Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.1 Painting

Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.1 Painting

Hi, my crafty fam! You ever get to the beach and the ambiance
has you feeling great, the vibe is awesome, you feel all alive and I don’t know about
you but that always gets my creative juices flowing, you look around and see all the beautiful
scenery and all those beautiful seashells and think… man, I could totally make something
amazing out of them. So you go and collect a bunch of them, only
the pretty ones and the ones that you think are unique. Now you’ve got them home and you’re staring
at them like, what am I going to do with you? Not feeling so creative anymore, you put them
away until you can think of something. Well, pull out all of those old seashells
you’ve got stashed away because today, is that day! Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY Ep.1 Painting Let’s get started! As with most of my bottles, I will start by
giving the bottle a base coat of white matte acrylic paint using a pouncer brush. I gave it two coats, letting it dry between
each one. Oh, how I miss saying that. Once it’s dry, it’s time to give it the ocean
look I was going for. I used these three metallic paints to create
the look. The gold will go on the bottom part of the
bottle to represent the sand, then the darker blue will go in the middle
which will represent the ocean and the light blue will represent the sky. Now remember this is an art piece, I wanted
to give it the feeling of being at the beach but with my creative interpretation of it. If you want to go for the more realistic look,
then use regular paints, instead of the metallics to achieve that look. I took the sponge off of the brush and used
that to paint the bottle. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just
use the round pouncer brush this time, it’s because the round brush has that defined round
edge and It would leave unison marks where the colors will meet and you don’t want
that, you want it too look natural and blend a little. Start painting the bottom of the bottle and
you don’t want it to be perfectly even all the way around, just have fun and keep it
in the roundabout area, if that makes any sense. Using another section of the sponge, I apply
the blue to the middle. As you see, I slightly overlap the gold, and
again, you don’t want to do this evenly. Now I’m going to blend the section where
the two colors meet just a little more. This is all preference, so if you like it
this way just leave it but if not load some gold paint onto the side of the blue as you
see here. Now you have the two colors side by side and
can blend it better. Line up the gold with the gold and the blue
with the blue. Now just add the sky color the same way and
then set the whole thing aside to dry. While I show you that let me explain where
I got my inspiration for this bottle. A few years back when I first sobered up I
really got into nail art and started replicating other peoples work, on my own nails, for fun. Well, one of the nail designs that caught
my attention were these beach nails. I did them because I was going to go to the
beach the next day and thought they would look so amazing, and they did. These are photos of my nails once I had finished
them. When I got to the beach I was looking at all
the seashells and that’s when the idea hit me. I hadn’t started making bottles yet but
I was thinking of doing it on canvas at the time, so I collected a bunch of seashells
but never got around to doing it. I went to the beach again and by this time
I had already started my channel and that’s when I had remembered again and decided it
would look amazing as bottle art. So I collected some more seashells that day
with a little help from my friend. We had some good laughs collecting those shells. If you’re watching, hi jenny, miss and love
you! So that’s where my inspiration came from. I’ll try and find the original nail video
that inspired this bottle and leave the link in the description box below. While the bottle is drying I like to cover
everything with plastic wrap so nothing dries out. Once the bottle was dry I sealed it with Mod
Podge Dishwasher-Safe Gloss. It’s a water based sealer and it takes 1 to
2 hours to dry and 28 days to fully cure. I gave the bottle about three coats. Letting it dry as the instructions say to,
in-between each coat. I needed the bottle to be waterproof in order
to create the look. I’m not going to let it cure for the 28
days but that’s why I gave it three layers, hoping that it will do the trick and work. I will give it a few days and in the meantime,
we’ll be preparing all the embellishments that will go on the bottle, but we’ll leave
that for the next episode. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode my crafty
fam! Please let me know what you think of this
new style of editing, video and if you like the idea of the episodes or want the whole
video like I used to do. Keep in mind that if you want the whole video,
I won’t be able to give you as much detail and you won’t get as many videos per week
as I will be able to give you if I do it in episodes. As always, have fun be creative and make a
mess! Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed this video,
please don’t forget to thumbs it up as it helps the growth of the channel and to show
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to cry.

44 thoughts on “Seashell Wine Bottle Art DIY | Ep.1 Painting

  1. I already love it! I like this new format that you’re doing with your videos. I would rather have multiple in depth videos rather then longer videos with less content. Great job as usual!!

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  6. You can bake the bottle in the oven to seal in the dishwasher-safe mod podge. Put your bottle in a cold oven heat to 175Β° for about an hour then let cool completely.

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