Sam Gets Kidnapped | Awkward Puppets

Sam Gets Kidnapped | Awkward Puppets

[MUSIC] [CAR CRASH]>>SAM: Oh [BLEEP]. Oh my God. Oh, he’s coming over here. He’s coming over here. Holy [BLEEP]. Oh my God. Oh [BLEEP].>>JEFF WITTEK: You just hit my car buddy.>>SAM: No man, I’m so sorry. I just got distracted I was listening to->>JEFF WITTEK: What are you [BLEEP] blind? [SAM STUTTERING] Do you know who the [BLEEP] I am?>>SAM: An angry Italian guy?>>JEFF WITTEK: You know who my father is?>>SAM: Oh, no. No I don’t.>>JEFF WITTEK: Yeah, well neither do I. I’ve never met him.>>SAM: So, so, what do, what does that mean?>>JEFF WITTEK: It means you’re right. I am really [BLEEP] angry.>>SAM: No. Dude. Where you going? Where you going? Nah, where, where are you going? Huh? Oh my God. What is he doing? What is he- Holy [BLEEP]. What is he doing? What? Is he a baseball player? What is this?>>JEFF WITTEK: Give me one reason why I shouldn’t crack your [BLEEP] skull.>>SAM: No, no, no man come on man. Just calm down. Calm down. Look. I don’t even have a skull. I don’t even have a skull. I’m a puppet. They…they make me in China. In some factory in China.>>JEFF WITTEK: Are you working with the [BLEEP] Chinese?>>SAM: No. No I’m serious.>>JEFF WITTEK: Are you with the Chinese mafia?>>SAM: No, no. No, I’m not with anybody. I literally mean they make me in a factory
in China.>>JEFF WITTEK: You think you’re funny, huh?>>SAM: No, no. I’m not trying- What are you doing? Where are you going?>>JEFF WITTEK: I’ll show you funny.>>SAM: What are you doing?
>>JEFF WITTEK: This is funny.>>SAM: No, no! Where am I?>>JEFF WITTEK: Hey buddy. Say, you’re working with the Chinese.>>SAM: No, man. I’m not working with the Chinese. I just said, I just said that…>>JEFF WITTEK: Shut up puppet! I’m gonna make an example out of you.>>SAM: Where are you going? What are you doing? What are you talking about? Where are you going? Oh [BLEEP]. Oh my god. Where is my phone? Where the [BLEEP] is my… Oh [BLEEP] Siri, FaceTime Diego.>>SIRI: Making a FaceTime call to Diego.
>>SAM: Oh yes.>>SAM: Pick up Diego. Pick up Diego. Pick up Diego. Please Diego, pick up you Mexican piece of [BLEEP]. Please pick up. Yo Diego!>>DIEGO: What do you want?>>SAM: Yo, yo you gotta help me. I’m tied up right now at some lunatics house.>>DIEGO: What? What are you talking about?>>SAM: You gotta come save me dude. I don’t know what’s going on.>>DIEGO: Um, I’m kinda watching a soccer game right now.>>SAM: Diego are you serious? I’m about to die dude. Yo hang up he’s coming back! Hang up he’s coming back!>>JEFF WITTEK: Woah, woah, woah, what the hell is going on here? Who is that?>>DIEGO: Hola. I’m Diego.>>SAM: I used Siri.>>JEFF WITTEK: Who the hell is Siri?>>SAM: Oh, it’s like a female robot on the iPhone where, she does commands, like voice commands.>>DIEGO: Um, I think I’m gonna go, but, uh..>>JEFF WITTEK: So you’re saying I got a chick on my phone that does whatever I tell them to do…>>SAM: Yeah, pretty much.>>JEFF WITTEK: Can you show me?>>SAM: Can you untie me? Alright, so hold down the home button.>>JEFF WITTEK:Okay.
>>SAM: Press the home button. Hold it down.>>JEFF WITTEK: Yeah, I’m holding it.>>SAM: Okay, just like ask Siri to do something.>>JEFF WITTEK: Hey. Hey Siri! Uh, make me a sandwhich.>>SAM: Well, no, not like that. Not stuff like that, she obviously can’t make it, it’s a robot. Um, so yeah. Um, today I got a job as tech support for, um, for the mafia. Been a, it’s been a weird day.

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  1. On my life, when the guy was like "Do you know who my father is!?" I thought Diego was gonna say "An older, angrier Italian guy?"

  2. Your like supermariologan and superluigilogan last but not least superbowserlogan they are the same channel but they use different puppets sometimes and you use puppets I hope you understand anyway this is my first time watching one your videos I,m from 🇻🇪 and 🇺🇸 just to let you know ok see you later alligator 😉 NYC is the life baby make sure. You 👇 it was kind of funny hahahahaha like and click the subscribe button and turn the notifications on and the bell

  3. At the start that guys like to sam so u know of my dad is im like yea Donald Trump duhhohh yea im srry im guess :^ woof woof mother TUCKER

  4. Angry Italian Guy: You just hit my car…

    Sam: No I didn’t

    Angry Italian Guy: oh, your with the Chinese eh?

    Sam: wtf I’m a puppet.

    Angry Italian Guy: so you are with the Chinese!!!!

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