Ruler Wrap – An Introduction

Hi I’m Annie with and
pattern’s ByAnnie and I’d like to tell you about our pattern Ruler Wrap. For way longer than I care to admit,
Cam and Penny the Dynamic Marketing duo behind Creative Grids rulers have
been asking me to design a ruler carrier. We all want to protect our expensive
rulers when we travel. Of course we also want to carry our
other supplies too, like mats and rotary cutters. But this ruler holder has to be easy
to carry. And wouldn’t it be nice if it would
keep us organized at home too. We’ve worked hard to incorporate all
those features and are excited to tell you about our pattern Ruler Wrap. The
Ruler Wrap pattern includes step by step instructions for carriers in two
sizes which are perfect for storing lots of rulers, a mat, and cutting
supplies in an easy to carry or access organizer. It is sure to become your favorite
storage system at home and on the go. The small Ruler Wrap measures 47
inches high and 27 inches wide when open. The large Ruler Wrap measures 68
inches high and 27 inches wide when open. It has all the same features as the
small ruler wrap plus room for even more pockets. A quilted pocket at the
bottom on the inside is designed to hold larger rulers and a cutting mat a
zippered quilted pocket on back is the perfect spot to store Rotary cutters. Keys a wallet and more made. With
fabric quilted to ByAnnie Soft and Stable. The Ruler Wrap provides padding and
protection for whatever you choose to carry. Quilted strips on each side of
the wrap. Provide stability and help protect
fragile ruler edges on the inside. A variety of zippered pockets can be
customized to safely store rulers or supplies in many shapes and sizes. These pockets are made of mesh and
finished with fabric bindings. The mesh provides great visibility a
bit of stretch and adds no weight or bulk to the project while the bindings
increase long term durability. The pattern is designed with pockets
to hold a standard set of rulers and supplies. I prefer to store each ruler in its
own pocket so that rulers don’t slide over each other and I can see what is
missing. When I pack things up. Of course you can customize the
pockets to suit your needs. The pattern and add on video will
help. At the top of the ruler wrap is a rod
casing into which you may insert a dowel or rod for hanging the organizer
from a door or on a wall. This makes it easy to store and access
all your rulers and supplies when you’re at home when you’re ready to go
to class. Just take down the organizer and
remove the rod. If you are carrying just rulers and
small supplies, fold all the pockets over and secure the straps pull any
excess strapping into the sliders on the closure strap and you’re good to
go. The carrier has an easy to grab handle
as well as an adjustable detachable padded carrying strap which can be
attached to the sliders on the closure straps the strap is adjustable for
wearing over the shoulder or cross body. You’ll love knowing that the carriers
are also designed to hold up to an 18 inch by 24 inch cutting mat. Insert the mat in the bottom pocket
securing the sides under the quilted side strips then fold the organizer
over and secure the straps. When you get to class remove the mat
and any rulers that you want to use. Then accordion fold the organizer so
that all the interior pockets are visible. Set the organizer to the side
of your workspace or slide it under the table for easy access to the rest
of the rulers during class. The Ruler Wrap pattern gives complete
step by step instructions for making both the small and the large carriers
from cutting and quilting to making all the components customizing the
pockets and assembling the organizers. You’ll love the checkboxes to help you
keep track of where you are in the process as well as the handy tags for
labeling all your pieces. There are dozens of helpful
illustrations in the pattern to guide you including cutting and marking
layouts. Be sure to check out our free
gathering supplies video too. It will give you helpful tips for
choosing fabrics and supplies for your ruler wrap. To help you with some of
the more unique aspects of this project. We’ve also filmed an add-on video for
the Ruler Wrap pattern. This helpful video tutorial will give
tips and show you how to choose fabrics and supplies for your wrap,
set up your workspace to deal with a project of this size, make best use of
fabric including tips for joining straps and bindings, customize and
make the zippered mesh and quilted pockets, attached the pockets to the
organizer, and finally how to attach the handle closure straps and hardware
to the body of the carrier. I am so pleased with these awesome
ruler organizer’s and know that I am going to love having them to carry my
mat, rulers, rotary cutters, and more when I go to classes. When I’m at
home, either size will hang perfectly on the back of my studio door
providing easy access to all my rulers and supplies. I know that you’ll enjoy making your
own ruler wrap and using it too. Ask for the Ruler Wrap pattern at your
local quilt shop or find it on our website. Thanks for watching this introduction
to the Ruler Wrap pattern. If you enjoyed it or know someone else
who’d enjoy making a Ruler Wrap please give us a thumbs up and leave comments
below and share the video with your friends across social media. Be sure to check out our other free
video for the Ruler Wrap too, which covers gathering supplies. And if you
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subscribe button below. That way you’ll know when we release
new videos. We can’t wait to see what you make. So be sure to share pictures of your
finished projects with us. Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, and
Instagram by using @patternsbyannie and for more information about the
fabrics we used in this video, please check out the credits at the end. Happy stitching. The fabrics used for this large Ruler
Wrap are from Tula Pink’s all stars and spirit animal collections from
Free Spirit Fabrics. I love Tula’s designs and her gorgeous
colors. Her fabrics always make me smile and I love that you can
coordinate fabrics from several lines together. These large and small Ruler Wraps were
made using Diving Board by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics. This beautiful set of Ruler Wraps is
made using Batik fabrics from the Morning Sunshine and Ocean Odyssey
collections from Island Batiks. It was really fun to audition mesh and
zippers to go with these wraps. The variety of colors in Batik fabrics
always open up lots of possibilities to personalize the projects.

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