Royal Ghost (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Royal Ghost (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Royal Ghost from Clash Royale. In the introduction video from Clash Royale the Royal Ghost is woken up and very angry about that, because he wants to sleep all the time. He’s woken up by the Hog Rider. Now this circumstance is pretty funny as I am very tired right now, as well, while recording. I did not get very much sleep last night. So prepare for a full episode of nonsense I am talking. I highly recommend to mute this video and to listen to your own music. Let’s talk about the creation for a minute. You’ve seen in the thumbnail and also on the intro that I created the sleepy Royal Ghost with his teddy bear. I thought this would be pretty funny. As he is woken up he’s very pissed and his sword and also his teddy bear were right next to him in his bed. Well actually in the video I think he’s sleeping in a chair his throne. This guy should really play a role in Game of Thrones. While creating it I really reminded me of what is he called the witch, no wait, the Night King. He looked a bit like that. Especially after creating the beard. By the way, we are slicing some white clay for the hair and I’m using also the same technique for the beard for the big bashy beard of the Royal Ghost. Cutting his hair and later also his beard was pretty satisfying. I really felt like a barber. Here we go. Let’s now create a tiny stand for the head and we will finally create his beard. This is the beard I’m looking forward to have one day. Maybe when I’m old. I suppose he grew this beard for at least 20 years. I got my my beard. You’ve seen that in the intro, for 3 months I think. I have to look it up in one of my tutorials, maybe. And it’s like 2 centimeters which is about 1 inch I guess. Yeah, another haircutting still pretty satisfying and let’s put this head into the oven! Freshly baked head of the Royal Ghost! The reason why I just baked the head is pretty easy. I wanted to save the creation that I don’t destroy any details. I did the same on the tutorial yesterday on the Miner. Now I’m creating the torso and while preparing some silver for his armor and we will also prepare his other clothing, as well I want to tell you the real story about the Royal Ghost, because Supercell isn’t telling much. There’s this text above the card, which says: ‘He drifts invisibly through the Arena until he is startled by an enemy… then he attacks! Then he’s invisible again! Zzzz.’ Yeah, this is the text Supercell wrote about the Royal Ghost, but I want to give you some more details and information, some background story. This is the real story and you’re getting this exclusive on my channel and it is approved by myself, so prepare! Long time ago the Royal Ghost, well he was always the Royal Ghost was a small child! And he lived with his father the king of a big kingdom! And one day his father came to him. His name was Luke and he said: ‘Luke, I am your father! But you know that I’m not living forever. I will die pretty soon. You have to become the king! So our little boy Luke became the king of a big Kingdom and this was hundreds of years ago, and it was pretty frightening. I mean just imagine you’re getting the king of the kingdom and you are not prepared for that, so our little boy Luke just had his friend, his teddy bear and with slow steps he walked towards his throne and started to rule his kingdom. And yeah, he did that with a smile and with his teddy bear and his sword to rule the kingdom. And after many many years he had lived on the throne, he ate on the throne he got married on the throne. He also died… He became a ghost because well nobody was there to rule the kingdom. It was his task to take care of that even after death. This is why he became a ghost in the first place. And he was so tired, because he worked pretty hard all these years and the people respected him a lot, so nobody dared to wake him up. Till this one day. It was Saturday. The Hog Rider was fighting on the battlefield and well you just know the noise the Hog Rider is making. No, I’m not doing that. And finally the Royal Ghost woke up and well he had a teddy bear and the sword and his crown, of course we currently created and now we are creating the stand. So the Royal Ghost had to go upstairs to the battlefield and teach the Hog Rider a lesson because he had no respect and that’s all. This is the story how the Royal Ghost became the Royal Ghost and why he is so pissed. Because he had a difficult childhood. I warned you I would just tell nonsense in this tutorial. But let’s talk about the creation just for a second before putting it into the oven. I used some new clay for this tutorial. It’s called translucent clay and it gets a bit transparent in the oven. Freshly baked Royal Ghost! You see this translucent clay on the sword I’m currently assembling and on the Royal Ghost itself the head and everything which is skin. And I really love the transparent effect. I’ll include some links in the description if you want to buy this translucent clay as well. OK I guess finally… …that’s it! The Royal Ghost! Guys, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Merry Christmas to you all. If you want to see another tutorial, well there’s another legendary card I’ve recently created. It’s the Mega Knight and also the Night Witch so check these videos out if you like the Royal Ghost. I guess that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching! Merry Christmas! Hope to see you next time. Bye! I wanna share my teddy bear.

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  1. You are creating clash royale tutorials. You can make any other troop simmillar but just red like enemy

  2. it was a green king and died and put gold and a throne at his grave and some wizzards did a experetment nad hog rider woke him up and the royal ghost haunt the stadium

  3. Hi,ClayClaim!!have a nice day.Can you please make Thanos from Avengers:Infinty War,Thank you.:)sorry for the grammar.:))

  4. Very super it is real or lye story of luke please tell cc you are play clash royale you got royal ghost

  5. i think you could have put some wool or anything around the royal ghost to make it more mysterious as if its invisible
    teddy bear is really cute with it
    and 6:11 i thought you are doing it, i got physched

  6. The true story is that the royal ghost was actually the blue king he was the best in his own Arena but one day you got to careless and got killed by a red Prince

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