Rules for Rulers Reaction: A Case for Libertarian Socialism

Rules for Rulers Reaction: A Case for Libertarian Socialism

Do you want to rule? Do you see the problems in your country and know how to fix them? Hey guys, today we’re gonna explore the beautifully produced rules for rulers by CGP Grey which itself is an adaptation of the dictators handbook by Professor Bruce Bueno De Mesquita If you haven’t watched Rules for Rulers, know that I will be summarizing a summary? So I recommend watching Grey’s video in order to get the whole picture. In Grey’s video There are three basic rules laid out for a would be ruler, lest there reign meet a bloody and abrupt end While I don’t disagree that these rules have been followed for a reason and that history has proven repeatedly that it’s the most successful strategy I am here with some good news that may sound like bad news the world as we know it is going to end No, not catastrophically. But everything we take for granted will be turned upside down Maybe not this year But definitely this century Grey presents what he calls a valley of revolution which describes the turbulent fissure between the “only two” stable political systems This dichotomy is not unlike the trolley problem: where a trolley is on course to run over five people You can let that happen or you can pull a lever to turn the trolley and kill one person Except in this case You don’t have direct access to any levers and every possible combination is represented somewhere in the world So it’s like foot’s trolley meets Schrodinger’s cat The main difference between the two pills is one is based on non-renewable resources if the wealth of a nation is mostly dug out of the ground It’s a terrible place to live because a goldmine can run with dying slaves And the other is based on citizen productiveness the more productivity the better these two are the edges of this simple one-dimensional line segment Why do I frame it like that? By definition Non-renewable resources don’t last forever and eventually the cost of the resource (price or otherwise) exceeds the cost of switching to an alternative that’s been agreed upon what’s less discussed is how human labor itself is a resource that Likewise is going to be replaced watch Grey’s other video “Humans need not Apply” for more on humans are inventing our way out of jobs link in the description A Problem: We have so tightly tied our worth to our work that no matter what political ideology you subscribe to your idols are either promising you more jobs or more power to the workers We will deviate from this one-dimensional line segment and we’ll do it soon. In the system that’s fast approaching human labor will be no more a necessity than coal and oil Laziness, you just don’t want to work, huh? What’s the alternative? First of all, duh. I don’t want to be coerced into a lifetime of arbitrary tasks. Though I do love building things Constructing arguments teaching people learning from people and so on. Second of all, I don’t know what the alternative is But it’s coming one way or another and I can’t force myself to ignore the lever Now, you’re probably concerned with what the future I describe would mean for humans but not making any changes because the alternative seems imperfect is asinine a Note on imperfection: We as self preserving creatures have the habit of focusing on and exaggerating the bad We are in full earnest examining ideological imperfections So vigorously that we never get closer to perfection. We are philosophers cheating ourselves out of a good place Ok, this is ridiculous, um I’m just gonna choose Gray is the obvious choice, which is probably why I shouldn’t choose it Brown. Nope gray nope A claim the world is not ready for: having people work for the sake of work is philosophically indefensible from any paradigm Except one that presupposes human nature, but so far no one’s volunteered to debate me A unifying lever: Tell me if this sounds familiar People should live however they want so long as they don’t affect other people’s ability to live how they want. Smoke some plants, live off the grid, shoot some targets, marry or live with as many consenting adults of as many genders as you want Swing your fists round and round so long as it doesn’t hit my nose I won’t stop you and you won’t stop me when I was a kid I used to think I was a libertarian then I met a sort of gatekeeper who invited me to explore that further. You haven’t read enough Ayn Rand yet and James Buchanan would be way over your head. Well now I’ve looked into both and it turns out *uncomfortable pause due to conflicting feelings* A youngster “don’t tread on me” seemed so obviously correct, but growing up I had trouble justifying how badly Libertarians missed the mark on social issues that were essentially treading on others You would think that sharing a wider breadth of ideals would make the Libertarian Party the most Attractive to the most people. So why aren’t they championing social issues? Why don’t rule errs see as clearly as you are they stupid Grey’s video elegantly illustrates why any group with any amount of power (the libertarian party included) behaves the way it does He explains that in order to maintain power Every ruler needs to satisfy their keys to power lest they be replaced In the libertarians case individuals who are on the receiving end of social injustice are simply less relevant than say corporations Even if large in number they are irrelevant to gaining power. Hence, the loudest chant you hear is: Corporations are people don’t tax corporations don’t regulate corporations. They have rights Let’s talk about that for a second. If you told me “John stop pulling down your pants and shitting in my vegetable drawer” Could I retort “how dare you regulate me? You have no ethical basis” Obviously no. You aren’t treading on me by telling me not to shit in your vegetable drawer I’m treading on you by doing so. But through this example a very clear and present hypocrisy is highlighted; as viewed by the libertarian Response to us demanding that corporations stop destroying land and producing toxic waste Hypocrisies like this are present in every political ideology. Even yours. Don’t believe me? Make your own response video Anyway as I near my 30s My personal mantra “don’t tread on me” has changed to “don’t tread on anyone” as I’ve grown to see myself in everybody around me Is everybody gonna wake up tomorrow and feel the same way I do? No. Will human species eventually feel this way? Maybe! That cosmic experiment is underway as we speak Now back to the flaw of ruling Centralization the “only two” stable political systems in Gray’s video both have the same fundamental flaw: one or few people end up with a monopoly of power that they maintain by recursively paying off their keys (the people below them) The fact that democracies and dictatorships are similar is inescapable Look no further than the United States where we build roads and have schools Funded by the taxation of working citizens But also have low congressional approval ratings with high reelection rates and we allow drug companies to straight-up steal from us like in a dictatorship maybe a way to escape this simple one-dimensional line segment is to escape the centralization of power? When I say this your knee-jerk reaction regardless of political affiliation is to pejoratively assign me some Historically inaccurate label based on the propaganda you’ve been exposed to on your side some will say I’m just a “privatizing fiend who distrust central government” And… others will say I’m a commie I’m gonna tackle the “you’re a socialist and/or communist” reaction first Because I think that’s the position I would have taken when I was 23 and then I’ll follow up with the opposite here goes What’s wrong with socialism? Isn’t it good in theory? Well, John socialism never works. Just look at Venezuela Actually, if you watched Gray’s video and took even one geography class you’d know that Venezuela is full of gold oil natural gas diamonds iron ore need I continue? the problem you have with their economy is their dictatorship. Now because you hate Socialism and point to Venezuela. I’m gonna take a big ol leap and say that you’re a capitalist So what’s right with capitalism, isn’t it good theory? I’m glad you asked Unlike its alternatives capitalism doesn’t take a utopian view of economic organization It does not replace man’s choices with someone’s idea of perfection It permits choices that bring change and that allow for rejection of changes after experiencing outcomes It recognizes that all changes are not improvements and are not welcomed by everyone Differences are accommodated often easily. Okay. So what you’re saying is it’s Not Centralized. All right, other side of the aisle if you think capitalism is bad, let’s hear from you too Well, John capitalism never works Just look at the biggest players in the market right now The pharmaceutical companies Amazon the real moochers of America Drug companies are funded publicly yet they profit privately They’re funded through public university research grants subsidies and other incentives through your tax dollars Then you pay them again at the pharmacy not to mention The federal government was barred from negotiating cheaper prices for medicines by so-called free market advocates And Amazon They pay their employees so little that the government has to step in and provide welfare and they don’t pay taxes because they’re so big That they lobby and bribe their way out of them Not to mention a huge proportion of the value added by labor as taken by the company while crumbs are given back as wages Okay, so you’re saying they’re too centralized. Are you seeing a pattern? Centralization is becoming a thing of the past in the same tech world that’s so close to inventing our jobs away But of course the powers that be have been mobilized against that recently with the repeal of net neutrality But it’s not just Internet bandwidth that’s under attack. It’s also data which as an embedded systems engineer I can’t even pretend to understand so check out the video by Siraj called “Open Mined” that I linked below if that’s of interest and this is just recent tech stuff There are a plethora of examples of efforts against decentralization throughout history See we tend to agree that the major powers of the world rely on lying cheating sneaking around to maintain their position But this is going to be increasingly difficult for them. Maybe impossible as the Information Age matures Accountability will increase as more people participate And more people will participate with the boot taken off their neck. Here’s what we’ve observed Companies put profit over people and the government acts without morals If a company can cut costs and maintain a profit they do so to beat their competition the government acts in a very similar way Gray’s “Rules for Rulers” shows, in better clarity that I’m presently capable, how an Individual in a position of power gets there and stays there so it’s my job to show that by following the rules for rulers They either possess below-average compassion or they suppress their truth in unrighteousness in order to not lose their power to someone more ruthless I would need to make a whole separate video to support that but suffice it to say that I presuppose cooperation and trust To be things that are natural to humans and other creatures too even some lizards cooperate. Since I have not yet created such a video I recommend checking out “The Evolution of Trust” especially for those of you who like a little hands-on learning So yes, it is my presupposition that humans are trusting and want to work together. Call me an optimist I do get that We are predisposed to a vague sense of hierarchy but working towards less centralization and balancing The power structures won’t get rid of useful local pecking orders for better or worse My dog will always think he’s the leader of my household what we have now though cannot possibly ensure our collective survival In fact, it will directly contribute to our downfall if we continue to ignore the lever Call me a pessimist either way we have a choice to start actively trusting each other and work towards a less centralized power structure or continuing on our current trajectory But let’s at least make sure to understand the top level view before we start criticizing each other on low-level details Communities of people working together without large centralized or dynastic powers have existed in the past a lot But they tend to get pushed aside by more organized Centralized militaries. By pushed aside I mean literal genocide or at least cultural Many anarcho-syndicalist communes with their utter lack of charisma have been repressed by a king with a moistened scimitar we need to look at all the systems in the past that have collapsed and Explore why they’ve collapsed we don’t just need knowledge to be accessible It already is what we need is the thirst for knowledge to be ubiquitous If you are still struggling to picture a world where the powers are less centralized Then you aren’t paying enough attention to how people are already sharing things with the aid of Technology Rideshare with cars bikes and scooters Peer-to-peer lending crowdfunding home sharing co-working Blockchain the open source movement knowledge sharing this video itself And while you might complain that there are flaws in all of those systems I assert that it doesn’t have to be perfect A replacement system only has to be better than what we have now Indeed the trolley problem itself has already been weaponized against self-driving cars But that won’t stop them from eventually becoming a source of transportation Trust me Self-driving cars are very easy to make so the question I want you to take away is not “can we fix this?” But “how will I contribute?” because no matter what you tell yourself inaction is a decision for this runaway trolley and That concludes the video Like comment subscribe all of that if you do keep watching all you’re gonna see is the low-level bickering I was talking about so I Suggest you scroll to my description and follow some of the links like the CGP grey videos Rules for rulers and humans need not apply. Those are super relevant to this conversation. Anyway, bye. Bye Funny you should mention Amazon since they’re a Marketplace tons of sellers reach customers through them and tons of stores being put out of business because of them Well, then they should keep up with the times and sell online What about jobs are kids gonna put themselves through school By becoming online cashiers? Amazon is a testament to the inefficacy of supply-side Reaganomics Amazon provides Plenty of jobs and recently they were forced to give their workers raises so they had to cut back on insurance See what you caused by meddling? Wouldn’t be a problem with universal health care or ok Let’s raise wages more naturally and try federal jobs guarantee to give workers an alternative. How is that natural? You really think the government can be trusted it’s run by a bunch of Self-centered jerks who just want to take people’s hard-earned money. Replace the word government with corporate conglomerate and you’re making my point for me You don’t know what you’re talking about

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  1. This makes me want to look way more into the source material you reference, but we all know that's not going to happen with how lazy i am!

  2. The bickering at the end makes the point perfectly. No one can win. Change the playing field – the rules of the game – so that everyone wins or no one wins?

    Even after watching this, I am not sure what you are proposing. You laid out issues but gave virtually no solutions. What America has is not a democracy. It was not meant to be one. It was meant to be a non-centralized republic of states. It isn't that right now for obvious reasons.

  3. The only way to fix it is to break everything back down to the constitution and remove most of government.

  4. Not gonna lie usually youtuber created ads are trash but this was a decent and informative video. Thanks for the content!

  5. Great video… but I would seriously look into actual libertarian policies. I don't think you know it very well. Example on pollution. We are not saying don't regulate the person pooping in your vegetable tray. We are saying that regulation will work to protect them. Make it easy for an injured party to sue not only the Corp but the individuals making the call to do the damage.

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