Sculpting Pennywise from IT | 페니와이즈 피규어 만들기

Sculpting Pennywise from IT | 페니와이즈 피규어 만들기

🙈 🙉 🙈 🙉 🙈 🙉 🐒 🐓 🐵 🌲 🧗‍♀️ Hello Hello Oh Hello Hello Oh! ㄱㅇ 읍 ㄱ 1 I’m Tremo who wants to be your master Sculptor~ Today, I prepared a pennywise figure from the movieMany people have already introduced It’s been a month since it was released. you will see my slowness. I will start by making a base. As you know, the basic shape of the base is the most important thing. I learned to make figures with my self I feel that I need a lot of practice on this part As I said before, I am razy boy~ I’m slowly practicing my style In other words, it’ll be fuck up to learn. That’s what it means (joke) The biggest feature of PennyWise face is the fore head It’s as wide as the Pacific Let’s do the work to set the basic curvature in advance. for more cute clown face Bill Scarsgard didn’t have the original face. Special makeup… Anyway, it is full-scale PennyWise face from now on Please pay attention to the shape of Pennywise lips Let’s make a rough montage ~ I’ve been using silicone brushes since my workdefinitely the silicone brush is good be too easy to use The problem is that it often feels brush is too big. I’ll take the eye spot I should have made eyeballs and put them in a base. Why do you always regret it? let’s put in the cute rabbit teeth Go! Did you look like this?
You might say, “This is not Pennywise!” Soon it will look like him… don’t skip…😅 ?????? Pennywise face is so flat A drastic correction is needed. Let’s fix the head. It’s okay This is what I’m supposed to do at this stage in my plan.(Lie) If anyone can make all the work the same at once, Of course someone is possible. But We’re not like that. That’s because it’s not something anyone can do easily do. Just make a mistake and fix it. This is Tremor’s an unchangeable maxim TV how is it!? still don’t look like it? But let’s go to the end like Usain Bolt.🐷 Let’s make ears his ears will be covered by hair Let’s make both sides and fix his forehead. And add the forehead details Don’t try to draw sizzling things yourself Tap with foil or something like paper It automatically turns gross. monkey …? Long-awaited head shape finish! Hair work I’ll put on sculpey on head first. Make a rough shape, then cut it off later I think it’s a much easier and faster way to make figure’s We are doing this as a hobby Remember to be as entertaining as possible! (Excused +1) When I made his hair, You can express it by drawing it. Easy !? It’s actually easy Pad the lacking volume and repeat Now it’s time to make a body. I’m working with the bust statue Let’s make the parts we need. Baked After bake once, the sculpey is cannot be fixed tightly each others. Apply Sculpture Glue well and make a body. When making collars, use several thin sculpey sheets. Fold Just around it To be a a fluffy hair, and fluffy collar I’ll overlap several layers Looks like a baby bib? be quiet Let’s make a fluffy button, too. Just stab stab stab Easy? OK.. painting time~ Let the collar color is look a little yellow Orange is new penny Ok, All right. It’s all over.
Shall we look at the finished version together? Thank you guys, don’t forget about the subscription and alarm settings, if you have any questions for me, leave me a comment. The message is good. Thank you. I love you

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  1. 드디어 영상이 올라왔군요 ㅎㅎ
    할로윈과 정말 잘 어울리는 페니와이즈입니다!! 😃😃

  2. 크으으으 엄청나네요~ (아니 왜 나는 종종가는곳마다 지니아트님이 계시지 역시 초 인싸셨어 ㄷㄷ;)

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