Roper Painting Tutorial

Roper Painting Tutorial

Hi folks today, I’m going to show you how to paint up this stone lure from Reaper miniatures It’s the bones line from the bones for you might also know it as a Roper if you play D&D, alright? So I started off painting the inside of the mouth with nargoth Knight I wanted this really deep purple For the base and I haven’t glued the mini together because that allowed me to get into this interior bit a lot easier so I’m just going to paint this whole thing with the base coat of that dark purple and I’ll also do the in other inside of the mouth so there you can see and now I’m going through with evil sons scarlet and I’m just dry brushing to get those like mouthy bit gum stuff Painted up and I will actually in just a second ups of brightness so that you can see it a little bit better yeah, just do it using a very small dry brush and working this red into the interior here Because this isn’t going to be super visible. I’m not worried about doing a whole ton of layers This is more for you know, if you’re getting down in close looking at the miniature Alright, so there you can see I’ve painted also the inside and I dry brushed it with red a little sloppy on the teeth there And now I’m going to use ashen gray To base in the entire thing I’m using this kind of medium grey just as the base and I’ll go back through and do a wash to bring out the cracks and crevices and then a dry brush and you will notice in the background the Tentacles have been based in I painted these at the same time as I did the body But just kind of for editing purposes I’m going to show you all of the body and then all the tentacle but easily You can do these steps in between each other so that your dry time takes less time Alright, so there you have the painted up All based in both sides, and I’m still haven’t glued these together quite yet now I’m going to go in with Nolan oil And do a very quick wash over this. I only did one layer of this wash. I didn’t want those crevices to get too dark if you wanted more a Less of a dark contrast you could also use a dark brown wash If you want more of a dirt effect muddy looking thing But I figured a deep down in a dark cave maybe not so much mud, but just rocks and stones So there you can see it and I’m gonna let this dry Plenty of time to really let this dry before going in and doing any dry brush Because you don’t want to Have wet paint when you’re dry brushing. All right, so that’s dried this actually dried overnight So I’m painting the teeth with Kerik stone just to do a base coat I wanted these to stand out a little bit more from the rest of The miniature to give them a little bit of teeth look, but still have it kind of in that stone dirt bit because you know until he reveals himself the roper just looks like a stalagmite Okay, so now I’m going to dry brush with pallid witch flesh over the teeth just bringing out a little bit of Dimension to the teeth. I also did do a after I let the dry brush completely dry I did go in and do a very light wash with known oil to deepen up the teeth. I did not remember to film that But it’s the same process that I used with doing The wash on the rest of the roper, okay? So now I have glued the pieces together because I was done with the teeth and I’m going back through with storm vermin fur and Just hitting up the tops of these smaller smoother rocks. I wanted to give a little bit of Differentiation between the main body of the Roper and kind of these these piles of rocks that probably formed up around it Maybe it moved them they air to help disguise itself. I don’t know and Just because these had a little bit of a different texture than the rest of it I thought it would be a good way to just make them pop just a little bit an ever so slightly different gray So I’ve gone through and painted all of those and now I’m gonna come in and dry brush. This is with care act’s stone So bringing some of that teeth color back in teeth color that was a bit difficult to say and I’m focusing a lot of this dry brush on kind of the facial features of This thing so the eyebrows Kind of the bits under the eyes and around the mouth but I do go through and dry brush the entire thing and you will notice you know, it’s just very if you’ve never done a dry brush before you get a little bit of paint on your brush white most of it off and Then it’s a very quick back and forth motion over What you’re doing, so just kind of the high points get the paint and it’s a slow build up you could do multiple layers of dry brush and Often times you’ll see I slowed it down a little bit. I pulled down with the dry brush. So that ensures that the Lighter color paint is getting hitting those tops kind of Where the light would be hitting it naturally as well as where dust might be settling So there you can see the dry brush Alright, so that’s completely dry. And now I’m going back through with a second dry brush. This is in pallid which flesh and again, I’m focusing on the facial features and then just going back through and hitting just a Few bits here and there where I kind of wanted like these stones to pop out a little bit more the very tips tops of the rocky peaks Just to bring a little bit more dimension dry brushing is a really easy Technique that you can use and a whole bunch of different Styles, but especially for stone it works really well All right, so now we’ll move on to painting the tentacles now I based in the tentacles with nargoth night I wanted that really deep purple bringing in the color in the mouth I thought about doing maybe like a green color, but I didn’t want them to look like vines. I wanted them to have More of a flesh-colored look, but I decided to go with kind of a purple leading into pink Just to give it that look of this isn’t quite normal Fleshy looking thing fleshy looking thing. Ah words are coming to me. Well today Just to give it a little bit of that like creep factor of like purple undertones. That’s not something you see every day Once that base coat is completely dry I’m going back through with a mixture of nargoth night and scream or pink and this has been watered down Quite a bit. It’s probably about 1 to 1 watered down paint to water and With this I’m showing you a really good way that you can slowly layer up colors So now I’m going through with just watered down screamer pink and I’ll keep building up these layers slowly transitioning from that deep purple up to a fairly light pink Now you could wet blend but I decided to do this light layering look Especially with the amount of tentacles it was it it does take quite a bit of time trying between layers But I was able to go back and forth and paint the rest of the mini as well as just kind of paint a little Bit walk away painting a little bit walk away. So now I’m going back through with a layer of screamer pink and horror pink one – one watered-down Actually, I think this mixture was about 2 to 1 as far as the screamer – pink horror Slowly transitioning and just painting pulling this up And doing all six of these tentacles and you can see as it dries down. It’s a lot less vivid Once it’s dried. So again, I’m going through with a second coat of the screamer pink and pink horror Just kind of slowly getting this transition built up It does it can be a little intimidating when you first paint it on and then look at it and go. Oh my god It’s so bright, but that’s why you water the paint down it dries down quite a bit darker and One thing you might want to do if your little husband is to try especially if you’ve got a wet palette Mix it up paint it on like a scrap piece of sprue or something. Let it dry And then that will give you an a good idea if it’s color you want and now I’m going through with just watered-down pink horror So that gives me that Final bit at the very end That nice transition and I tried to keep each layer kind of the same amount between each transition just To have kind of a bit of a consistent ombre effect. All right So now I did notice that after it dried. There was a little bit more of a clear line between two of the colors, so I went back in and I added a little bit of screamer pink into that pink horror and I’m just ever so carefully painting this on between the layers and You know, I could have just painted a stripe around but that would have been a little bit more obvious. So kind of doing this Broken up effect is going to blend them much better in one last little bit of the screamer pink I just wanted the very very ends to be much brighter With these tentacles here I actually did not glue them in until I was Completely done because I found it was in some ways easier to be able to remove them, especially Getting in around them in and painting the body so there you can see that whole transition and the last step is I’m going back through with screen or pink and painting these Section cup, I guess not suction cup these little nubs on the base of These tentacles final step is eyes I decided to do green So I’m painting in warp stone glue as the base for the eyes you could do a yellow blue you could do pink or red I liked the Transition and liked the idea of seeing two green glowing eyes in the distance Or maybe not so much in the distance, but right behind you right and to bring a little bit more depth I’m going back in with Moot green and just kind of painting these circles So giving a little bit of depth a little dimension to the eyes And there you have it the finished painted miniature and I hope that you found this video helpful a lot of dry brushing techniques as well as this Layering effect and you could use this layering effect for a lot of different things for clothing Any kind of ombre effect you want to do? Transitioning or just using it as a highlighting where you can really build up those layers To transition those colors. Let me know if you’ve painted up the roper or a similar mini and what techniques you used as well as what colors you used and if you have Pictures of it make sure to tag us on social media because I’d love to see if especially if you use this tutorial How you do and what changes you make a big? Thanks to our patrons Especially RV if you want to support our channel You can head over to our patreon page and check out the perks of being a patron if you enjoyed the video I hope you liked it and share it with somebody who maybe picked up that bones for Miniature and is looking for some tips. Ok. We’ll see you next time on roll for initiative. Bye

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I only buy these figures for fun, never played a game but the figures are a lot of enjoyment!

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