SCARING OFF ART-BLOCK WITH CREEPY DOLLS? | FASIMS | Pens and Fineliners in my Sketchbook

SCARING OFF ART-BLOCK WITH CREEPY DOLLS? | FASIMS | Pens and Fineliners in my Sketchbook

[Sketchbook strap snaps] I have a little bit of a problem, I just have not been inspired. Since week two, maybe, of October I’ve just – [blows a raspberry] Nothing. I’m kind of just drawing because it’s what I do. I’m having fun with it, but it’s like hard to start and sometimes when I start, I crumble it up and throw away. You don’t know about that stuff, but I think it’s important even when I’m feeling this way, to draw anyway. That’s how we’re gonna do. ♪ Not everything’s gonna turn out perfect but there’s no chance of it turning out good at all, If you don’t try. I don’t even know what I’m looking for. See this is where my brain is [loopy noise] Since my mechanical pencil’s missing, I’m
gonna start with some pen sketches to warm up the old Wrist-a-rooney. I think I want to kind of follow a prompt that I got from one of you where they asked to draw like a creepy doll. So let’s just start out by, you know, doing that. [Laughs] What if it has big hair? I’m one of those people that kind of thrives on creativity and like inspiration and ideas So when my brain… [Growls] Is not cooperating, I just feel like I’m floating around in space. and not contributing in any way. Creepy dolls have like bigger eyes, don’t they? With like creepy eyelashes. So I’ve been kind of like fighting off a lot of negative thoughts lately and I just feel like mentioning it because it’s what I’m going through I guess and obviously not everything is always going to be 100% awesome all the time. So really,
it’s just me and my brain having a little argument. [Through laughter] That’s all relationships do. Frilly socks I feel like it’s not really going off the doll vibe as much as I would like. Do I have anything I can like fill this in with? Aw, I got this Tombow pen. Hopefully it doesn’t – okay that’s bleeding. with the pen. Never mind! [Finger tapping] I’ve got this brush pen. ♪ This might do the trick. Alright, there’s a first attempt. [Giggles] I love the long hair. I think
I want to put maybe some bows in it or something. Let’s continue with the pen. It hasn’t treated me too badly so far. I like the bangs. I think that looks very doll-like. Maybe we can put some bows in the hair. Maybe incorporates some more stripes too. I just – Stripes feel – Thin stripes, like thin, Tim Burton, spooky stripes. I want
it to be like even on either side and it’s not working! Get that brush pen and fill this in. What if both of the eyes… Are missing? Like they fell out. Oh I like little the little squiggles. Woo! Maybe a crack. Okay, maybe another idea. What if the eyes are like glowing? In like a demonic sort of way. Mmm. With those like big eyes, but they have to be white and then I want to add like, not runny makeup, but like… A darkness. [Mouth kiss] Maybe it’s coming up the top too. oh that’s kinda spooky. Maybe a smile. Maybe circles for the cheekies. Those bangs! It has its own attributes that I like. If I had laid down a foundation earlier, I might like it a little better. I think I’m learning. Looking back at it, this feels a little bit more doll-like with just the flat hair, like a kid can brush it. Whereas
if it’s in a hairstyle, it’s kind of harder to play with, that’s where my brains going. Gonna move to just a random colored pencil here and sketch it out and then use the pen on top of that. I also have to figure out what proportions we want this doll to have. Let me draw it pretty short. Me thinks. Yes! Eyes I want the eyes to be really round and doll-like. Mmm, catching the theme? I wonder if there’s a way to make this smile more creepy. Doll eyebrows. Round the face. We want like circles for the cheeks That’s looking a little more doll-like. It’s like kind of the same on either side. At least a little closer. [Laughs] That’s better. Shorten it up near the scalp. Oh and then bangs. Bangs, bangs, bangs. Maybe short bangs. Big fluffy skirt with like tons of frills and some Mary-Janes. Oh, maybe one of them is missing. When was
the last time you owned a doll the had both of its shoes? Maybe their socks with polka dots on them? I don’t know. I don’t draw creepy things very often. I was hoping by doing something that’s kind of a mix of cute and creepy, I might be able to get a hang of it. [Laughs] I like the tiny I think I did the best job here of doing that and I feel like that just gives a doll-like appearance. The problem with this hair is you’re not really seeing… The outfit. Whoo-hoo that’s creepy with like this stripes. I think it’s called the hatching. When have I ever known the words for things? Maybe if I make her look less happy? I don’t know, I’m gonna finish this sketch first before I try that. Do I want to put like a little pupil in there? Oh, yeah, that’s extra creepy. Definitely. [Giggles] Oh, Gosh. A little blush A high neckline. Part of me wants to give this character a bit more realistic proportions, like it’s a person wearing a costume, but that’s up for debate. Let me know which one you’d prefer and why? [Laughs] Could be like a little pendant with streamers. Probably should have done that before I did the line art. I do want to draw arms though, which definitely makes me want to maybe not – [Laughs] Draw this pose again in the future. I never drew the legs, how silly of me. Oops, that one was supposed to be a sock! [Deep inhale] Oh well. [Laughs] It doesn’t matter that much. Just color in the hair purple. Boom! I really like the spindley eyelashy things that are just like going straight up. For this next sketch… I’m gonna like – actually let’s try just a bigger face. Those big circle eyes. Rounded chin. Some ears. Try drawing longer lashes, that curl. Oh, creepy! Very thin eyebrows. Some hair That tiny little nose. Let’s try like a big creepy smile. [Laughs] This is kinda fun. Okay, the problem with the curly eyelashes is they’re mixing in with the (bangs). Creates a bit of a tangent. Let’s just try this straight up and down eyelashes again. Oh, they just gives me such – Urgh. Unnatural vibes that I like. It’s extra spooky. Some nice cotton candy kind of hair. Let me try kind of like this idea again. Color in one of the eyes… Hallow Mmm. Hmm. Maybe just a little scuff marks. Like the dolls been through some things. Can you tell? Okay, definitely heading more in the spooky direction. After this, we’re gonna need to work on the outfit design because that is definitely still up in the air. Try doing the right eye being missing. Try a creepier smile. See there’s some room over here. [Laughs] I’m running out of space! Just try… A fun pose. Okay, this might be just a completely different character. It’s not really – [Laughs] Emphasizing
any of the points that are on any of these other drawings Still gonna draw this the same character. You never know what this might inspire. Explore the outfit a little. Maybe a flower. Those like ribbons. [Laughs] I called them streamers earlier, didn’t I? That totally makes sense. I think I need to look up some dolls. Adding those creepy eyelashes. I think the stripes definitely added a little something. Alright, so definitely settled on I want a very round squashy doll face. The tiny nose. Oh you know what I never tried? I didn’t try…. [Tapping] Making her look angry. Although, if I want to fit into the creepy doll theme, the china dolls, their faces can’t move. So. I think it’s better to like try to show emotion without changing the face shape. Mmm, I didn’t even think of that. Guess I’m gonna turn the page and just keep sketching. Maybe for a pose, I could try something that’s a little bit more stiff. Gonna just try character with a big head. Draw the legs kind of straight out. One could be pointing this way. One could be pointing this way, Gonna try to
emphasize that this is not a flexible human being here. Maybe even turn the head a little. That could be creepy. Sketch light while I try figure out where all this goes. Very straight and jaggedy. I definitely think I want a really high waistband. Big skirt. Maybe, what it’s just suspenders instead of a apron? I think I want some kind of high neck piece. Mm-hmm try that. Oh, I should have incorporated the hair in this first sketch ’cause now it doesn’t really fit. Ah, shoot. Pockets with like frills on ’em. Well, this will not be the last drawing [Laughs] ‘Cause I have not figured it out yet. Maybe some like bloomers. Keep giving it those same shoes, So there might be a sign that that’s what kind of shoe I wanna draw. Try and get the face shape down. Gotta make sure we include like the joints of the doll. She gives me kind of scarecrow vibes. And that hair. I kind of want to be more wavy, maybe? Stripes on the pockets. Hmm. [Tutting] It is kind of cute. I want to kind of put – How many times I’m gonna say kinda? Add a little bit of line art. Those eyelash things. Oh yes. Spooky! I think
this smaller mouth was a little bit more doll like to me So I’m gonna keep that in mind for the next one. Okay, this neck piece does not really match the rest [Deep inhale] Okay, I mean it’s kind of doll like that nothing matches, right? Like if the kid… Kinda just put them in a bunch of different outfits and lost most of the pieces that go together. Add those bangs. This is for these stripes, too. Okay, I’m definitely learning some things that I like about this design. Definitely picking up on some things that I like and things that I don’t. I can use those for the next sketch. The hair, I feel like I took a step backwards. Kinda changed where this foot was – [Laughs] Mid line art. So smart of me. What if we do spider webs for the tights? Oooh. I think I want to just color these in solid black, that could be fun. Add some contrast. That makes me want to color the hair in black. [Tap] [Tap] You know what? I’m gonna do it. There’s no one here to stop me. [Laughs] Hey! That’s so cute! I’m gonna take some hair strands and just come over in front of everything. Like that. See how that looks. I didn’t even check to see if this pen bleeds. Okay, it doesn’t. [Laughs] Do I need some polka dots? Oh, What about hearts? Do these even look like hearts? [Laughs] Alright, alright. This leg bends really weird. That’s what I get for not following my sketch. Not that the sketch made that much sense either. I like how like pow, in your face it is ’cause it’s just like black and white. [Laughs] There’s some fun sketches here. Maybe I wanna do one more sketch. Do it a little bit more from the side. Keep it kind of simple. ‘Cause I want it to look doll-like. Simple, I don’t mean by like only a couple strokes, I mean like the design, I don’t want it to be – I want to litter it with like… Patterns but not with details. I liked these little straps with the button. I think that’s really cute. The neck piece… Hmm-mmm I’m just gonna leave that a little. I’m gonna keep thinking about it. Pockets, I think were very cute and doll-like. Definitely fit what I was going for. Let’s make them even bigger poofy sleeves. That
way they’ll distract from the nothingness of the neckline. Mm-hmm. Hehe That way I don’t have to put anything there. If these are like a big enough. [Giggles] Oh, I like this one already. Actually wait,
that’s not where the arm would be coming out of. Would it? Maybe coming from here. So would come out this way. Much better. It kind of reminds me of Hailey’s art style. Just a little bit. She draws very doll-like. Maybe that’s where that’s coming from. Extra frill wherever I can get it. I wanna make the hair even bigger. Make it look like a kid has like brushed it and Definitely got some good use out of this doll. Maybe there’s even like a section that’s kind of braided? Mmmm. Maybe. Add a little frizz Oh, yeah, the bigger hair is definitely something I want to incorporate. I love this pose, too. It’s just kind of cute. It hasn’t been over like an adventurous… Kinda vibe. Just like the motion of it So cute! I kind
of one ended there because I like this one so much. I wanna end it on a high note. Oh, we can give her those socks again. Yes. I like that better. Okay, I think we have reached a design here that I like. Maybe give her a little heart broach or something Does that make any sense at all? I’d add line art to it, but I’ve already done that here and it kind of overlaps, and I want it to like stand on its own. We can draw one last drawing. Okay this is going against my better judgment. I want to do one with like some nice line art. Instead of this like sketchy stuff. [Laughs] I’m gonna try and copy this pose a little bit like not exactly but like to a certain extent. Actually, not at all. I don’t know what I’m doing. No. No, no, no, no. Oh gosh. [Deep inhale] Why I am I so nervous about this? I got a head, some body. Sleeves. Ooh, that mouth is creepy. I’m keeping it. Look how big this hair is! Now we’re talkin’! I’m gonna keep that little like hip jut out thing. That was adorable. What if we put a hand up here? Like not really where she’s looking at all but. Okay, I think I need to just shorten the hair little. It’s distracting from the puffiness of the skirt. See how
this one kind of cinches in and then pops out again? Whereas this one it’s just one big blob. What if we shorten a skirt a little? See more of the bloomer. Shortening the hair. I don’t mind the wideness. The wideness is perfectly fine. It’s the length. See why I did that? Pockets here-ish, okay. Okay. Okay. pull the skirt up a little higher. I’m gonna give it a Peter Pan collar. Oh, I think that’s what we were missing. Perfect. It’s got one of those like Animal Crossing faces. Pull some of these even further down. Since we have space for it on these giant cheeks. Hair, hoo, We didn’t sketch in the hair yet. Let’s go with those bangs. [Chuckles lightly] I love those shapes. It’s
like a little square bit and then it juts in and then circle! You can actually fit a perfect little bow right here. This hand, no, wait. This hand doesn’t make sense. Let’s just – Hmmm. Actually, if we’re coloring in the hair black, I can fit anything I want to in here. I just think the arm was a little too long. Maybe if I pull it down back here. Yeah, that’s better. Then maybe the other hand can be here. Doing kind of the same pose like, heh! Alright. We’re getting there, were getting there. I could make the feet really big, would be kind of cute, but I also like the little dainty – [Laughs] Feet that are keeping up this huge, voluminous mass. Could make her missing a finger, would it look like she’s missing a finger? Would it just look like I don’t know how to draw. [Laughs] Oh, It works. Okay for the line art I’m just gonna do some fineliners Hope for the best. And try and do my best instead of like the sketchiness over here. So just like erase everything. Oh, hello eraser shavings. How have you been? I haven’t missed you at all! I got a 0.5 and a 0.3 here. Just go ahead and linereeno everything. Oh! That’s like the perfect little cheek! I love it. Bow! Our one lonely pupil. These ones can curve around the face a little more. It’s a fun hair shape. Whoo. Watch it. Yeah! Got the collar. Make sure we keep those ball joints. Then this hand, she’s missing a finger. Let’s hope I don’t forget. That’s why I’m saying it out loud. Here we go. [Laughs] Missing ring finger. She just couldn’t stand that man any longer. Now that pocket looks like it can hold some stuff. [Laughs] Trying to decide if I want a little bit of ruffles at the bottom of the skirt! Well, we have the ruffles on the – [Fingers Tapping] Her little shorts there. So maybe not. Yeah, that’s probably a good decision. All that’s left are these little legs! Can’t forget frilly socks. All right. Now we need to fill in the hair. I could just use a black – [Fingers Tapping] Ohuhu marker for that. That’d probably be perfect! Let’s just go solid black [Pen cap clicks off] Oof, Gotta love that. Nice even coverage of an alcohol marker. Oooh. I love it. I love it. I love it. I gotta fill this tiny little space here. Got it. Best part about markers is you don’t have to wait for them to dry. I still started in the top left though, didn’t I? It’s never a bad thing to stay in practice. Woo-hoo! Moving right along! I bet this is exciting to watch. [Through laughter] Just filling something in black. Riveting I’m sure. Alright, next thing. Oh. These are black Although,
I wanted to kinda color in the underside of the skirt black [Flicking sketchbook paper] Oh, I gotta make a decision. I know this is black. Easy. Grab this brush pen and add like a little frizz. Just anywhere, just a little bit of it. Alright, so my plan is color in… The bloomers black and then use like some hatching for this section. I’m a little worried. Well I wonder, do I want the shoes black? Maybe that will influence my decision. Do I want to do socks or anything darker? No, I’m gonna go back to this line art, and add in some stripes. Maybe some horizontal ones on this ribbon. ♪ And then, oh, the shirt, the shirt. and the other sleeve as well. Oh, and the pockets, the pockets! More vertical stripes. How do I want to add in those little hearts? Maybe use the chisel end of this brush marker. Maybe that’ll help with consistency. Well, it’s kinda cute. I like it. ♪ Yeah, I like that but then for here, I’m gonna try and do like a… Hatching technique but like not… Fill it all in, so it looks a little scratchy. Think I’m gonna add little stripes. Candy cane stripes to the tights and I think we’re done! I like this one. This was fun. Glad I sat down and drew today. [Giggles] It may not be quite as spooky as I set out for it to be at the beginning, but I think it turned out really cute and I’m happy with it. This is still probably my favorite sketch, So I’m glad I didn’t like add any line art to that. I learned a lot from this one with tones. And obviously some more sketches here and I really like this creepy one right here. Thanks for drawing along with me. I hope you had fun. Let me know what you drew and I’ll see you guys all next week. I hope you have a delicious evening full waffles. Bye! ♪

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