Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.2 Decorating Seashells

Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.2 Decorating Seashells

Welcome Back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY Ep.2 Decorating Seashells Hi, my crafty fam! In the last episode, we painted and sealed
the bottle. If you haven’t seen that yet click the I
at the top right-hand corner of this video or click the link in the description box below. While we give the bottle some time to dry
we will be decorating and preparing all the embellishments in this episode. Let’s get started! I’ll be using this net that my avocados
come in but first I’ll need to cut the tags off and these are the seashells I collected over
the years and some that I bought to give it that little extra to take the piece to the
next level. I laid out all of the shells I collected plus
the ones I bought and grabbed the metallic paints I had used on the bottle along with
this white pearl metallic paint. This is me experimenting and seeing which
paint looks best on what shell. I really love the way the white pearl looked
on the lighter shells. It really made them pop without overdoing
it. I only used a tiny bit of paint and buffed
it right onto the shells with my figures. Then I tried the gold and then the ice blue on the blue shells and
look at that!! Sooo pretty! This is the blue topaz and yeah, gorgeous! I did try other colors but I realized I wanted
to stay with a certain color palette so I never used those. Once I had an idea of what the paints looked
like on the shells, I set myself up and really got down to business. I laid out a little bit of each color I was
going to use and had a tiny sponge brush for each color, put my headphones on, turned the
music up and that’s all she wrote fam! I was in my zone again. Sometimes I would use a brush because if I
had used my short pudgy fingers it would’ve spread the paint too much and this way I had
a little more control of it. I only wanted to highlight all the creases
on this shell. I did some with two colors and once they dried
I added a highlight on top. You can use all the colors or just combinations
of them. I tried to get as many variations as I could. Place a color and let it dry, go back and
place another color but the trick when adding the second color is to not add a lot of paint
and unlike we did for the first color we don’t want to rub the second color in. You want to give it a light brush so that
it only paints the raised parts of the shell and you get that beautiful highlight and combo
of colors. I did this to most of the shells but I left
a few without any because I know myself and as I’m putting together the bottle I might
want a certain shell in a spot but it might not be the color I want it to be. So leave a few unpainted just in case. Lastly I’m going to paint the net because that green has to go again, it’s
all preference and at this point I had a color palette and it did not include that dreadful
green, so as usual I will prime it with white matte acrylic paint and I just went right
in with my hands because it ain’t fun if you don’t get messy. After I felt it was pretty covered I spread
it out in front of a fan to dry before adding the final color. Once it was dry I pulled it apart some and
some of the paint will flake off but that’s okay. I placed it on the glass so I didn’t make
a mess on my table when I paint it. This time I’ll be using a sponge brush and
dabbing the gold paint onto it until it’s completely covered. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just
dip it in the gold paint and smush it all together as I did with the white paint, it’s
because the white paint is dry and brittle at this point and if I had added the gold
paint the same way I did the white, it would rub the white paint right off and I would
have to start over. and this is where I felt It was time to start
adding some bling LOL I grabbed my gold glitter fabric paint add threw it right on top of
the gold paint. After you’re done with one side, do the
other to make sure you cover as much as you can. Set it aside to dry and that’ll be it for
now on the embellishments. When I start decorating the bottle I’ll
be adding more details to the embellishments but I like to add that as I decorate. That’s it for this episode, my crafty kings
and queens!… but stay tuned for the next episode as I’ll be showing you the cool trick
to add the look of ocean foam onto the bottle and as always, have fun be creative and make
a mess! Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video,
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28 thoughts on “Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.2 Decorating Seashells

  1. into a single episode frm nxt tym…d suspense kills me….dear…cz its my fav theme…beach seashells bottle😍😍 all of dem…e1 if its lengthy its absltly okkk…ivelese…but dnt keep dis suspense

  2. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’œi like the blue on those muscle shells, the long blackish ones…… all of those avocado and lemon Nets I've thrown away over the years and onion nets SMH…..cant wait for pt3

  3. GB mama ur doing great I love the way your doing ur thing, don't let anyone kill ur zone…. this is going to be beautiful, can't wait to see it all put together..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌβ€β€β€

  4. You should look up how to restore the shell's natural color first. It involves a really short muriatic acid bath and can be found on YouTube. And though the topaz blue was wonderful, lightening it up was the right choice. Nice job! Thanx!

  5. If you don't like the way she's breaking up this TUTORIAL, move on, sheesh. She said if she does a full video, it won't be as detailed. But keep commenting anyway, good, bad or indifferent, because it helps her channel grow 😁

  6. Looking good. Things are starting to come together, can't wait for the next step. Keep up the good work, I enjoy watching and learning from you.

  7. Wow, go go go. Girl you are too much. That's a lot of work, so fun. Looking forward to the next step. The shells are all so beautiful… xoxoxo

  8. Can't wait for Ep. 3……the bottle is beautiful, the shells are just gorgeous. I can't even imagine how awesome the finished bottle is going to be.
    Did I hear you mention that you are an artist, other than these artstic bottles?

  9. Hey Ivelisse, I was looking at the show more portion of the video and saw your story…It is very inspiring…I'm so glad that God stepped in to give you the strength to beat your addiction, I had an addiction also, smoking, I know it's a different kind of addiction, but I got COPD and emphysema from mine, but God helped me beat my addition also…Now I Know with his help my lungs will get strong again, And with his help I know you will get your work in a Gallery one day…God Bless You…and in the mean while you are a great teacher…Peace My Friend

  10. I know this is an older one, but this is just what I needed today. Thank you. Couldn't find the exact color I wanted and ended up with a Caribbean blue that I lightened up and made into a chalk paint. Not what I was going for but it ended up gorgeous on this really heavy wall rack I have. Going to make this bottle with colors that match it, and velcro it on top (so it doesn't fall off but I can remove it). Will use it for fresh flowers all summer.

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