Sake Kit Kat Review | Japan Exclusive

Sake Kit Kat Review | Japan Exclusive

So this year I made two new years resolution,
for the benefit of my long term wellbeing. The first was; try to avoid sugar. Er…Wherever possible And the second was; try to avoid alcohol. Er…Within reason. But today I genuinely have a plausible excuse
to break those two resolutions. Because look what some clever people
in a room have come up with. Kit Kat sake. I won’t lie, the design is pretty eye-catching with the cherry blossoms and the bottle of sake, which actually looks pretty similar to a real bottle of sake. Here’s one such example. Although this bottle appears to have some missing. Er… I dunno where that went. But unlike a lot of alcohol flavoured sweets Kit Kat sake really does have alcohol in it .8% alcohol to be precise. In fact there’s a disclaimer here that says if you’re a child or a weak drinker, please refrain from buying this item. I haven’t yet heard of anyone getting drunk off of these. I did think about making some kind of
challenge style video to see if it was possible. Until I realised, I would probably die
of a Kit Kat overdose long before the alcohol would have time to kick in. And not even I’m particularly enthusiastic
about the prospect of death by Kit Kat. Now to you and I, a kit kat is a relatively tasty chocolate biscuit made by nestle the world largest food company. Unless you’re in America, where Kit Kats are made by Hershey’s, who have a reputation for making
the most delicious chocolate in the world. If your tastebuds, are broken. But to the Japanese, Kit Kats are just so much more than just
chocolate biscuits…because look. On the back here there’s a space
where you can write a message. And the reason you can write a message
on the back is because in Japan, Kit Kats are actually used as a good luck charm,
I’m not even making this up! In fact, Kit Kats in general are an excellent example of how to win at marketing and branding. A few years ago Nestlé noticed surging sales
of Kit Kats every January. And it turned out that customers were buying them as good luck presents for students
sitting University exams. And thats because the name Kit Kats sounds a lot like the Japanese expression “KITTO KATSU”. which means “to surely win”. And when Nestle heard students
were using it as good luck charm, not only did they put a space on the back of each box where you can write a message and give it as a gift… But they even worked with the Japan Postal service to create a full sized postable version of a Kit Kat. And the end result is a huge number of sales every year when hundreds of thousands go to sit their exams. But perhaps even more impressively Kit Kats
have even gone on to become a premium confectionery brand in Japan – with their very own branded boutiques in Tokyo and a huge variety of flavours to buy from Green tea
to Strawberry Cheesecake and Wasabi. Literally all of the flavours of the… …edible rainbow. I make it up as I go… But as a British guy who sees Kit Kats
as just another chocolate biscuit – in the country where Kit Kats originate from – to see it ingrained in Japanese culture in this way is really quite a bizarre and strange thing to take in. So to any confectionary executives watching back in Europe and America, hurry up and think of something that sounds good
when translated into Japanese and take the country by the storm. Anyway, now we know the back story
let’s see if these are any good. Inside both boxes we have these small packs
and yet again a nice design and a little space where you can write on the back for if you’re really stingy and give this a gift
as opposed to an actual sized box. Honestly if someone gave me this as a gift,
I think I’d offended as opposed to grateful. It’s like buying someone a sip of beer. So the chocolate itself is white –
and the first thing you notice is the smell Wow! It really does smell like sake, which is difficult to describe but it’s kind of like a sweet dry white wine smell. The closest thing I can think of. If I was to compare to a bottle of sake… Yeah, they’ve nailed it. It honestly smells exactly the same and it tastes… Wow! Very good. Very very good. So it starts off tasting like white chocolate but instead of that sometimes sickly aftertaste you get with white chocolate it’s drowned out by that hint of sake And it really works. Let’s have another one. I have to say I actually prefer this to the taste of regular Kit Kats. This is strangely addictive. What would I give it on a scale of 1 – 10? I need more time to reflect. I’d give it… 9/10. Honestly 9/10. It’s that good. And its a genuine tragedy that it’s a limited edition thing. If you can get your hands on it, definitely try and get it. I think you can probably find them online somewhere. But it is really good. I highly recommend trying it. Kit Kat Sake. Only thing is… one pack is 64 calories and I’ve had about 6 packs which is….a lot of calories. So I’m going to have to have a 90 minute brisk walk now to try and burn them off. And I don’t feel that well. I shouldn’t have eaten so many so quickly. Maybe it is a good thing
that they’re limited edition after all.

98 thoughts on “Sake Kit Kat Review | Japan Exclusive

  1. I got to try the Sake Kit Kat today! Really tasty!! I guess since this video they have made it a normal flavour edition or I was just lucky enough to get it in my goodie bag of Japanese treats. Love your videos!!

  2. Man I bought the strawberry cheesecake one too but the sake I bought 2 huge boxes of it lol was sadly gone in a month after I got back Definitely gonna grab more when I go back either the summer or fall hehe

  3. the sake flavored Kit Kat is not bad. You get that initial mouthful taste of sake with the chocolate then it disappears. For me, it's a little bit better than the green tea flavor Kit Kat.  I'd rather buy melty kiss rum raisin chocolate though.

  4. After watching so many of your videos, I realize many things seem to be limited edition.
    How do you get all of the limited edition things?

  5. Why is Japan F*cking with the original (perfect) kit kat flavor? Wasabi (I never support this flavor anywhere) and sake?

  6. Japanese students: Here is a Kit Kat so you will pass your exams!

    American students: Here’s a pot of espresso so you won’t have to sleep for the next 72 hours

  7. i thought i was the only one offended by him eating his kitkats like that, but after reading the comments i guess not lol

  8. Here's an idea for you – try describe Japanese humour… what differentiates it from English humour. What truly amuses them?

    You could do a whole video on this.

  9. Omg there are more comments about the way to eat a kit kat. Seriously? You open package and place into mouth then chew then swallow and enjoy. #AbroadinJapan trolls if you don't like it then troll somewhere else. Wow….now I know why you tubers do hate comments because they are funny as hell. May the force be with you Chris…..the trolls are coming…lol

  10. Chris "Made by Hersheys who have a reutations for making the best chocolate in the world…."
    Me thinking. 'What? but Hershey's sucks"
    Chris "…if your tastebuds are broke."


  11. OMFG what is wrong with all these nutjobs complaining about how you ate a goddamned mini kit kat, some people obviously have a very easy life if that is something they are upset by OR they need to be medicated heavily with copious amounts of diazepam and lorazepam and a bit of propofol for good measure.

  12. The thing is I found a pack of them in a tiny Asian mart (like a tiny convience store, but only with Asian goods) in Banff, Canada. I haven't seen them again since. I am mildly curious as to why they had it, but I bought them and they were delicious!

  13. What sort of serial killer eats a kit kat like that haha not hating by the way just an opinion, love your videos brother 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  14. I would feel a bit bad if someone gave me just 1 out of a pack as well but I think teachers or workers who need to give something small to a lot of people, maybe it would be nice to write something and add it in a gift bag of some sort.

  15. I'm more offended @ ppl calling KitKat's "biscuits" then eating both bars at once, never once in my life ever heard someone call it a biscuit, its a chocolate bar. And white chocolate chunky KitKat's are my favourite. Wish Aussie's got exotic flavours too but a lass we make do with plain. lol

  16. In Germany KitKat is a normal Sweet without any kind of message etc I’m sooo jealous because I love crazy sweets around the world but it’s hard to get sweets from Japan…

  17. Eating with the wrapper on is easier and cleaner than breaking it in half. Unless you break it in half inside the wrapper, and pull it out with your teeth, but that's just a much slower way of eating something that is already tiny. And you should no obligation to break it in half simply because it's serrated, especially when eating alone. In the first place, break it and share was a marketing strategy for pairs, so why on earth would you do it alone at home?

    I'm deeply ashamed by the reactions of my countrymen in the comments section, and unequivocally condemn them. You're all turning into yanks. I bet you eat your kit kats at Starbucks while talking about how much you love Trump and wearing ten gallon hats!

  18. Thank fuck these ended up not being limited. I buy several boxes every time I go to Japan now. And eat them all to myself…in that two-stick-at-once fashion.

  19. Can’t believe it took over 3 years to finally be able to buy sake flavored Kit Kats in the US. And yes, you need to be 21 just to smell the inside of the bag! Tasty!

  20. 3 years later and the way you ate that kit kat is still offensive. Unsub, then resub for natsuki and ryotaro only

  21. You're supposed to snap Kit Kats in half before you eat them Chris. What's wrong with you? You eat Kit Kat like some barbarian.

  22. I got a massive box of sakura sake kit kats at the airport when leaving Japan and they sat in a cupboard for about a year, uneaten
    They were so gross, and I usually like sakura and sake so I don't know what went wrong 😂

  23. I’m 3 years late to this party, but am loving the comments bashing your kit Kat etiquette- I too don’t separate the fingers, and just shove em in; people’s reactions are priceless 😂 (I didn’t intend for this to sound rude – that was a natural occurrence) 😳👌

  24. Kit-Kat don't forget the hyphen ! Oh wait, that's the REAL way to write Kit-Kat and they changed it afterwards and they don't want us to know, Mandela effect and all…. My bad !

  25. Here was the start core point to lose weight. I check the date. "Oh, seems he failed massively.
    Start over with no carb! 😉
    I know, you can do!

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