Sands Montessori School Dedication Ceremony

Welcome to our dedication ceremony this morning For those of you who may not know who I am I’m rita Swagman And I am the lucky Gal to be the principal of this amazing Montessori school Thank you. Thank you Let me introduce to you our Student Council president as we do at Sans Montessori we empower our students to be in charge of their education and their School so with that said the mistress of ceremonies today is Hallie linear. She is our Student council president and so I’d like to welcome her to the microphone hello Sans Montessori students and friends my name is Holly linear I am student Council president and a sixth grader here at Sams Montessori. [I] Have been its and since first grade when I first got to this school I was confused and shy I Didn’t have any friends to help me and the teachers don’t know me well enough to actually understand what I felt But as the years progressed I made many friends and I got to know the teachers personally I had amazing experiences in the 69 And I’m still experiencing the ones in the nine to 12 I Have had the best teachers I’ve ever had in all of my school years here at Sams My teachers and principals are one of the main reason. I am who I am and Also, every one of you sitting out there has made my life better, and I thank you for that my years at sands had been some of the best years of my life, I Am not only a student I am a student growing into a teacher Thank you everyone for being here this morning to dedicate this new wonderful amazing new home for the students of Sands Montessori school this project began for me in august of 2006 and here we are November 20 Many years later, and you’re here with us to celebrate the dedication of our new school All the hard work boys and girls every day we tell you that our number one rule is what? Work there was one guy who was in charge of making sure all the companies came to work every day Came to work to work on our new school safely remember Miss Rita hit her hard hat Do you remember my hard hat? [okay], I got to meet everybody through this one man because He’d let me have my own hard hat and I come onto the property remember what my heart had yet on it Stay it out everybody’s everybody’s Thumbprint so that whenever I came to our news school even when it was just dirt I had all of you with me and spirit every single time I came over here because This school is your school. It’s not misery to school your school so it’s for your school from the very very beginning you You know it really is wonderful to be here to celebrate another Milestone in our effort to make sure that every child in Cincinnati public schools is educated in a state of the art building that nurtures learning and also serves as a hub for the community Now this school is very very special to the Cincinnati public school family first of all you know Sam’s Montessori if you were the first elementary Public Montessori school in our nation I know the members of the senate’s community got together and As you are designing the building You wanted this to be a green school? But you wanted to go Beyond what the green standards are? That the board of education has adopted and you actually wanted to adopt green as a way of life You are here at sands leaders in our district for the recycling effort of the school system and I see messages about conservation up and down the hallways here at sands and When I pull into the parking lot this morning Right away, I saw the spaces up front reserved for visitors who drive fuel-eFFicient cars So I am really impressed I also see all the natural light and gosh are those skylights even here in the gym? That’s pretty impressive. There’s a lot [of] care and love for this for this building and a lot of caring love but into this building One of the things I wanted to touch on with the green aspects of the school The light monitors are a great example We put these in here, so we could have a nice array a beautiful day light like we do today The poor yards are in the building so [there] could be light to the classrooms This is just a little picture that we took one line for the building. We’ve got me to capture it when it was first built It [just] as dedicated to that much more night 2010 today And hopefully just connect a lobby for years to come so thanks anyway This is this is it for me after 45 [years] I’m hanging up my hard hat I’m going to retire this is my final project There is no doubt in my mind that if I come back to visit Three months or three years from now this school will look just as nice as it does today The number one thing that I will say to all of you is how much I love watching you here in this school From the teachers to the students to staff to the voting which means we’re here for the community This is a school that’s here lifting all of us up Our rock wall is new to our school through our dissipation and the Clever praises Prog-Rock, Duo Is critically important for a good life? Our school one thousand and thousands of dollars due to our student participation with this clever gracious program and they so much wanted to have a Rock log as part of their pe program you Haha, Ribbit, thanks and prosper officially heading out into the future right three daily basis shows Leadership and your commitment to learning and making yourself the best you can be you you you

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