Sculpting Plague Marine from Warhammer 40K! Part.1 | Kor/Eng Sub

Sculpting Plague Marine from Warhammer 40K! Part.1 | Kor/Eng Sub

Hi! Hello, I’m Tremo! Do you know the Warhammer game? I don’t know the details, but
(because I live in Korea) I’ve been completely fascinated
by the character designs that appear there. Today, I drew Chaos Plague Marine. No! Sculpting Plague Marine~ You all know how to roll in the beginning, don’t you? Some of Foil, flat Sculpey, Okey and Dokey… Let’s make a body as always. Like a Cute Snowman!! and make a Stomach Plate Armor Unlike the other space marines, the plague marine is Fat and Cute Dirty Fat Stomach Plate is done! I’ll add a rough detail of the armor. He is a CSM That’s why you have to look intense, scary, and dirty. It’s Tentacle turn I’ll put three on the body Look! it is a Gross!! 🙂 We’ll have to drill a hole
in advance to make it easier for you to detach it. I didn’t know about it when I edited it,
but it feels like it’s been a long time. Head 3 holes 3 beans Mask on cable on Horn wrong focus Plague Marine is the character in Warhammer 40k. They were warriors made of tens of thousands of training and surgeries. They’re the corrupted ones
tricked by the chaos god. Plague Marine stood beside Nurgle, the god of disease, among others. Nurgle gave them terrible diseases, and same time gave them lot of life force. So the Plague Marine
weaponized his contaminated body. It’s a chemical and biological weapon. They don’t feel any pain. My explanation is wrong? It’s a summary. Find out the details yourself… Sorry 🙂 It’s my first time using a Firm-gray Sculpey, and it’s a solid one. But it feels a little sticky. It’s Plague Marine that’s dirty, infected, rusted, destroyed. I add that feeling by poking it with a small dot stick. Plague Marine is basically infected with a lot of diseases, They’re free from the infection. It corrodes everything, including organic matter and minerals. I’d like to put on a severed horn. good Okay, backpack Time This is Backpack Base The rest are collateral details and the next work. Now I’m going to build a biochemistry tank. Plague Marin’s tank full of disease! Let it seem corroded, too. Let’s try to figure out a backpack design. V4 Little bit of Tumor no, Nurgle Symbols are better? No, big dirty hole like a drain hole is Better good~ In next time Part 2.=arms, legs, packs and a… some dirty Things… If the video was fun, please Subscribed and Thumbs! Thank youuuuu!

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  1. i see all the videos you got, i thought that if you made a sculpture of darkseid it'll give you a good views number, nobody has made one of those, you should sculpt all characters from marvel and dc by doing this the chanel will grow up too fast, i hope you to see my comment and think about it bro

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