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  1. I'm sure this has already been mentioned, but there is a whole anime about getting the discount items from the grocery stores. It's called Bento. Highly amusing.

  2. this is a late post and I doubt the person who asked is even reading this, but there is a YouTube Migook Saram and I believe she is now vegan and has some videos about vegan cafes in Korea

  3. Martina, every since I started watching these videos, i have felt this incredible urge to see sailor moon again and after this one I will see them this weekend! Your nails were perfect! xD
    Simon, Final Fantasy XII is my favourite xD
    Thanks guys I love your videos.
    Video WIth Stickers … i think last mail video I saw. Martina put some kitten stickers in Simon… but Simon is not a thing….. : O
    PS: Country Maam's cookies are perfect!

  4. I live in Mexico, in Guadalajara and I have a story about forgetting keys stuck on the door (just like Simon, woops). One day I was coming home with my sister after our separate classes and we were both really tired and had lots of backpacks and stuff on our hands so when we got home she gave me the car keys (which have the house keys altogether) and told me to open the door for her so i opened the door and left the keys there which i thought she would grab… well she did not, we were both so distracted that we actually left the house AND car keys there for grabs throughout the WHOLE night!! It wasn't until the morning after an old man ran the bell to warn us we had left our keys hanging there, we didn't believe him at first because we both thought the other had taken care of the keys. We were both so terrified to have left the keys all night there but so relieved no one took it or barged in and robbed us. Where I live is not that dangerous, it is a nice neighborhood but there have been many cases of robbery near our neighborhood. I felt blessed that nothing happened really… never doing that again.

  5. Hell yes i would be robbed here! This is India! People rob you in trains, just when you walk on the street , everywhere! You need to be freaking batman to save your stuff here ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. I'm 62 and love all the things you like, I wear teddy leggings and bunny earrings and I have pink crunches ( knee being replaced soon) I love very spicy food ( but it doesn't like me. ) love you videos, Poppy xx

  7. what's the song around 7:20??? I thought it was a chopin nocturne but that seems to not be the case. argh so frustrating because it's so familiar.

  8. If you two are ever in Washington State again and have the time, make a trip to Mox Boarding House in Bellevue. It's a boardgame shop/restaurant. You can borrow games to play while you eat. It's awesome!

  9. In my specific area in California, I highly doubt that my house would be robbed because 1) I live in an old ass neighborhood with retired cops, firemen, and a ex bodyguard from prison as my neighbor, and at first glance I think anyone would run but, they are just old teddy bears. 2) Cameras and security systems everywhere…..I'm not kidding (funny story, I went outside my house on night in the middle of winter wearing black leggings and a black jacket with a hoodie and my neighbor across the street called the cops on me ๐Ÿ˜‚. I have never had the shit scared out of me like I did that night). 3) the previous owner of our house used to restore old cars and went on vacation quite often, so he made the house Fort Knox and on a level, zombie proof. Deadbolts, metal window shutters, bullet proof glass, and an emergency hatch underneath the garage, I think he might have been a bit paranoid .

  10. I left my garage door open for 7 hours with my house door unlocked and no-one bothered it. I'm sure some people looked in judging me for the mess in my garage… but nothing was touched or bothered.

  11. i live in the Netherlands and a friend of mine works in security. Last week an alarm went off in a home and he had to go and see if anything was wrong. when he got there , there was no sign of a break in but the whole place was empty. like someone still had to move in or something. the couple that lives there is on vacation, so he phones them and asks if they just bought the house, turns out they lived there for quite some time and forgot to lock the door when they left for their vacation and lost everything in there home….

  12. @Simon leaving the house key in the door: I live in the great Americas, and we had some family friends stay at our house for a bit. We took them out, and one of the guests was the last out, and they accidentally left the door open. OPEN. Our door was open, into the house, for a full day while we took our friends around, and when we came back we went "holy heckin shit" but it was fine. Nothing was stolen. Living in Japan, which sounds remarkably safer than America, I think you should be fine.

  13. I love playing boardgames in pubs/restaurants/bars ๐Ÿ˜€ In my university city there are two pubs filled with board games. I'm studying Computer Science currently and most of my friends here (20 to 30 years old) go there once every week.

  14. As soon as ya'll moved into japan "and I already stickered the brita filter :D""Yeah you did"
    Poor brita filter prematurely stickered

  15. I live in the burbs in Canada and I have left my keys on the door a few times and I've never been robbed, lol.

  16. Best thing that helps me remember, I always repeat "phone, Keys, Wallet" before I close the door behind me!

  17. A few years ago we were robbed at my house, and all the doors were locked. They had gone in through a window. So since that day my family has the same philosophy as Simon; we don't even bother to lock the doors because if someone is going to rob us they will.

  18. Did anyone notice the simplynailogical intro song at 17:17? He even talked about nailart a second before that O_o
    Anyways, great video, I loooove the Eat Your Sushi videos <3

  19. Maaaan I really wanna be your friends. I'd totally be down to sit in a bar, have drinks and play board games! Come to Sweden again so I can see you (again) and we'll make it happen! Or ya know… hold on for a bit and maybe I'll be able to come to Japan in a few years

  20. The only time I was robbed, we had left a large ground floor window open and someone noticed and climbed in and stole my laptop. So Simon is technically kind of wrong.

  21. Yes, you will get robbed where I lived. Many people have gone up and down the streets trying house doors, car doors, gates, etc. And we weren't in a horrible neighborhood. Breaking in makes noise and draws attention. Just walking in makes it look like you were invited in. This was even worse for my friends in apartments.

  22. This video really resonated with me because I've always lived the same way! I am a general surgery resident in the US, and I have never let being an "adult" change who I am. I have a Sailormoon tattoo on my wrist for all to see and I'm not ashamed. Sailormoon made me the woman I am today. Trying to save the world, one patient at a time! But also doing it with the blondest of hair ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Lost my frickin mind when the juice was struggling to get through the straw glasses around your eyes. Was laughing so hard I had to pause the video, was drooling and crying. Too good. Love you Martina!

  24. I never fit it in high school, I was a big Trekkie and sci-fi nerd, and I went out to take part in activities I wanted to do, that none of my friends did. Even my closest friends didnโ€™t have a lot in common with me, they were (and are) just good people. It was hard to be doing those things alone, but they made me who I am today. Sometimes itโ€™s hard to be an individual, but doing the things I love makes me so much happier in the end! Iโ€™m 33 and have Totoro stickers on my finger nails. waves

  25. So I've actually done that before, I left my key in my front door before and the little old lady who lived across the hall from me, knocked on my door, laughed at me, and then pulled my key out of the door and handed it to me. However I'm super happy she did because that was NOT a nice neighboorhood. However however, the locked door didn't stop anyone. A couple months later someone actually tried to take the door off its hinges in the middle of the night.

  26. Didn't realize you guys are into board games! Can you please offer any recommendations, seeing as they cost so much it would be great to have some with your tick of a approval to choose from B)

  27. I left my door unlocked once! And a crazy x from 3 years ago walked in my house in the middle of the night and came into my bedroom where I was asleep. HORRIFYING!!!!

  28. In Panama we would be robbed blind. We actually were robbed while we were home with the doors locked! I was teaching online English classes and my hubby was asleep. They even opened our bedroom door, saw us and left. I never saw them because I teach in front of a screen that blocks my vision and the vision of anyone who comes in our room.

  29. I havenโ€™t played dominion yet. But my hubs and I have been playing the card game version of pathfinders. Itโ€™s really fun!

  30. how boring would life be if everyone was the same? your fans, like me, love you guys just the way you are!

  31. Wow, for there to be an actual line JUST to park a bike. That's insane. Should I start learning how to ride a bike? O.o

  32. Get a lanyard and put it on your kneck when you go out and have your keys on it. Make putting it around your kneck as much a habit as putting on your shoes to leave. That's what I had to do before I started keeping the lanyard on my purse

  33. I love how Martina gets this look on her face when Simon wins, its like she's considering how much she loves him verses how much she wants to secretly murder him. You guys are the best!

  34. Board Game Bar's are awesomeeeee! My barber happens to be next door to one also, love it.

    PS @Simon and Martina, Have you played Cards Against Humanity yet?

  35. I love you guys, Iโ€™m 30 years old and still love sailor moon and a multitude of other things ppl consider childish. Donโ€™t ever change who you are for others. ppl that say things like act your age when it comes to your likes or things you do for yourself are just jealous of your happiness.

  36. Guys, I really like watching your videos. I'm interested in japanese and korean cultures and I don't have anyone who would share that passion with me. Send you all the love)
    P.S. Martina, I'm loving your hairstyles, can you do tutorials on your amazing hairdos?

  37. Two years late, but oddly pointed – the maintenance staff at my apartment not only left my exterior door unlocked, but also ajar after doing some work one day. My door (that goes to the bus stop) was open for about 7 hours before I got home. Nothing stolen, nobody did anything. Minnesota, or as we call it these days, Canada's Florida.

  38. Neither me or my boyfriend would get robbed but my boyfriend doesn't lock his door because he lives in a kinda obscure place.

  39. Simon, get a something that you can wear round ur neck.. then hang ur keys on that…. you'll never lose anything. I was never robbed cos my famil is too poor to be robbed.

  40. few tips
    1. always be there 1-1.5 hours before their closing time. 5-15 minutes before, is too late usually, they will not have what they want.
    2. if the worker starts to put discount sticker on the items that you just picked up, just go back and ask him to put the sticker on your pick, too. they will do so without any problem.

  41. I agree with Simon, that thieves plan before robbing a house. We would often leave our front door open and gate open during the day, and lock it at night. However we still got robbed during the night, thankfully they did not get inside our house only in the yard. As for the keys, maybe Martina can have a copy of Simon's bike keys. And maybe Simon can get a carabiner put his keys in there, and then place the carabiner in one of his pant's belt straps.

  42. Re: breaking & entering – it's both opportunity & determination. My grandparents' house has been robbed multiple times, once with an unlocked window, then locked doors… My neighbors have been robbed because of one unlocked window

  43. Guys thank you ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™โค I never fit in ! Nice to hear talk about this topic. Love your channel ๐Ÿ’˜

  44. I live in the middle of "It smells like cattle ass 24/7, where's the beef?" country. Basically you don't have to lock anything up, nobody messes with your stuff usually. I still lock my stuff up thought because I'm a penny pinching tightwad. I had to cut a friends hair, but I didn't want to lug my purse up in her house. I shoved the purse under the passenger seat and locked the car up. I had tinted windows. Some criminal on probation still used a coat hanger to get into my car, found my secret stash of money hidden in a cigarette case (I don't smoke, I used it to hide cell phone and larger bills, so maybe he thought it was cigarettes, then went *yippee I hit the motherlode*) I reported it, and they found the jerk he's in prison. I didn't get all my money back either. Point is Simons right, dipshidiots will plan a way to snag your shit no matter what you do.

  45. I live in Seattle and have a habit of not locking the door behind me when I leave to run an errand Ns my hubs and kids are at home but you can bet your Tuches that the door will be locked behind me immediately! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ seriously who would want to break into a house with and adult male, a petrifying teenager and a 6 yr old that never shuts up ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  46. ahh, yes, love how people just assume that a woman after a "vague" age is suddenly not allowed to like the things she has always liked because she is supposed to be married and "settled" and babies and that is her personality now………(ใƒŽ_<ใ€‚)

  47. Theres literally an anime that portrays what your talking about with the shopping and waiting for sale stickers but in action fighting format called Ben-To

  48. Its 3 years old but I must say ITS NOT THAT HARD TO BE VEGETARIAN IN KOREA.
    It was not hard even at 2015 and now its easy.

    Kimbap is easy to make vegan/vegetarian, bibimbap you just asking without the beef and egg.
    Kimchi is a big NO no matter what because its always contain fish/seafood.
    Street food is great too. Corn, hotteok, egg muffin, steamed bun with red mean and more.

    But you can find many vegan places that make their own kimchi wish will be vegan and yummy.

    Yeah, if you live at the country side it will be much harder because they dont really understand veganism but in Seoul, busan and other big cities its really not a big deal.

  49. I have so many elderly ladies that come into my work and tell me that they canโ€™t wear certain things or put on their makeup a certain way because they are too old. I always tell them that they need to do what they want to do rather than what society says, but they never listen. ๐Ÿ˜‘

  50. Im from Newark, NJ so you HAD to lock your door. You would think people don't rob just because a door is unlocked but there you can get robbed even if it's not empty. But now that I live in Puerto Rico I forget all about my keys. I remember a weekend I stayed in and was preparing for Monday morning. I looked everywhere for it up until that morning when I realized alllll my keys were still in the door. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
    That's when I realized I live in a good area.

  51. Martina, I'm 61, it took me years to figure out I don't care what people think. I'm happy with me as I am. The only one I have to please is God. As long as He s happy with me other people comments don't matter. Rock on you two.

  52. hey Simon, i know my comment is super late, but where i live, i could leave the key in the door and no one would enter, mostly because i live in the middle of nowhere, BUUUUT i have also been robbed….by someone i knew….who clearly had a plan to rob me.
    you are very right, it's not by chance and there are definitely steps you can take to avoid being robbed…if only we had the power to read the minds of people who would eventually screw us over. >=(
    i remember your draw my life story and just know that i feel your pain of having fake friends stab you in the back.

  53. I live in the city so yes my house would be robbed but my husband didn't lock the back door and we were in bed and nothing happened.

  54. im known for my own style. chuck taylor shoes socks hats etc. people expect it theyre disappointed if i dont dress my way. lol annette

  55. I hid my true self from people for many years. After a cancer scare and dealing with an autoimmune disease since my late 20s I stopped hiding. Now I am a 43 year old J Rock/metal, Metallica/BeeGees fan who crochets/knits/writes fiction to the previously mentioned music… I am also living in a small southern Texas town and not religious in the sense that most people are. I have my own path of spirituality that cannot be defined by labels.

  56. You guys are the most fun couple I've come across, nothing wrong with being childlike adults especially with the kind balance you have managed to maintain through the years so far, simply adorable ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงกโค๏ธ

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