S designs / How to make marble S design farma / How to create marble flooring , wall design

S designs / How to make marble S design farma / How to create marble flooring , wall design

Hello Friends, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji Jitendra Sharma” meet Mr.Pushkar Ji (the Marble Contractor and they own has a shop of elevation tiles and natural stone tiles ) Currently Pushkar ji works as a contractor in Surat. If you need any tiles, I have already made a video on them Today Pushkar ji is teaching us how to make marble’s S designs. Today we will create a marble S design in this video, how it looks like. Look at the diagram We will make this design in this video marble S design video has started now first of all, you need these three thing First we need the marble strip You need 4 marble strips for this S design. The width of one strip should be 3 inches and the width of the other two strips should be 1-1 inch and the last 1.5 inches. Before starting the work. Mark on the strip This shows how much of the marble strip we have to cut All this design is made from that farmaa I think I will make more than 100 designs from this farmaa We need all this piece of marble for design Making machine base plate (as farmaa) for cross cut in marble its length in 10 inch and width is 5 inch this mark we drow at 3 inch from backside to the corner of frot machine will fix at the center of the drawn line The width of this wood board is 6 inches better because width of 5 inches is less for this farmaa. fixing this machine with the screw We are fixing this machine without making any holes in the base of this machine Because the water will come up while cutting through the hole If the work is more then you can make holes in the base plate of the machine please like and subscribe to my channel I will made many more designs like this and I will taught you that how to make this design now the machine is ready for the design don’t try to cut much part of marble in a first time try to cut only 3 to 5 mm marble in a time if you try to cut whole part in first time then it will damage your machine we are chacking that the is machine is working properly or not Fix this metal strip according to the distance of cutting making S design is hard so it take time Do not try to cut much area of marble at first cut Only 3 to 4 mm thickness of marble at a time if you try to cut the whole part in the first time then it will damage your machine this is it looks after a cut comment me and tell that how is this design I will made many more design on this farmaa during the cutting most important is water . water makes cutting speed smooth select a wood ply with less thickness let see how it looks after the second cut for the third cut we move metal strip at backward this is how it looks after the third cut run machine slowly slowly during the cut it is a hard design adjusting the metal strip for the cutting after cutting with this machine some part will remove from the garrender machine now we are cutting the strip in half U shaped half U will cut in first time run the machine very slowly during the cutting now we removing its final a little remaining surface by the garrender machine for S design you need 4 marble strip we wil make more heavy design than this paper polishing finally it is ready please like this video all strip are the ready mark the strip with number The fourth number is the top strip and the first is the bottom strip you can use this design in skirting and column if i will have time then i will make many more heavy design S design is ready now if you make this in italian marble then its cost will be 600 to 1000 rupees per sq.feet thanks friends for watching this video please like and subscribe to my channel

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