10 thoughts on “Seascape painting watercolor with P. Anthony Visco | Colour In Your Life

  1. Hi Graeme! Your profile of Tony is fantastic. He is very talented- so neat to hear how he started out on the commercial/marketing side of art and moved into his love of wet on wet watercolor. I especially love his "Hopper's Bridge" painting. Wonderful interview and wonderful artist!

  2. Thank you for this – Anthony’s work is gorgeous, wet on wet is my favourite watercolour technique also and I’m keen to see if I can get B.K.F. Rives paper in Australia as I’d love to try it…

  3. Tony is a terrific Artist, he looked so relaxed as he painted away. I love how he so aptly names his paintings ~ “Nervous Wreck”, “Piers to be cold” 😄❤️👍🏻

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