Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k

Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k

There’s about 50 pounds going
at about 30 miles an hour. And what does it hit? The smallest thing. Yeah, I think we
actually clocked 34 miles an hour
on this one. Whoa! – That’s so cool.
– That’s amazing. ( theme music playing ) – Hello! I’m Gav!
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
the “Super Slow Show.” Today we’re up a hill with
Maddie and McKenzie Ziegler. What’s up? I was looking on YouTube
the other day, Maddie. And we have, at the time
of this recording, about 1.2 billion
views total. The “Chandelier” video has
1.6 billion on its own. One video that just
dwarfs our entire channel. You guys have more followers
than a lot of people, so… Yeah. Well, thank you very much. That’s 1.6 billion
from one video. – That’s just…
– That is nuts. Thank you. Today we’re doing something
just completely ridiculous. We’ve got these
rubber band balls. And we’re just gonna roll
them down this hill and cause some
carnage down there. We’ve got a selection of these
randomly scattered objects. I see some TVs,
I see a statue thing. Every item that we hit
can be one point. We should have a challenge. You two versus us two.
What do you think? – Us versus you.
– Yeah. Girls versus boys. All right, yeah. Well, you have to make
it about that, did you?
Okay, all right. Okay, let’s see
what we can hit. – So one per item, yeah?
– Yeah. Ladies first? Sure, sure. Go! – Okay.
– Oh! Gav: Oh, that one is
going way fast. That is hauling. Whoa! Ooh! Annihilated the chair! I think you actually
broke the chair. Dan: What’s that green thing
you annihilated there? Gav: Oh, it was
a paint balloon, Dan: It didn’t even pop. Dan:
It gets some real clearance. Gav: It looks like a really
dangerous cabbage. ( girls laugh ) Maddie:
Wow, right on the chair. Dan: Oh, yeah, then it
catapulted the purple… – Oh my God, the chair broke.
– Gav: That’s not purple.
It’s green. Yeah, you actually
knocked the cushion out. Wow. Make this one count. We’ll try. Go! That was a good… Oh, that was good! That’s pretty central. Oh! Dan: Oh, no! We knocked
the whole thing over! That’s what we wanted! Oh, it’s in the tree. They nailed about
10 points there. That is a lot of points.
I don’t know if you saw, the shelf just obliterated. We screamed so loud,
but that was really good. Dan: I was gonna try and
go for that, you know. That’s what we
wanted to go for. Gav:
Whoa. Big one. Dan: Look at the rotation. Maddie: That is crazy. Whoa! – That’s so cool.
– That’s amazing. It’s like, you know,
the strong man challenges. where they pick up
the big boulders. Yeah. Except this is like
a weak man challenge. ( laughs ) So… Good. Go one side… Oh, yeah, this is good.
This is strong. Go on, ball! Oh, is it the statue? ( gasps ) Whoa! Class! I think we made
a vase of paint do
a complete front flip. So wait.
What happened there? Gav: Wait, wait. Wait. Hang on. How’d it do that? Dan: Took all the energy
out of the ball and just swapped energy. That’s awesome. Dan: Did like a full
360 there. Maddie: Oh, it really did. Okay, here we go. Are you gonna go for a… Oh, it’s going right. Oh, it’s going right!
Go left! Go left! You hit that statue
right in the head and if deflected it away
from the shelf. It just fell over. That statue just
went like this. This was heading right
for the shelves. Boink! That was such a good header! Dan: Oh, we did knock
something off, look. ( girl gasps ) We hit something off
the top of the TV there. Round Two! – Well, all right.
– Now we’ve got a car. We have a car.
Bonus target. It’s one of the
art department’s, I think. In our last round,
we scored a total of four. – They got eight.
– Yeah. We are now at half.
You guys are up. Go! Okay. Good release. – Oh, crumb.
– Come on. – Harsh bounce.
– No! Dan: Come on, no, no,
no way. – Gav: Not the other shelf!
– No way! Oh, yes! Yes. The vase deflected
away from the… Gav: That shelf does not want
to get hit, does it? Remember, landing it in
the car is a million points. Yeah, you got to aim
for the car, right? Maybe go a
little this way. No, that was pathetic. That’s good.
No, that’s good. – Dan: Goodness gracious!
– Gav: That is really good. That’s straight
as an arrow. ( gasping ) Oh! – We got a window!
– Nailed it! How do they have
such good aim? That’s ridiculous! We broke the window! Gav: Not only did you
break a window,
you dented the door. Yes! So you got
the perfect bounce. Yeah. Annihilated the glass. That is crazy. It’s awesome. Window is 100 points
and the door is 50. So that’s 150 points. Gav: And apparently you hit
the GoPro right in the face. We do have an unwritten
rule that, if you destroy a GoPro,
it’s a million points. It’s a million points. 1,000,159 versus four. – We’ve got four?
– Yes. Oh! Without even looking,
a blind roll! Come on. Oh, that’s going for
the window, surely. Oh, come on, come on!
Land in the car! Oh! It’s the same door. – The TV!
– It hit the TV! ( laughs ) Gav: 50 for the door,
half a point for the TV. – Okay, okay, that works.
– Okay. – All right.
– Final attempt. Ah! Oh, no!
Oh, no! Look at the bounce! Oh, no! It just crushed something! Gav: This little vase down here
is just thinking “Why?” – “Why me?”
– Out of everything
you could have hit. Dan:
Oh, right on the top. Just squished it completely. It’s such a precise finale. There’s about 50 pounds
going about 30 miles an hour. And what does it hit? The smallest thing. Yeah. I think we actually
clocked 34 miles an hour
on this one. Well, ladies, you
absolutely annihilated us… – What was the final score?
– By millions of points. Yeah, it was literally
over a million points. I don’t even want to add
up the total points. Because we lost. Good job. Thank you very much
for coming… – Thank you for having us.
– Thank you for having us. …to the “Super Slow Show.”
We’ve got you some lab coats. So now you can be
Slow Mo people as well. Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– This is awesome. You don’t have to wear them. We will. But if you want to wear
them out shopping at supermarket, wherever,
it’s a good look. Yeah, I think so. People won’t look at you
like you’re weird or anything. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Yeah.
Thanks a lot for watching. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys. And we’ll see you in the next
episode of the Super Slow Show. Well, Dan, it’s begun. How often do we
usually upload? Once every three weeks? If that.
Once a month maybe. Why don’t we try 16 a month? So 16 times
as much work. Pretty much. Seems reasonable. Make sure you subscribe if
you don’t want to miss it. – That is a lot of work.
– That’s a lot of work.

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    Big up though to those girls for daring to appear on TV. They did a good job, weird as it is with them being in it.

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