hey there no need to go buy a hundred
stamp sets today I’m going to create 9 different cards using the same stamp set
I also made a major booboo on a card and we work through it together and fixed it
so be sure to hang with me till the end let’s get to it alright so we are gonna use the stamp
set it’s Christmas florals and the coordinating dies from Concord 1/9 and
we’re using it today on all 9 cards so the first thing I’m going to do is take
a piece of red cardstock and I’m gonna mount that big image right there which I
love it’s got that huge cluster of all the poinsettias and the berries with the
word Christmas all in there no masking required because the stamp did it all
for you I’m gonna ink it up with my Wow embossing ink pad and I am using my
Misti stamping tool quite a bit for today’s cards but you don’t have to if
you don’t have it and you have acrylic block so once I’ve gone ahead and ink
that up with the embossing ink I’m gonna sprinkle on some embossing powder by wow
all the supplies I’m using are linked below down in the description for you
and if you’re not a subscriber click click click and subscribe
so I am just pouring on that powder then I’ll take those scratch paper and funnel
the extra powder back into the jar and just look at this melt I love watching
embossing powder melt isn’t it something magical about it this
color is especially pretty it’s copper I believe metallic copper from well again
be linked below I’m gonna use the WoW embossing pen it’s just basically a pen
filled with that same embossing ink but I’m using it almost like a watermark I’m
just going in and coloring in some of the petals and the berries and it’s just
gonna make the card stock a little bit of a deeper color of the same color of
the cardstock but it’s just a little bit deeper adds a little bit of shadowing if
you will for a very simple card because this basically is heat embossing and
that’s pretty much it for the first card but I even have an easier card that this
in the video that probably took 20 seconds just wait for it wait for it so
here’s a look at this card you can actually see the
shadows and those petals they’re very nicely alright moving on to the next
card did the same thing inked up the stamp with that embossing ink and this
time I’m sprinkling on some black and pulsing powder from Wow and then I heat
set that and here is one of the coordinating dies that comes with the
die set and I’m just gonna go ahead and line that up I’m using my purple tape
which is everything purple tape purple tape purple tape and I’m just lining
everything up and this Christmas dye is so cool and it actually can cut out just
the letters and you don’t have to use it with the stamp set if you don’t wanna
alright so once I ran that through my Gemini off-screen I’ve got all the bits
left I’m grabbing some of this paper from ulta new and cutting it down to
size and then I’ve gone ahead and temporarily taped that image there onto
my cardstock and I’m gonna go in with my Nouveau deluxe glue it’s the most best
glue liquid glue ever out there period hands down and I filled in all the
letters and now I’m gonna go in and piece in all the letters and so
basically that panel that I taped down is like my placeholder so I’m able to
fit this all in like a puzzle and I’m doing this because I want to add some
dimension to this card so once I’ve got my letters in place I will peel that up
remove the purple tape then add a heap ton of double-sided foam dimension and I
love the scotch roll because you can just tear it with your fingers and then
you peel off the backing paper you don’t have to get any scissors out and cut
that I’m so lazy so I like that I don’t have to do that step then I’m able to
look at my frizzy head oh good lord so I’m able to adhere that down right
over the top and check that out I am going in with a little bit of clear
glitter this is from Nouveau and adding a little bit of clear glitter to the
petals and here and there and everywhere and so with the embossing powder and the
glitter pen this card is quite sparkly I must say but wait let’s add a little
more and I’m going to add some crystal glaze it’s new those kind of like glossy
accents but it’s by Nouveau and it’s better in my opinion I like the bottle
way better and so I’m adding that to the berries as well and then I
I swear that’s all I’m gonna add to this card it’s like Laurel you got to know
when to stop I like when I’m putting on my makeup you got to know when to stop
and it’s important to put your makeup on with a light on trust me all right so
here’s a look at this card it’s sparkly it’s just so much going on and it’s not
traditional Christmas colors you don’t have to do red and green if you don’t
want to okay I stamp the exact image the same way with the same embossing powders
but this time on water colored cardstock so I’m going ahead and drying that and
then I’m going to take this cool little nifty I don’t even know what we’re
calling them I forget but it will be linked below
and I got a sampler pack it’s got a chisel tip a broad tip and a round tip
and I’m going in with a couple different colors well not a couple there’s four
there Katherine polar inks and I’m just going in and adding in some color here
very quick very easy nothing perfect I didn’t want smooth blending I almost
wanted it to look like a little tie-dye effect if you will that’s the look I was
kind of going for and to remove the ink I’m just scribbling it off on some
scratch paper which is actually the backside of the Misti paper that I used
for funneling in my embossing powders a way to reuse that stuff right so here I
am going in with pink red green and we’re just going to give this a little
color color I’m going to add use a couple of the different tips where I
feel like I need it for the berries I used the fine tip for the poinsettias I
used the round tip you get where I’m going with this and my dog barked okay
back to the base so once I got all the color down I decided now remember I did
heat emboss and do all this stuff this is water colored cardstock so what I did
was I took the tip of those blending tools that I’m using and added a little
bit of water to it and I did a little bit of blending here so that’s actually
that tip is got some water on it there’s a little puddle on my glass mat that you
can’t see and it just kind of blended it out a little bit more and I thought it
was really pretty so I’m going to take the negative space of the other card we
made where we die-cut it the card with the stripes
this was the leftover piece from that die-cut so I’m gonna take it and I’m
putting it on this card look at me reuse the
stuff and I’m just why though I’m just rockin and rollin here so once I got
that down I did use my liquid glue because I have a little bit of wiggle
room before it dries so I’m able to make sure that that is perfectly lined up
before the glue sets in and then I went ahead and heat embossed a little word
they’re all from the same stamp set with the same embossing ink power powder and
we are done what a bang what a boom moving on this is a really long video
for me by the way who take a look at this card pretty pretty pretty pretty
now don’t worry we are going to use some of the smaller images from the stamp set
I’m not just gonna make a bunch of cards with this one stamp so if you hang with
me you’ll see what I mean this is some beautiful ink from Katherine Pooler her
inks are water reactive so wait for it not only are they what a reactive but
they stay wet a little bit longer so you can heat emboss with them too so the
first one I just stamped with the ink onto water colored card stock set it
aside this one I did the same type thing but this time I’m sprinkling on some
clear embossing powder and heat setting it so boom a custom colored embossing
powder right here alright so let’s take the panel that I just stamped with the
spruce ink I did nothing else I simply stamped it I’m gonna take some
water I’m gonna spray it and this card is done what are we talking at 11
seconds I mean seriously hello boom don’t you like that
think about the mass-production just use different color Catherine polar inks
whip out a hundred guards and like 20 minutes I’m just digging it I love it
alright moving on to the other one where we stamped the ink the same colored ink
spruce and we heat embossed it alright this time I’m going to take some ink and
I’m gonna smush it onto my glass surface Samba and party dress the red and the
pink I kind of blended the two colors together with my paintbrush and I am all
I’m doing is adding some color to the center of the flowers that’s it
doesn’t take any skill whatsoever get your kids involved right here head have
them go through do an assembly line and add a little color to the middle of the
flowers take some water spray it do the same thing with the green spray it and
what a bang what abou what you think right
sinks or everything so that was you know the heat embossed spruce ink Samba party
dress and a cute little sentiment strip right there on the top that ties the
whole card together then I took the same two ink colors that were on my craft
surface and I am pressing this panel right into my card this is where we
black heat embossed on to watercolor card stock and you know the drill this
one’s done right mm-hmm well I need a sentiment so I’m going to actually kind
of catty-corner stamp the Merrie right here same color
ink and we are good to go on this card so take a look easy right all right all
right Laurel enough of that one stamped image let’s go with some of the other
images in the stamp set so here I’m going to take the single poinsettia and
I’m gonna stamp it with party dress three different ways onto a piece of
regular cardstock this is not watercolor cardstock or anything like that and I’m
gonna clean as I go because if I don’t I get my fingerprints all over my cards
and then I get mad so I’m gonna stamp Merry Christmas
get my frizzy head out of the way and that beautiful spruce ink and this card
doesn’t need much you could actually leave it like that if you wanted to but
I’m gonna add a little bit of coloring with my Ulta new alcohol ink markers I
am NOT a good alcohol ink colorist so I’m not going to show I mean I am just
laying down some color I could have done this with my Crayolas or whatever
whatever you’ve got colored pencils crayons whatever you want to do but I’m
just going and with a couple of different colors of the that I have in
the kind of red to pink family from Alton ooh and then just adding the color
really not much to it I’m trying to create a little shading with the marker
with the same color just by going over the same area a couple of times but like
I said I’m not really good with these markers and I don’t pretend that I am
once I got the color down just on the floral part I’m gonna go in with a very
light blue marker and I’m just gonna add a faint blue background very simple I
could have done this with some ink blending but I wanted actually the brush
to Arthur yeah the marker strokes the pen strokes
the tip strokes whatever we’re calling it here
just a beautiful background right there and then just to finish it off because
this card is pretty simple I’m using some Nouveau stone drops which is what
I’m putting down now and then I’m going to add another Nouveau drop this is from
the crystal glaze line and I’m actually going to combine it together and I’m
going to blend it with my finger it’s free that’s a free tool right there
you’ve got in your possession blending it out with my finger and it really
pulled everything together and I did flick on some white paint I did not
capture that on camera but I did flick on a little bit of that because you know
this card was pretty simple so I thought the white paint would give it the look
of snow that’s what I was going with okay now here’s another card using the
little leaf and berries I’m going to create my own background if you will
some in a stamped spruce I’m using all the same ink colors because I wanted to
show you didn’t even have a billion ink colors either to create really pretty
cards so I stamped a little fern what is that a fern leaf then I’m going to go in
with the berries that I’m going to go in with a little Twiggy thing and I’m gonna
create this pretty little background now the tip I have for you when you’re
creating your own background with stamps is don’t be afraid to put your stamps in
different directions to have them up down sideways left right whatever and
don’t be afraid to stamp off the page it gives it a more cohesive look to the
pattern I’m gonna go around the edges and blend and some of that party dress
ink from Katherine Pooler just to tie the card together and then I stamped the
big whop and Merry Christmas stamp from that set onto some black cardstock white
heat embossed it and glued it down to my card and wadda bang wata boom yeah here
we go pretty pretty pretty in the end alright now this is the one I messed up
so badly like I thought this was going to be the death of me this card but I
probably resurrected it hopefully you tell me Terry I’m using that same paper
you guys this is the third time I used it for the embossing powder fennel for
getting the ink off that blending brush thing and now here so I just tore the
paper and I’m going in and adding a little bit of sage ink with a blending
tool here like the little torn paper look I’m gonna do the same thing with
the bottom I’m gonna do it twice though so I’m going in and doing a little
blending don’t worry if you get little you know a little excessive ink in
certain places it’s okay this is like a very
organic free looking card so don’t worry about that so I’m just gonna go in
whatever net paper is now done I don’t think I can reuse it anymore
I think I got my my my work out of that paper alright so here are some points
that is that I stamped in spruce and die cut off camera so I’m gonna go in this
is that Wow embossing pen I’m gonna go in and add a little bit of that ink to
the lines of the kind of hill if you will that we created and then I’m gonna
take some water and I’m gonna flick it on this is not watercolor cardstock by
the way either but because Catherine polar inks are what are reactive I’m
able to get those really cool water splotches but did you know did you know
that embossing powder will stick to water check it watch so I put the
embossing pen because I wanted a line of it right you can’t control with their
water flicks too but then I flipped on some water because I also wanted it all
flicked on they’re all organic like they the key is if you’re using the water
you’ve got a heat from behind and it’s gonna take you about 10 times as longer
ten times as long to heat set water then the embossing ink because the embossing
that’s what it’s made for the water it’s not sticky so you need to heat up from
behind and you need to just know that you’re gonna invest quite a bit of time
before it melts but it will work and I think that look that like splatter look
is really cool right there so my cards coming together I’m very
happy with it I haven’t messed it up yet but give me time right so these are some
Nouveau what are these called nouveau aqua brush pens and I adore them they’re
fun they’re easy to color again this is not watercolor cardstock by the way so
you can use them on regular cardstock I’m not blending this out with any water
or anything I’m just using the markers as is again Crayola pencils crayons
whatever you got you can go into color and then once you’re done you can go
ahead and figure out where you want to assemble it I had a whole plan you guys
a whole plan and it’s about to turn to poopoo like for reals so this would have
been the finished card if I didn’t mess up this sentiment
but alas just take a look at this and then just oh and ah because this would
have been great but it’s me so I didn’t use my Misti stamping tool which was
error number one and look at that oh my gosh tried to line it back up a lot of
people can do this I cannot I stink at it so I got a little it doesn’t look
like it from here but it’s really bad so then I go and grab a pen and try to
trace over it and that turns to poo it makes it look worse then I’m like oh my
gosh my lines are too thick so what am I gonna do so I went ahead and stamped
Mary using my Misti by the way so it’ll say Merry Christmas I wish I hadn’t had
done that going forward but what I didn’t know then I took a white pen to
try to take away the thickness of the black lines and then I added some white
to the center of the flowers to tie the white in that I just added to the word
Christmas and that looks like poo so then I’m gonna go back to the black pen
and I’m trying to fix it and it’s just getting worse and worse and worse so I’m
like oh my gosh so let me try to cover up the word Christmas so I stamped it
he’d embossed it cut it down and that looked like poo because the Mary that I
stamped there is in the way it’s like it’s I’ve cut off half the word half the
letter so I’m like all right it’s just not going to work so I hacked the whole
bottom half off that whole bottom half under Mary is gone so I’m redoing this
I’m gonna pop up that sentiment that word Christmas with some foam Domitian
again I just stamped it with some embossing ink and heat embossed it with
white embossing powder I’m going to figure I was able to pull the flowers up
without damaging my card so I’m going to refigure how I’m gonna put that and I mean it didn’t turn out bad by the time
it was done but I mean can you even it’s like it was like just getting worse so
then I excused my head so I stamped the word happy heat embossed that and that’s
gonna finish off this card oh good lord the score oh I’m rounding the corners
like that’s gonna make it so much better but I saved it I didn’t want to mess it
I didn’t want to toss it I saved it I like it it’s just not what I had
originally planned but I love this all in here a so you can
laugh at me and be so don’t give up on your card keep trying to fix it and then
if at all it fails usually you can just cover it up with a sentiment like a pop
it up on a sentiment strip or something alright so I hope you enjoyed today’s
video we’ve got one stamp set nine different ways here’s a couple of other
videos you might want to take a look at and if you’re not a subscriber please
click that subscribe button and if you like this video give me a thumbs up so
YouTube will know to thanks for watching


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