Satsuki Azalea bonsai Tree

Hello every one this is an up date of my Satsuki Azalea Its very light pink flowering tree and it was repotted recently and I partially started pruning it and then decided against it. I am glad I did that because now it is in full bloom. So Stay tuned. Hey its me, Iqbal Khan. If you have not yet subscribed to mikbonsai then click the subscribe button and hit the bell icon to subscribe and receive notifications as I upload new videos. This is the the top of the pot and and you can see nebari, the surface roots. I repotted this tree about six weeks ago. After repotting I don’t know what possessed me, but I started pruning the tree and what you are looking at is the section that I did prune and then I realised that it was too early as pruning should ideally be done for Azalea Satsuki trees after they have finished flowering and I am glad I did that. This is the tree from one side You can see the light pink flowers completely covering the tree and you can’t see any foliage or any of the branches. So that’s the tree in full view and will give it a quick turn so you can see from all sides The flowers are are very very pretty and earlier on there were bees all over the flowers and that’s the other side and sadly that’s where I was too eager to prune, other wise all this section would have been covered as well. But there we go so that’s where we started. That is my Satsuki Azalea, repotted about five six weeks ago and it was also fertilised with Chicken Pallets between the layers of the bonsai soil and that the result. That’s all for now folks. This is Iqbal Khan for mikbonsai in West London. Until the next time. and now for the after thought… One in three Britton is conceived in an Ikea bed which is mad as these places are really well lit. You dig !

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