Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.4 Putting It All Together

Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.4 Putting It All Together

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.4 Putting
It All Together Let’s get started! Hi, my crafty fam! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching my creative
process as I make this piece and I hope you’ve been following along and making one of your
own. Today we’ll be adding the net, the shells
and all the bling to finish it off. Grab your net because that’s what we’ll
l be starting with. So what I want to do is cover the areas that
aren’t as pretty with the net and leave the spots with the sea foam uncovered. Now, I didn’t cover every spot because I
want some of the regular color of the bottle to show as well. I just covered whatever I thought didn’t
look good. I also knew I wanted to wrap it a certain
way around the bottle to achieve the look I was going for. Before gluing it down permanently, I played
around with it to get an idea of where I wanted it. Once I was sure of how I wanted it, I started
to glue it down. I placed very small amounts and pressed the
net onto it. I also cut off any excess of the net along
the way. Please be careful not to burn yourself when
you do this. I really shouldn’t be doing this with my
bare hands. Please use something like the back of a brush
or your scissors as I finally did lol to press it down. Continue to do this until you’ve achieved
the look you’re going for. You ever wonder why it takes me so long to
make a bottle, look at how picky I am at the placement of this net and this is nothing,
wait until we get to the seashells. I am very particular and precise in where
I place something. Paying attention to the smallest of detail
will play a huge part in how the end piece will look. Now for some people, this might take the fun
out of it and it might not be for you. That’s fine too, everyone has their own
way of crafting. However, this is acutely fun for me, trying
to figure out exactly where I think it would look amazing and thinking 2 more steps ahead
at what I would put on after, is what I enjoy about crafting. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that
hasn’t even been made yet. I build it in my head as I go and make it
come to life. You know that crafting zone I’m always telling
you I’m in… that’s what I’m talking about when I say that. I completely zone out from the world and the
only thing I can see is my piece. Once you’re done gluing down the net it’s
time to start adding your seashells. I knew what shell I wanted at the very top
of the bottle as I had bought it specifically for that, so I started with that one. I had already tinted it with the pearl white
metallic paint and highlighted the raised parts with the gold. I used E6000 glue for this shell because it’s
big, I wanted to make sure it never fell off. I placed glue in any of the parts I thought
would touch the bottle. Once you place it on the bottle, let it completely
dry before continuing. My editor crashed on me while I was editing,
yeah that happened, and after it was back up, I couldn’t find the footage for this
shell. What I did was use clear tacky glue and glued
strips of the gold beaded chain onto it. I cut it to size and I laid them on the groves
of the shell all the way along it. For this one, we will be adding these pearls,
in different sizes, on top of the shell. I’ll be placing them as if they attached
themselves onto the shell. The way barnacles do on underwater life. And again, I’m using the E6000 here but
I end up switching to the clear tacky glue that works way better in my opinion, for aesthetic
reasons, not the bond. I add a gold acrylic rhinestone to the center
of the blue shell to complete the look. Now it’s time to glue them onto the bottle. For this, I used my hot glue gun. Be careful not to use to much hot glue and
clean up any excess. You want your piece to look nice and clean. From here on out it was a couple of months,
yes I said a couple of months, of placing shells, pearls, beads, rhinestones, glitter,
and sand until I finished the bottle. I didn’t work on it 24/7. I worked on it slowly to make sure that whatever
I placed, was exactly what and where I wanted it. Now I know I said I enjoy this part of it,
where I have to figure thing’s out, and I do, but, if I start to feel frustrated because
I get stuck… I walk away, and not just for a few minutes. I walk away until I have regained my full
positive mental energy to get back at it… however long that might be. Sometimes it takes minutes and sometimes it
takes days. What I’m saying is, take your time and enjoy
the process and only work on it when you’re in a good state of mind. If at any point you get stuck or start to
get frustrated and feel like you’re never going to get it, walk away at that very moment
and come back to it when you’re refreshed. Everyone has different crafting techniques,
find what works for you. Heck, I’ve seen people throw a bunch of
stuff together, throw paint over it, slap some highlight over that, seal it and it comes
out looking absolutely amazing. You could try that and it might be easier
for you. As long as you’re having fun and getting
the results you want, whichever technique and style you use, is beside the point. Okay, so, you can see how many different ways
I’ve tried to go with one placement. I wasn’t feeling it, so I moved to another
spot. Sometimes that helps as well. Like right here, I was totally feeling this
look. I was just trying to figure out what shell
and color I wanted there. In the beginning, it’s a lot easier to move
to another spot as you have your whole piece to work with but as you add more, it becomes
tricky because of the limited space, colors, and angles you have to work with. I broke that part of the shell so that it
would fit better. If you have to do this, be careful not to
break the whole shell. It didn’t happen with this shell but it
did happen to me with others. …and there you have it, 20 minutes after
placing the bead I finally placed the next shell. This continues on for day’s and months until
I finally finished the bottle. I have so much footage, but I’ll spare you
the process and skip to each placement from here on out. I just wanted to show you that it’s not
that quick and easy for me either so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get it
right away. I usually cut all that out for viewing purposes
only. I like to decorate as I go, here I added a
gold flat back gem and a pearl to fill in the gap. I’m still using the hot glue gun at this point
but shortly after this is when I start using the clear tacky glue and alternate between
the two types of glues throughout the rest of the bottle. I wrapped the gold beads around the gold rhinestone
using clear tacky glue. You want to measure, cut and place it down. You can use a set of tweezers to make it easier. I also outlined the other gold gem. Once I was done, I added smaller pearls around
the bigger one as I did with the other gold seashell. I used the clear tacky glue for this part. I dip the back of the paintbrush in the glue
to pick up the pearls but I think it’s time I invest in one of those rhinestone picker-upper
thigys This is pretty much the process all the way
around with the exception of different shells, colors, sizes, and placement of everything
and I eventually also start adding glitter and sand. Once I was done there I let it dry before
moving on. That’s perfect but I wanted to add glitter. I coated the inside with Mod Podge and added
the blue glitter. I did the same thing to the inside of this
shell except I did it in gold and instead of using loose glitter I used 2 layers of
glitter glue over the metallic paint. I used the glitter glue instead of the loose
glitter because I didn’t like how chunky the loose gold one looked and the glitter
glue has very fine glitter in it. It was perfect for that top piece. Here is where I start filling in areas with
glitter, rhinestones, and pearls. I did this so it wouldn’t look so disconnected,
so bare and at the same time, it added a slight pop of shine and color that I thought it needed. I used the hot glue gun here but again, I
switched up to the clear tacky glue when doing this again in different spots. Here I used a toothpick to get into that tight
spot to be able to arrange the pearls. I only had the white pearls so I decided I
would dip several of each size into the blue paint and let them dry. I’ll be using them throughout the design. For this part, I made it more complicated
than it had to be so here’s the easy way to do it. Pour some of the clear tacky paint into the
seashell, add the sand and press it into the glue. Let that completely dry. Add another drop of the clear tacky glue and
place the pearl and let it dry. Once it’s dried, I sealed it with hairspray. I seal it so the little crumbly bits don’t
fall and I use hairspray because it works indoors, dries faster and you can’t see it
once it’s dried. I also touched up any spots with more sand
and added a hint of loose white glitter to it. I then added some of the loose glitters to
the top and bottom of the shells. This was one of my favorite parts of the bottle. And this is probably my least favorite part
of the bottle… actually I hate it! I wish I had put sand there instead. I use a pair of scissors dedicated specifically
to cutting thing’s like this because it will ruin them so if you do this, please don’t
use your good scissors. I really just need to go buy some more crafting
supplies but the struggle is real ya’ll. I decided I wanted gold sand for the bottom
of the bottle so I took some of the white sand and painted it with the gold paint as
you see here. I then spread it out onto my silicone mat, sprinkled some of the white and gold glitters
onto it and let it completely dry. Once it’s completely dry it will be very
stiff and in clumps so you’ll have to loosen it up again. I than added a little more of the white sand
for contrast. …and lastly, I added these clusters of pearls
to all the ends of the net to give it that final touch and once that dried I was FINALLY
done! And here it is all finished! Whooo, I know I made it however I don’t always
like what I make but I absolutely love how this piece came out and I know it’s not
for everyone, not everyone is going to like it. It might be too busy for some but It’s exactly
what I had envisioned and that’s all that matters! It’s definitely going on my favorite shelf! Heck, it might just get a spot of its own. Just remember that when you’re creating something,
do it the way you want to do it. That’s what makes yours a one of a kind,
unique piece. Not everyone has the same taste and art is
subjective. Whatever you see as beauty may not be beautiful
to someone else, hence the saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So get creative, let loose and don’t be
afraid to try anything when you’re crafting. Don’t be held down by someone else’s techniques,
styles or approaches to crafting. Do whatever feels right to you. Yes, we can learn and get ideas from each
other and yes there are certain techniques that are pretty much by the book (decoupage)
but what I’m saying is that if you find it easier to do it another way to achieve
the results you want or get the same results or better or even take it to the next level,
go for it! I had an amazing time making this bottle and
I hope you found this mini-series helpful and fun! I’ve decided to mix it up and make mini series
out of bottles that are more complex and regular videos with easier ones. So everyone is happy! Remember that you can make it with the theme
you want, any color you want and use whatever materials you’d like. As always, have fun be creative and make a
mess! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please don’t
forget to thumbs it up and it helps the growth of the channel and to show your support. If you’re new to my channel, I hope you
consider subscribing to get updates on future videos and remember, do it yourself, there’s
no need to cry!

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