Same But Different Christmas Card Series – One Stencil Masculine Card Designs!

Same But Different Christmas Card Series – One Stencil Masculine Card Designs!

Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
today I’m here for scrapbook boutique and using some of their fabulous
Christmas products to create my last in this year’s series by the same but
different Christmas cards for 2017 and I’m going to be focusing on this stencil
which is from Echo Park and it’s called diagonal buffalo plaid and isn’t it
amazing I thought I’d create some backgrounds to make all six cards with
and I’m using just some white smooth cardstock and I’ve got my distress oxide
inks out and I use two different colors here and one is the black sort and
the other one is antique linen now these cards actually are more of a
masculine sort of take on Christmas cards but they certainly could be used
for anybody how cool is that design alright so I made three different
background patterns here and there is actually a bonus card at the end so if
you stay right to the very end you’ll see it’s not just six cards today
there’s actually a seventh mm-hmm look what I’ve done here I didn’t clean
my stencil properly and it’s quite it’s got a bit of black soot through it so I
did wash it a bit better and do my third background pattern but how I got around
this I didn’t want to waste this piece of cardstock is I just migrated my
stencil background so that it covered most of those light antique linen
squares and you’ll never know that it was really smudgy I think this actually worked
out really well gives a great pattern too and for my final card I’ve actually
tried to leave a bit more of the antique linen color showing and this one even
though I did wash my stencil it still ended up a bit smudgy so I set them aside to
dry while I do my coloring I stamped out my images already and I’ve used some
tuxedo black ink because I’m coloring with my copics today
and I’ve used a few different stamp sets I’ve got the tropical Christmas stamp
set from art impressions and then I did a santa claus or looks more like a St.
Nicholas kind of image but I did color him in Santa Claus colors from a penny
black stamp set called North Pole treasures and then my final Santa Claus
that I colored it is from carabelle studio so I have left most of the lids
off to the side I have kept the colouring fairly simple because I am making six
plus one cards today and I have had to speed it up obviously so I’m going to
leave you with the coloring now and the will be back when all of this is done all right so I’ve got some great die-cut
sentiments today from penny black this one’s from do not open and I’ve
die-cut with some red cardstock and I actually use some self adhesive on the
back of that the fun foam I’ve already die-cut as well and then I can just
adhere it straight on and it’s ready to use the only thing I’m not enjoying
about adding the sticky to the back of the die-cut is getting out the little
bits and pieces of an intricate die it does make it a little bit harder but
there’s a lot more bonuses because I can use the image straight away I don’t have
to wait for it to dry alright so I’m going to start putting my
cards together now and I’ve sort of cut down my stencil pieces to fit the cards
how I want them to be and I actually did colour a second one of these carabelle Santa
Claus’ but I didn’t colour him all because I knew I wasn’t gonna be using the whole
image so I’m just adding some pop dots to the back of that and then I can
adhere my sentiment to the front just using some medium I really like how this
one turned out my next card is the Santa Claus this
sentiment comes from the same tropical Christmas set and you can see what I mean
about the antique linen that really did muddy up in a couple of spots there I
probably should have left it dry a little bit in between and this is my
only square card for this set of cards today it’s a small image though. my third
card this is the North Pole treasures Santa and I think he’s really swish I
love that big scarf that he’s got hanging out the back it took me like 10
minutes to work out what color to color that one and I just added the design
paper to the front and pop the santa up I didn’t actually add a sentiment to
that one. I decided to make a little sandy beach for my Christmas hmm
summery Santa to stand on so I’ll just use some masking paper to mask that off
and added some antique oxide ink I’ve popped the design paper panel that
I created with the stencil lot to the left
popping up the main panel and then I can also pop up the Santa and the sentiment
it did take me a minute to work out where I wanted the sentiment on this one
originally I was going to put it down the bottom changed my mind and I’ve got a sentiment from the North
Pole treasures set and just stamping it directly on my card base and then for
the big Carabelle Studio Santa I added some adhesive to the back of him
popped him up with some fun foam it was just easier just to use scraps of fun
foam rather than using lots of pop dots could do either whatever you’ve got and
I’m using some scor tape to hold him in place and I pop up the base sentiment
and the base panel as well so it’s all the same height and I just had to use
this sentiment one more time and it’s from the gather around Penny Black set I
really love this sentiment I think I said this before… I decided to cut some
modern Christmas trees from penny black just with some of the scraps that were
left over to create a final card this is a little bit more versatile could be
it’s not necessarily a masculine design but I’d certainly send it to a man for
Christmas and here’s my bonus card you might have noticed that I had some
leftovers here so what I’ve done is got a top fold card added my own hill and I’m using
my mono sand eraser to remove the extra ink that I put there and this is the
palm tree that I didn’t use, I was going to put it on the crab card and the Merry
Christmas didn’t fit on the card that I was planning for that as well and the
Carabelle Santa so I thought I’d just throw this together and make a quick
final card so that’s it for today thanks for joining me all the products will be
listed below head over to my blog to find them or to scrapbook boutique I
hope you’ve enjoyed this series this year and have a wonderful holiday season
till next time happy papercrafting bye

25 thoughts on “Same But Different Christmas Card Series – One Stencil Masculine Card Designs!

  1. Therese, I know I might say this every year, but you've outdone yourself with this SBD Series 2017!!!  I especially love these cards … muddy or not, those stenciled panels worked the charm!  and a bonus, too?  You've been so generous with your time and talents, my friend … thank you SO very much for sharing!=]  xoxo

  2. Love all your cards and the tips and tricks you always share while you're creating them. Thank you. Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Love them all! I've enjoyed your series again this year. Thanks for the inspiration and giggles! Happy Holidays to you, as well.

  4. Oh how I love each of these cards. Thank you for sharing all your holiday creations. I would have a hard time picking my favorite.

  5. LOVE these cards Therese! My favourite one is the last one & I love how you did such a simple sandy hill but it is just so perfect with the image. Have really enjoyed this Series. Thank you so much – and a Merry Christmas to you and your family & all the best for 2018! 😀

  6. I love them all too, but you know, I think the last one is my favourite. You make it all look so easy, but we know how much work you put in the making these beautiful cards. Thank you so much for sharing your designs with us. I wish you and your family and all your video followers a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year.

  7. Great work, Therese! Lots of fantastic ideas. and beautifully designed cards. You have certainly helped many Crafters with their Christmas card piles. ☺

  8. Love them all!!! I need to stretch myself some and try this. A lot of times I’m good to get one idea let alone six!!!

  9. These are so cool. I have really enjoyed your series. You are so creative and easy to watch and follow. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. What fantastic masculine cards, although they certainly can be sent to anyone & they'll bring a smile.  You are a great copic colourer & I absorb a bit of how to do it each time I watch you, although I am far far from being good.  P.S. Your ring is gorgeous!  Merry Christmas!

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