Sand Boarding | Bruneau Sand Dunes (Idaho)

Sand Boarding | Bruneau Sand Dunes (Idaho)

These are the largest single structure
sand dunes in North America. What does that mean? So there are dunes where you have dunes kind of stacked on top of each other
whereas out here we have just a single dune that’s incredibly tall. What do most
tourists love to do when they come to Bruneau dunes? I’d say the biggest attraction is sand boarding and sand sledding. So we rent out both sand boards and sand sleds and you can bring them out here to the dunes on the small dune the big dune
whatever you feel comfortable with and sled down like you would in the snow.
Now that’s by day and there’s also a big attraction here by night right? Correct.
So from mid March until about mid October we have our Observatory evenings
here and you can come out we have a solar scope where you can view the sun.
We play videos have a live presentation and then you can use our telescopes to
view stars and planets galaxies nebulae. Hey are we racing? What’s happening? I don’t know. Gravity storm! We’ll see how this goes I feel like you got me the kids board and that I’m gonna get hurt myself and it’s gonna be your fault
and you did that on purpose. Um I did get him the kids board on purpose. Ready? Yep. Don’t run into me, don’t run into me! Man down, man down. That’s okay it was
worth it, nice soft landing. How’s that barefoot situation working
out for you? Do you feel like you’re at the beach? No. I feel like I’m having a
heart attack. This is really hard, this is really hard Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. do we have that wax? Do we have that wax? So when you come out here and you want to take to the sands you have a couple of options. The sled is a little bit
better for people maybe not as confident in their balance. You can sit on this, you
can go and head down. But maybe you’re a snowboarder, you’re a surfer, you’re
feeling epic, you’re feeling awesome. This is the board you’ll take. You may wipeout a little bit harder but you’ll enjoy the challenge. Please SUBSCRIBE to our
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