Rosemary bonsai – first potting and style

Rosemary bonsai – first potting and style

I’ve always wanted a rosemary bonsai. I was
lucky enough to come across some material which I could use and in this episode
I’m going to put it in a pot and give it its first styling. One of my inspirations
for wanting a rosemary bonsai is inspired by Anzac Day which is an
Australian and New Zealand Remembrance Day for all Armed Service people past
and present. A tradition is to wear a sprig of rosemary to the ser…the
services and I believe the tradition started as the ANZAC day is based on
the landing at Gallipoli and at Gallipoli early rosemary grew in abundance on the
peninsula and I think that’s how that tradition came to be. So ever every
ANZAC Day I think I loved to have a a rosemary bonsai. I’ll make it a bit of a
tradition to do a bit of maybe some trimming on ANZAC day so I could use the sprigs to wear when my family and I attend remembrance days. So I’ve got this
came across this material. It’s dug out of the ground. It’s already..I don’t know
the age of the tree but it’s you can see that the tips it’s starting to to grow
quite quickly… well recently anyway. It’s starting to get it’s
lovely woody texture. There’s no shortage of inspirational photos on Instagram and
Pinterest of some fantastic looking rosemary bonsai so. Um, I think first
thing is I’ll pull peel around the base to see what actually what the root
system, the nebari looks like and then maybe think about a rough style and
picking up front. We’ve got some…it was in a garden by the looks of it judging by the
big bits of pine bark. Some interesting soft fleshy roots. I’m not actually as
sure they come from the rosemary. Came out quite easy. I don’t think that’s
these must have been from a neighbouring plant. They’re just…they’re all just coming
out loose without any effort at all. Hmm no much to this one at all. It would
appear this plant has spent its life at an angle like that. I wonder if I could use that? Maybe
cut all these…maybe cut all these guys off. Anyway I think I’m like start cutting
some of this higher growth down just so I can see it a bit better. I love the
smell of working on rosemary. Such an amazing herb. It’s just a continuous lean. Anyway I got some pots. Got two ones. I’ve got this neat little little round one I quite
like that I picked up but they haven’t had a use for. I’m thinking it might be a bit
more suited then… Always just plant it see what happens. Must have been…all the branches are
tapered this..towards the camera they must be all chasing the sunlight must
have been where it was planted. I’ve looked at it. I think I’m going to
eliminate these four branches here and keep all the growth going up. Well I got, I got multiple angles now. I think we’ve got a few
options for a front now. Oooh I think that’s the good one, that’s the
moneymaker there Yeah I think I’ll take these off here and just have them all
popping up maybe do a canopy later on. yeah I think… I think I’ll just plant it…. something like that and see how it
develops and what grow outwards. So I’ve stuck the tree in the pot with a screen.
For this side just because the pot’s small I figured I’d just used one
hundred percent sharp aquarium gravel. Just to give it a bit of weight so it
doesn’t blow over or anything. I have left some of the the roots
exposed at the top. I’m hoping that they will take and form some nice nebari
there but, but yeah. This is the rosemary for now. Those cut marks I’ll have to
I’ll prune up a bit later but yeah… Yeah. I think that’s pretty neat for a starter.
I so made one teensy the adjustment I thought I’d cover the roots up with just
some just some moss I pinched from another plant just to help protect them so see how that
goes I’m definitely looking forward to seeing
this plant evolve will grow because one of the benefits of using a herb as a
bonsai is there’s some culinary permanent benefits so this is all the
stuff that came off just the original printing so some of it looks good some
of it’s a bit mangy where it’s got bugs and insects and being into it but still something usable something to eat. If
you’ve got your own herb bonsai I’d love to hear about it leave me a comment. If
we’re meeting for the first time subscribe. If you like this video I
appreciate a like and until the next video thank you for watching I’ll see
you then!

8 thoughts on “Rosemary bonsai – first potting and style

  1. Ive got a rosemary. They are great. I started mine from a cutting. They fill out quite nicely if you keep trimming them back.

  2. In the Victorian language of flowers Rosemary is for remembrance.

    We planted a rosemary bush on top of my daughter's placenta in memory of the birth at my father's house. 10 years later and it's a massive, healthy rosemary bush w an quirky backstory : )


  3. This tree was begging to become a Raft Bonsai before you cut the 4 upwards branches away. But it looks like you may get a very nice slant, single branch never the the less 👍I would love to a see how you go with this tree! Looking forward to a revisit down the track.

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