Royal Recruits (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Royal Recruits (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Royal Recruits the new card from Clash Royale. I’m really excited about today’s tutorial because I will not only show you how I created the six Royal Recruits, but I will also show you some gameplay and there’s a reason for that. For a very long time I have tried to get to 4000 trophies and I failed every time. Now I am just one win away to go to 4000 trophies and I think this time I go differently. I share the gameplay, so I will play in a minute and I will invite you to watch and hopefully this will give me a lot of luck and I will get the win. But for now, let’s jump in. You have asked me a lot to create the Royal Recruits. I’m always going for Royal resc… I’m not sure what I’m going for, but you asked me a lot to create them, so I’m showing some of your comments and this is why I skipped the tutorial on the Inferno Tower. Of course, I will create it, but as there was a new card released I wanted to go with the new cards with the Royal Recruits. Here we go! Just creating the helmets and these are quite funny helmets, because the Royal Recruits are not able to see a thing. Well because we can only see their nose coming out of the tiny hole inside this wooden helmet. And to get this wooden texture I went with my scalpel to get a tiny texture on it and it looked nice in some former tutorials when I created a wood especially on the Clash Royale creations. I mixed two different kinds of brown together in order to get a nice texture, but for this time as these helmets are pretty thin I decided just to go with the scalpel cutting in order to get a nice wooden pattern. So, this is the metallic the metal outline or the metal rings outside of the wooden helmet and these are pretty simple to create just be sure to take a very very thin layer of silver clay. If you don’t have silver clay just go with regular grey, for example. This also works great. adding some more details to the silver rings and the helmets are almost finished. Now we can work on the top part of the helmets, because this is the place where the blue feathers will be attached or the red ones. Well, this depends on if you want to go with a red or a blue team. So now the helmets are almost finished. This is how I create the feathers. Just take three blue balls. One is slightly bigger and after rolling them out just on one half put them together and you have these nice decorating feathers. We need six of them, place them onto the plate and now this is the last move on the helmets. Well, it isn’t really a helmet is it? So, we are cutting a hole into the bucket for the nose and this guy has a pretty big nose. I’m using the same flesh color, but threw in some red in order to match the images I found from the Royal Recruits. And placing the big ball right in the middle and the head parts are finished. Of course, we have to create it six times to all the helmets. I could have gone with only one of them, but as I also created the whole Skeleton Army I thought it would be just fair to create six of the Royal Recruits. And I didn’t care that much about every detail, because when you have a group of six characters you don’t spend hours in creating them very detailed, because it is all about the overall look of the whole group and not of one of the individuals. I hope you get that. So I show you how to create the arms and fingers once and then I’m creating them 12 times. No, now I only have to create them ten times for the other recruits. Don’t forget to place the thumb. Right onto the hand and we can place it onto the plate and while working on all the other arm parts let’s play Clash Royale to get 4000 trophies. Okay, you wish me luck. Here we go. Clash Royale! Cards received. Thanks a lot. Jumping into the battle! OK Legendary Arena here we go. Good luck with your play, Michelle, Michelle. Ok, I’m going to distract the enemy. It should look like as if I’m going right, but instead I’m placing my balloon and the beds on the left side and hopefully I’m getting through with this. They have the zip to protect the balloon and hopefully it works! I hope so. Another hit for the balloon, please! Yes! I’m… The Goblins are too much. That was a mistake. I’m going with the P.E.K.K.A. to defend the tower from the Hog Rider. I hate Hog Rider. Oh, please, please! Well what should I go for? Maybe the Wizard to protect the Tower. This was a big mistake, but his left tower is also going down right now. I’m going on both sides right now. Not sure if this is a good plan. He knows that or she doesn’t let me see one is missing I thought that he is using this tower, as well. I go with the Bats for protection, same time he is spawning the Minions. That was a bad idea. Some distraction. Oh boy, this was really close! I can’t believe it! Always these difficult matches when I’m about to… NO!!! Okay back to the creation, back to what I can do. Yeah, so now it’s two wins until I get the 4000 trophies. Let me know if you want to see more gameplay on my channel. Just vote for it. Well, this was really close. Maybe this was a mistake that the P.E.K.K.A. at the end or it was a mistake to go on both sides. I’m not sure. Well… Let’s go for the shoes instead of the Royal Recruits and I created these very detailed and this was difficult as they were that tiny and because I had to create all of them. So first I’m going with the foot itself and after that you’re adding all the toes and the big toe, as well. Don’t forget a big one and it really should have double size of the normal toes, yeah. So, now placing all the other feet on the shoes. Are these shoes? Well they are, but they are called sandals, right? Yeah, I think so. I think I asked you that before. Yeah, and now the brown leather stripe which goes over the foot on both sides. Maybe the right one is a bit too thick. The left one is good, so be sure to make a very thin layer of this brown stripe. The legs also cannot be placed on top of the feet and now let’s go and create the wooden pieces of the weapons. And this is also a silver part we need later, but let’s first create the sharp top of the lance. The lances. Six of them. I think it would have looked really nice if let’s say three of the Recruits would have gotten swords instead of a lance. But well now they all have the same weapon. That’s just fair for all of them. This will be the protection shield and I’m also creating wooden pattern using my knife for that. And it has the shape of… Well, what’s the shape called? I don’t know, but there is somehow an arrow at the bottom part, yeah, I think so and the silver outline which is supposed to be metal, but we are using the silver clay, of course. So now the weapons are also finished. These arrows, there are tiny tiny arrows in one of the shields and also in two of the buckets of the helmets, so I wanted to create them as well and now we can put everything into the oven. Freshly baked body parts of the Recruits! And all the assembling may take a while, because there are a lot of pieces. Somehow it felt like like playing with Lego. So removing all the parts from the plate and we start with the first one and some super glue. Let’s give him a head first. As you can see or smell. And we are placing the feathers on top of the helmet and next would be the arms. I created different postures of the arms and to create different postures of the Recruits. For this one I decided just… Well, it’s almost a bit boring. He’s just holding the shield in front of him and the lance is coming in his right hand and I almost forgot to show this part. This is the male coat, male shirt he is wearing. And I decided to go with the pen and I painted all these details, because it would have been too much of work to use clay for this male skirt shirt. Now also placing all and assembling all the other recruits, as well. First the top of the lance and now we go with the details. We have to attach some of the arrows and place them onto the shield and to helmets as well. Before the tutorial is over, next week there will be two tutorials. I’m really excited about Fortnite, of course, but also a new game I’m creating on my channel. Always curious which creation should be next the week after next week. Let me know and please participate in the poll. Assembling the last guy and sticking the arrow into his hand. And I guess finally that’s it, the Royal Recruits! Guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of the six Royal Recruits. Let me know what you think. Write it down in the comments and please don’t forget to participate in the poll what I should create next. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Have a great weekend and take care. Bye! How is it even possible to see you with the thing on the head? Wait! Oh yeah, much better!

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  1. Just recently sub'd to the channel and have been binge-watching every one of your videos while working through my own design work. The level of creativity you command with these creations is just incredible, very inspiring to say the least. Keep up all the amazing work!!

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