I was born as a human being but as time passes every day I ask myself Who am I Who am I [Music] one day I think I am just an animal like a fox or a mouse but a bit more intelligent another day I feel I am an immaterial substance they call it soul or consciousness but I will not name it one day I think that the world is in my hands and I am powerful the next day I can’t even raise them to take what the world is giving me and I am useless one day I feel that I am unique in my life is different from everyone else the other day I see dozens hundreds thousands of similar people doing exactly the same things yesterday I was afraid of death because I wanted to live tomorrow I will be afraid of life because I want to die to be born again and again and again but there is one thing that I know for sure one thing that never changes I love you does it define me does it help me to understand who I am probably not until you tell me you love me too

2 thoughts on “Sand-animation

  1. это странно, но мне нравится. странно, что мне это нравится

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