Sal Vulcano – Possible Terrorism – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Sal Vulcano – Possible Terrorism – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

– But instead I said,“Do you think
I’m playing games?” Yeah, the terrorist in me
ain’t gonna stand for that shit. This is my first time
terrorizing anyone, I’m going balls to the wall.[intense musical buildup]– Aah! – Aah! – [kissing sounds]
[tires screeching[ Let me smell your vagina! [brakes screech][dark electronic music]– You guys might know him.
He’s probably the best thing to ever come out
of Staten Island, you guys. [cheers and applause] [laughs] From the show
“Impractical Jokers” on TruTV, my friend and yours,
Mr. Sal Vulcano![cheers and applause]– I want to tell you guys
about a time I took a weed edible. It’s a story of the first… and the last time
that I saw Stacy Wu. Okay?
– Whoo! So I g–
[laughter] – Quiet down, step children. No, I’m kidding. I got a package
delivered to my house. It was addressed to Stacy Wu.
I don’t know Stacy Wu. Never heard of her.
Never met her. But the address
was my address. So I figure,
okay, it’s a mistake. I’ll toss it to the side.
I’ll deal with it later. Weekend comes,
I take a weed edible. Later that night I’m chilling,
I’m like, all right, let me open up this package, see if there’s a contact info.
for this Stacy, see if I can let her know
that I have her stuff. So I open up the package.
Sure enough… her address is in there–
her email address. And it is a pair of pants, women’s, six 6,
sateen dress pants, black, from Ann Taylor Loft. So I’m like, I’m gonna
get Stacy her pants back. So I open up my email and I type
her email address in. I write right in the subject, “I have your pants.” [laughter] And I’m about to tell her,
you know, “Just drop me a line. I’ll get ’em to you,”
you know? But then I thought, “Ohh, wouldn’t it be great if I wrote her
a ransom note for them?” It’s the weed edible.
That’s what happens. I’m like, “Of course
it would be great.” So that’s what people do.
[laughs] They write ransom notes. So I get out my
“Entertainment Weeklies” and just start chopping away. Five hours. For five hours, I cut letters
out of years’ worth of “Entertainment Weekly”
magazines. It was a work of art. And I taped the pages
and I scanned it into the email. And I’m about to hit send
and I’m like, “Ah! This is not how
ransom notes work. “I have to send her
a picture of the pants, prove I got them shits.” And then I thought,
“Oh… “wouldn’t it be great… if I was in them?” ‘Course it would.
That’s why I’m here. Tonight. So I get myself
in these pants. It took minutes. That’s a long time
to get into pants. But I got this body into those size 6 sateens. And I take some pictures
of myself and I realize I’m bare-chested,
and I’m like, “Ah, that’s kinda weird.” I don’t want her to get
the wrong idea about this ransom note. I want this ransom note
to be on the up and up. So I put on a shirt, a tie,
a jacket, shoes. I really classed
this ransom note up. I really did. I’m about to take
a picture of myself in them and I said,
“Oh… “this is not how this works. She can’t see my face.” So I said,
“Wouldn’t it be great if I was in a ski mask?” [laughs] I know. It’s awesome.
[laughs] So I put on a ski mask. I take a bunch of pictures
of myself. I upload this all
into the email, I hit send,
and I am so proud of myself because this is what life is. Okay? A lot of you don’t know
how to live. People don’t know
how to live. I figured it out. This is it.
So I just go to bed. I dream great dreams. And I wake up on the morning– It’s like Christmas morning
to me. I run straight to my laptop
and I open it up to see if Stacy Wu
has received my correspondence and if she wrote back.
And she did. And I’m going to read you now
what she wrote back to me. “This is really creepy. “A man sending pictures
wearing women’s pants “and a ski mask? “I’m filing a complaint
with UPS. “I’ll have the authorities
track you down “to where the pants
were delivered “and charge you with robbery and possible terrorism.” [laughter] I know!
[laughs] I did not–I never
in my wildest dreams I’d think this was
“possible terrorism.” I thought this was
gonna be a hoot. Like, a little light hoot,
not a possible terror. – That’s terrible. – She goes on.
“They look for people like you, you son of a bitch.” [chuckling] “I don’t know who you are.
I don’t know what you want. “This truly isn’t funny, “and if you’re looking for
peanut butter, I don’t have any!” I’ll get to that
in a second. I’m in over my head.
I’m in over my head. It’s obvious.
I should have said, “This is a joke!
Take your pants!” But instead, I said… “Do you think
I’m playing games?” Yeah! The terrorist in me
ain’t gonna stand for that shit! This is my first time
terrorizing anyone. I’m going balls to the wall,
okay? I do everything I do
to the best of my ability. If I’m possibly
terrorizing you, look the fuck out. And I just sent her
a bunch more photos, okay? So then I step away
from the laptop. It was the first thing I did
that day and did nothing else, so I went to my phone
for the first time and opened it up,
and I had a text from the night before
at 10:32 pm. This is before I dabbled
with any of this other stuff. And the text
is from my landlord Stanley who lives right below me. And this is what his text said.
He said, “Hey, buddy, “was there a package
delivered last Monday “and left on your porch? It’s for my girlfriend Stacy.” [audience groans] I felt the same way. Felt the same, exact way. I’m like, ha ha ha ha… there’s no way
he’s finding out about this. I don’t care
what I have to do. I’m getting rid of the pants. I’ll take the fucking pants
down to a ravine and fuckin’ shoot ’em. However you get rid of stuff. I’m gonna do it.
And then I realized… oh, man, I sent her the note
from my email address. It’s got my first, last,
and two middle names in the type. So I have to confess.
I have to come clean to Stan. So I call him on the phone.
I’m like, “Stan, it’s Sal. “As a matter of fact,
I do have the pants, “and if you wanna meet me
on the side of the house, I’ll give ’em to you.
Uh, also…” [laughter] “I gotta tell you something.
Gotta tell you something.” So he meets me
on the side of the house. He’s like, “Oh, Sal,
thanks so much.” I’m like, “Stan, no problem.
I even emailed her and let her know I had ’em.”
He’s like, “You’re the best. I’m like, “Hold on. Just hold on.
Just let me finish.” I said, “Stan, somewhere
in there I felt it apropos… to also write her
a ransom note for them.” He’s like,
“What are you talking about? I’m like, “It’s exactly
what you think.” And I knew…
[laughs] I knew he was gonna ask me,
“Well, what did it say?” And so I brought the ransom note
to the side of the house to read to him right there
in the driveway. And I also brought it tonight. [cheers and applause] [laughter] – This is it.
This is living. It says, “Hello.
I have your pants.” You guys?
I’ll do it every five pages. “Hello. I have your pants. Check the picture for proof.”
– Oh, wow! – We agree that the ransom note
should have ended there. Allow me to read you
the next 18 pages. “In order to
get them back safely, “I am going to need
one 15-ounce jar “of Skippy all-natural
Honey Peanut Butter… smooth.” This is the weed edible talking.
I’m allergic to peanut butter. “I know what you’re thinking.
‘Peanut butter’? “Yeah. Peanut butter. So what?
This is aboutmeright now.” [laughter] Bitch. “This really isn’t the time
for you to be judging me “about the peanut butter. I have your pants.” “To be honest,
I felt silly asking for the peanut butter, “but I gathered myself,
and here we are. [laughter] “Peanut butter is delicious,
and I’m out of it.” I’m now
explaining myself to her for no good reason. “I could have asked for
a lot worse than peanut butter.” I don’t even know
what the implication was there. I don’t need
to question myself. “So let’s just move on. Put the peanut butter
in an unmarked duffle…” [laughter] Clearly, all of my
knowledge of ransom notes has come from the movies. I don’t even know
what an unmarked duffle is. I–What is a–
What is a marked duffle? What is a marked–
I don’t know, but don’t send that shit to me
in a fucking marked duffle. “Deliver to my home
no later than noon “on Friday. “Every day… “that I do not receive “the peanut butter… “I will wear your pants… [laughter] “With a different cute top.” She’s giving me no choice. “Your move. PP forever.” [applause] That’s nice of you.
That’s how I felt. I was elated. I said to him,
“I also, uh– “I also sent her a photo
to prove I had ’em.” And he was like… “Let me see it.” And I showed him on my phone, but for you guys,
I went to Kinkos. You’re gonna wanna
look at that. [crowd whooing] I call that terrorist casual. Yeah, I got your pants,
but really, it’s no biggie. Just what I do. It was my first terrorizing. I kept it light. He said,
“What did she say?” I said, “She said… she was gonna call
the authorities… and charge me with robbery and terrorism. He said, “Holy shit! What did you say?” And I said… I said, “Oh, I just said, ‘Do
you think I’m playing games?’ “and then I just
fired off a bunch more photos to her.” Look, this one cuts deep.
This one’s like… I’m straight relaxin’
while I’m terrorizing you. I’m literally wearing
the pants in the situation. Moment of silence
and then he grac– Oh, by the way,
Kinkos, no questions. [laughter] Ten employees,
not a fucking word. But he graciously said,
“Look, I will tell her. I’ll tell her and try
and hash it out for you.” And then, uh,
a year and a half later, I’m walking out of my home
down my driveway and a female’s walking up it,
and we meet in the middle. And she says to me, [inhales, exhales] “Are you the guy…” [laughter] “That had my pants?” This was a moment of truth
for me, so I dug very deep,
I looked her in the eye and I said, “I never got the peanut butter.” That’s the story
of the first and last time I ever saw Stacy Wu.
Thank you, guys. Thanks. [cheers and applause][dark electronic music]

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