reasons behind these markings and the secrets they are hiding. Stay tuned as we take you
through an in depth look at the most significant hidden secrets in this often overlooked piece of paper. If you’re not skin, then now’s the time to whip out
your cash and send it to me, I mean follow along. – Amazing! (mysterious music) – [Narrator] Let’s start off
with the one dollar note. It’s obverse or front side
has many similar symbols that are carried forward
to notes of other values. Let’s also point out the obvious, this is the signature of the
Treasurer of the United States, as indicated underneath. And this is the signature of
the Secretary of the Treasury, in case you can’t follow the pattern. This marking indicates what year that
particular dollar sign originated. And just above it is the
Treasury Department Seal which authenticates the note. On closer inspection,
you’ll notice a balance which indicates justice, a
key which indicates trust and an inverted V shape
known as the chevron which has 13 stars within it. That number 13 is kind
of a recurring theme. We’ll explain it soon. Just about this seal is the
name of the capital city and just above that is
the unique serial number of that precise note. This number is also copied on
the opposite side of the note and at the front of it is a letter. The shrewd amongst you will
notice that this letter also features inside the seal above. This is the Federal Reserve Seal. If you’re interested in knowing
which Federal Reserve Bank printed your bill, you can
either check out the writing at the bottom of the seal, find out from the letter in the middle or refer to the numbers
scattered around the note. The letters and numbers
correspond to different locations as shown here. Pause now to learn them
in case one comes up in a future general knowledge quiz. Right above this is the obligation clause and in the middle is good
old George Washington, the first president. This picture was modeled off Gilbert Stewart’s portrait of him in 1796 but it was reversed due to
the engraving processes. The portrait is supported
by bay laurel leaves which represent status
like back in ancient Greece and the also appear to be budding, indicating that the U.S. is yet to bloom. The two last things are
these letters and numbers. This one, to the left, is called the note position
identifier indicating where on the plate the note was printed. And this one to the right
is the face plate number indicating the number of the plate from which the bill was printed. So, those are the pretty
standardized markings and other note values
have the same markings. But different figures appear in the middle like Lincoln on five dollar bill and Franklin on the one
hundred dollar bill. They’re also arranged slightly differently and have some additional design details but these symbols are the basis for the front side of dollar notes. On the reverse or back side
of the note, you will notice that it attempts to
encapsulate the ideologies of the new nation that
the founding fathers wanted to preserve following the Declaration of Independence. In the center you’ll see
the official U.S. motto, In God We Trust that was adopted in 1956. The two circles you see on
either side are the two halves which make up the Great Seal. Why are there two halves? Well back then pendant seals
which are basically wax discs attached to official documents with a cord were still widely used
and had a different design on either side. The details contained
in each of these designs are highly contested. And all you National
Treasure fans might dispute everything I’m about to say. Let’s start with the Heraldic Bald Eagle which you’ll also notice
is printed in purple on the five dollar bill. In front of the eagle
is an unsupported shield which symbolizes the
fledgling country’s ability to stand on its own. The eagle is biting on a
ribbon which has the phrase, E Pluribus Unum engraved upon it. That means out of many, one, in Latin. Above the eagle’s head is a
load of stars in what’s known as a glory, a feature that’s
made to look like it’s bursting out of a cloud symbolizing
a new nation led by God. The eagle is holding a set of arrows showing its readiness to
fight and an olive branch which signifies peace. The fact that the eagle’s head points towards the olive
branch signifies the U.S. prefers peace compared to conflict. Now, onto the other
more controversial seal. The pyramid is meant to
represent strength and durability and the floating eye called
the Eye of Providence is meant to represent the illuminati, I mean God watching over us. Seriously though, the eye is a
pretty frequently used symbol throughout history and is
a simple and effective way to represent God. So it most likely doesn’t
represent a secret society’s prevailing influence. The cap or triangle encasing
the eye is separated to symbolize that the United States is still far from finished. And the rising sun behind
it is supposed to represent a new nation that has begun. It even leaves a shadow
to the west as back then that was the direction
of undiscovered lands. The motto at the top reads Annuit Coeptis meaning he has favored our undertakings. And the motto at the bottom
reads Novus Ordo Seclorum that’s a Harry Potter
spell, okay it’s not really. It actually means a new order of the ages. Don’t get confused into thinking it means a new world order though because it actually signifies the beginning of a new American era as of the date of the
Declaration of Independence. That date, 1776, is inscribed
above in Roman numerals on the bottom pyramid step. By now you may be wondering
why these mottoes were chosen or perhaps you’ve noticed that
we missed a couple things. Well, remember what I
said about the number 13? I wasn’t lying when I
said it was important. This motto has 13 letters, there are also 13 steps on the pyramid and 13 pearls coming out
of the seal on both sides. The ribbon motto has 13 letters, the eagle was holding 13
arrows and the olive branch has 13 leaves and 13 berries and there are 13 stars
above the eagle’s head each with 13 be amazed logos inside. Alright, maybe not the last one. Anyhow, the number 13 was maybe a tiny bit special to
the founding fathers. As it symbolizes the 13 original colonies. Now, whilst most agree that
these markings make some sense perhaps the oddest feature that has conspiracy theorists drooling is this owl or spider mark. An owl mark would symbolize the illuminati and a spider would fit with
the webbed background theme. Both may seem plausible but sadly there is an even better
explanation for this. After overlaying a
transposed section of the web from the bottom part of the bill, it is clear that this is just
an unintentional feature. Now that’s pretty much
everything for the dollar bill. Well what about other
U.S. Dollar note values? Well sadly, there aren’t
as many cool hidden symbols to talk about. And we’ve deliberately missed
out certain design features because we’re considering
making another video on this. So let us know in the comments below if this is something you’d like to see. And if you’re a viewer
from way in the future, there may be a follow up
video on screen now, click it. (mysterious music)

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  1. I seen 3 golden eagles on my birthday last year in oct 22 2017 through out the year hasnt been normal i had this snowy owl fly above the car windshield and along the car for abit then fly off then few weeks later i dreamt of the owl and it talked to me in my dream next morning i woke up it snowed up north where i was at same morning i had the dream

  2. You forgot to mention the alien head disguised as an eagle biting a ribbon.

    Yes, this video is a disinformation campaign video meant to con the sheep into going back into their coma.

  3. These notes are
    THEIR’ intellectual property.
    you pay a fee EVERY TIME you possess, and or use, their tune, known as
    the u.s. federal reserve note.

    Just like a Michael Jackson song has royalties rights.

    Except, this patent keeps renewing itself cause the patent is continually being renewed by the renewed design.

    Birth certificates are the collateral for the ability to borrow these notes.

  4. The world has been controled by the same 13 bloodlines for a very long time.

    To carry out their evil agenda for a new world order, they operate through secret societies like:

    Skulls & Bones
    Boheilan Club
    The Freemasons (Apprentice, 33rd Degree)
    The Bilderberg Group
    The Trilateral Comisson
    The Council on Foreign Relations
    Order of the Garter

    OPEN YOUR MIND, Their is NO COINCIDENCE in the foreighn policy it was intentional. It ALL falls into place and very much makes sense

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  6. The owl looks like an Sri Lankan or African eagle owl. Even with the styling I can honestly say it doesn’t resemble any common North American owl species of which there are around 240. Personally I’d like to think of him as a Great Horned or Eagle Owl.


  8. 1776 is also the year the Illuminati was founded, they also have a fascination with the number 13 because they represent the number of family bloodlines of the illuminati…they also want a one world government and it just happens to state a new world on the fucking paper that enslaves humanity, also the steps on the pyramid represent Freemasonry, the guy making this video is a prick and sides with evil, purposely giving out misinformation, I mean 4.6 mill subscribers is quick the audience….

  9. God is not God. God is Gad or Gadreel. It's a demon. We trust in a demon on this demon-cracy. Amerikkkans are all paganistic Satanists.

  10. Wow whoever made this obviously has totally bought into everything they been told by the government obviously. If you cant see the clear masonic symbolism that is used by luciferians everywhere than this guy is more dense then he should be.

  11. Just letting you know, there are many images of historical events or events that MAY happen in the future, if you fold the correct dollars in the correct spots.

  12. Actually, the Latin writing around the pyramid – Annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum – translates to – Announcing conception new secular order – which basically means, announcing the beginning of a new order which is not pertaining to or connected with religion. I am hesitant to believe anything from this video if he couldn’t even get the translation right.

  13. The number 13 is symbolic of rebellion and lawlessness. Nimrod, the mighty hunter who was 'before the Lord' (meaning he tried to take the place of God – Genesis 10:9), was the 13th in Ham's line (Ham was one of Noah's three sons who survived the flood). Thirteen represents all the governments created by men, and inspired by Satan, in outright rebellion against the Eternal.

  14. I think some other video convinced me of the little owl, looking at it again in the presented zoomed in image it does NOT look like an owl…

  15. you claiming knowing a lot of things. but why did not you mention that stars on one dollar bill shapes star of david? ✡


  17. The picture of the "13 original colonies" shows 15 states. Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820, and West Virginia was part of Virginia until 1863.


  19. Why do we WANT to believe as Christians it is OUR OBLIGATION to be involved in choosing our leaders and voting? I believe MOSTLY it is because some well meaning (but deceived) person told us that. Because God’s word surely doesn’t.
    We were lied to!
    But also…because we want to be in control of our own destiny. It’s easier than trusting God and his word.

    Because I know FOR A FACT the Bible says the EXACT OPPOSITE …we SHOULD NOT be involved in politics.

    Here’s proof…

    Romans 13:1 says Let every soul be subject to GOD. (Not an earthly king) THERE IS NO POWER IN AUTHORITY THAT WAS NOT ORDAINED AND PLACED THERE BY GOD!
    Our votes do not place leaders in power. God does!

    Read 1Samuel 12…the whole chapter. It says asking for a ruler to rule over us OTHER THAN GOD is a sin…asking for a king/president is evil and sinful….and GOD WILL JUDGE THOSE WHO DO IT!
    Because God is the ruler of all who follow him…NOT THIS PRESENT GOVERNMENT!
    The governments of this world rule the lost. Not Gods children. Remember that. We are IN this world, but we are not to TAKE PART in it.

    And His word is VERY CLEAR how we are to heal our land

    2 Chronicles 7:14 says we are to HUMBLE OURSELVES (not try to be God ourselves and control it) but trust God…and pray and SEEK God and THEN he will heal our land…no voting even required….right?

    Proverbs 14:34 says RIGHTEOUSNESS exalts a nation….not voting…or Christians being involved in government.

    Read your Bible. Show me where it says Christ followers NEED to get involved in government? It doesn’t! I can show where it says we SHOULDNT!
    JESUS walked away from ruling THIS government…and he is our example…right? We follow him…and he walked away from ruling….THIS WORLD…didn’t he?


    John 6:15 Jesus turned from ruling government

    Galatians 1:3 Jesus came to deliver us from this worlds government! Not engage us in it!


    Psalms 115:16-18The heavens are the Lords…but the earth he gave to the children of MEN…To rule the lost…not Christ followers. We obey laws that do not pull us out of Gods will and we dwell among the lost peacefully…so we can witness to them….but we ARE NOT CALLED to rule government affairs.

    John 17:16 says we are not of this world to rule and care for THIS world…as HE is not of this world to rule and tend THIS world. Study the Strongs on this one. G2865 and G2889 This scripture alone proves saying we NEED/SHOULD be involved in government is wrong.

    2Timothy 2:4 says that no man that is in a battle concerns himself with government (affairs of this world) when he is in a battle, AND WE ARE IN A BATTLE!

    Ephesians 6:12 says we wrestle NOT with flesh and blood …but with spiritual wickedness in high places….so..WHAT WILL VOTING HELP? it won’t! It hasn’t up till this point! Why? Because there IS a battle going on. And votes will NOT stop it. Working in government WILL NOT STOP IT! ONLY WHEN Jesus returns will it stop..or get better.

    I pray people would start to RIGHTLY DIVIDED Gods word.

    Voting and being “involved” in government is not our calling. And when we try to be..we are trying to BE GOD.

    AGAIN Romans 13:1….

    I believe Government patriotism in America IS a HUGE part of the end times deception that is causing a huge falling away from God’s truth. I believe 2Timothy 3: 1-5 describes America well as the President. He speaks often of God, making him appear Godly…but he DENIED needing forgiveness of sins …TWICE! So..he denied the power of God! Gods word says to turn away from such people and organizations..and governments..etc. right?

    Pray about it…

  20. Why a pyramid? Especially when the Bible says that Egypt enslaved the Jews. Also the Egyptians practiced magic. What about the 33 feathers?

  21. Jajajaja jajajaja much dollars bills did the élites illuminatis – reptilians paíd you …so you wont tell the real truth,,,,guess what you are also part of the human cattle,,,,that this bastards are feeding con,,, duberviveros88

  22. It's not the illuminati , its the jews. Who do you think the "illuminati" is? 13 is a significant number in Judaism and for god sakes look at the formation of the 13 stars above the eagles head. Is that not a star of David? Use your heads people

  23. Eye is an occult symbol. Not in bible. But God is omnipresent. Sees everything El Roi
    Rothchilds Rockefellers illuminati, devil worshipers

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  25. The bird on the dollar was the dove or eagle from the book of Noah in the bible…what the bird has in its claws is what the bible said first appeared tree's then land…when Noah tried to take the plants from the birds feet and mouth it flew away……so HE put it on the dollar!…

  26. Why all this Christian shit in america (were i live) like there are other religions or people that dont have a religion like they chose the most fictional one!!

  27. The beast of the sea. The abysmal realm the spiritual realm of the dead. The royal tomb. Revalations 13.

    the significant number of the New World Order is 13. The eye… the seer… of the realm of the dead from which the beast comes. The whore who rides the beast becoming our liberal media. The icon of the left of the dollar symbolism of the liberal feature of a dual nature.

    13 is listed 9 times in the image. to Revelations 9 as Lucifer opens the abyss to plagues just as they were in Egypt when Jacob's descendants were enslaved by the Pharaoh as many Christians today first empowered then entrenched in the similar resemblance of the wicked.

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