Sea Dragon Leviathan (Subnautica) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Sea Dragon Leviathan (Subnautica) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we are going to create the Sea Dragon Leviathan from Subnautica. Welcome to the deep dark world of Subnautica. We will start creating our Sea Dragon from the game which I don’t know. but you wrote to me in the comments under a lot of my tutorials, that I should create a creature from Subnautica. And as always I didn’t know the game, I looked it up and I was so fascinated by the idea of survival adventure game in the ocean. It’s not on the Earth. It’s set on another planet I think. I looked it up it’s called, it’s the planet 4546B. And on this planet in the oceans, this is why these creatures all look a bit different than the animals on our planet Earth in our oceans. But well who knows maybe very in the dark deepest parts of our oceans there are many creatures which look pretty similar to this Sea Dragon. I have always been fascinated by the oceans and that humankind only knows about I think 5% of the animals in our oceans, because we are not able to explore this foreign world. Yeah, it’s a bit like traveling to another planet and looking for aliens. At least I think this is what it feels like to be in one of these submarines and to explore this foreign world. Okay, but enough of this pretty talk. Now let’s jump in let’s create our Sea Dragon from Subnautica. You have seen that I started with the skeleton made out of aluminium wire and aluminium foil a very big coating of dirty green clay and my hands, look at these. But you don’t have to wash them as even the red part inside of the mouth should have this green touch and even should should look like a bit dirty now we are preparing the parts where we will attach the teeth, the dangerous teeth. I think I have seen some further creatures from Subnautica, and I also watched some gameplay on YouTube and they all remind me of existing creatures on our planet. Let’s say the mouth looks like a crocodile. There’s this horn on the nose like a Rhinoceros. The eyes remind me of I don’t know maybe a bird. Yeah. Now let’s go on. Now we will now work on some of the details. This is some kind of a fin and I mixed this pink. Yeah, I think it’s pink, very dirty pink and this is the filling for the fin. I used the same technique on many Pokemons I created before. And even this guy reminds me of a Pokemon. Okay some more details also on the other side as well. This is the lightning part of the nose. There are actually real fish in the deep world of our oceans which have these lightning parts on their face to attract any smaller fish so that they can hunt them and eat them. I think he is called angler or fishing frog, something like that. And this is just fascinating. And the lightning horn on the nose of the sea dragon may be something very similar, but as I already told you I’m not that familiar with the game. Now we mixed a very dark blue and this is for some kind of a pattern on the arms of our sea dragon. You can even create more tiny pieces to be even more detailed than I am, but I think this works pretty great. And now we will prepare some more holes for some more thorns. This guy really tries to avoid any contact with other creatures by looking very scary. The same is also for his hands his claws, we are currently creating I just mixed this… Actually difficult to describe color. It’s for the part in between the fingers and now we will place it right there and after that just adding some more details. Also on the hand itself, the same blue. We can put the four claws right onto his fingers. The same also on the other hand and the lower part of our sea dragon is almost finished. I am very curious if you even know the game and if I should even create more creatures from Subnautica. So please participate in this poll and let me know if there should be more creatures from Subnautica. There are so funny ones and I would really love to create more of these. but as you know I want you to decide which creations should be next on our channel. Now we will just finish the work on the tails at least I assume these are tails. There are some pink parts. Very easy to create I think. And now we will place this one onto two plates and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Sea Dragon Leviathan! Delicious! Now we will just do two more steps. This is just acrylic paint and there are these bright lightning yellow dots on the tails and I thought this is too difficult to create with clay. Let’s paint them. This is easy. And here we go and the second part. Well, we take our beloved transparent polish and make this animal wet. And finally I guess… that’s it! The Sea Dragon Leviathan! Blub, blub… I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, guys. Please let me know if you want to see more creatures from Subnautica. Write it down in the comments. I hope you enjoyed that there were two tutorials this week I hope you have a great weekend. Take care. Watch these two videos I prepared for you and take care. Bye! Oh no! It’s the Leviathan!

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  1. please if you don't make these from "The Deltora Book Of Monsters" then I will leave a dislike!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( TRUST ME!!!!

  2. The story of subnautica is that your ship called the aurora crash lands on an alien planet with only oceans and you are the only survivor. You have to somehow escape the planet (no spoilers!)

  3. Great Work looks Awesome! Keep up the Great work:) Hey how much to make one of these guys:) If you do make them to sell:) Thanks

  4. We know more about the surface of Mars than the bottom of the ocean just think about that we know more about a foreign world than our own

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