100 thoughts on “Ron Perlman Talks President Donald Trump Speech Patterns | AM Joy | MSNBC

  1. America has gone from the intelligent speeches and conversations that Obama gave to a mumbling 1st grade dropout. How is that possible?.

  2. What disturbs me is that they are supporting the idea that Trump won the presidency legitimately. With the help of the Russians and the criminal GOP he was INSTALLED. His "average guy" language only turned on the Press who gave him constant coverage. To most Americans Trump was appalling. And just some facts folks. Hillary won the popular vote by an astounding 3 million. Due to cross-sectional voter purging of minorities (who usually vote DEM) 7 million votes were lost. Voter ID laws rejected 300,000 Wisconsin citizens (he only won that state by 27,000), Just in Detroit (most DEM and POC) 86,000 people waited hours to vote and mysteriously the vote for president was missing even though they voted Blue down the line (and he only won that state by 10,000 votes). These stats go on and on. HE. DID. NOT. WIN. Hillary Clinton won by a landslide if you count all the votes that were purged, denied, glitched off the ballot and hacked. It will happen again if we don't stop it. And Mitch McConnell stands in the way of the Senate even voting on protecting the integrity of our voting process. This is what the media should be talking about, NOT Trump's asinine ways of talking.

  3. Oh and this is one of these left-wing liberals as far as the actor here I won't even mention his name. I used to like him but now I know his politics and his support for the death of millions and millions of innocent babies and his dislike against Donald Trump a president who wants to bring Christ back in schools and back into every place in the United States. Then these demons along with this fake News host Joy can all go Dance with the Devil when they leave this earth. Just pure evil is all they are.

  4. He is 73 with a family history of Alzheimer's. His Multimillionaire father, he built NYC City Housing Complexes, after a 6 year battle with it, it eventually develops into total dementia, passed away from it in 1999. Track down videos of him from 15 to 20 years ago, compare them to him now, it's pretty obvious that his brain is crashing. He grew up in Queens NYC, and would jump on the subway and hang out in Times Square – 42st. when it was "Street Walker" hooker's and drug dealers 24/7. He was pulled out of public school at 13 after his father found a collection of switchblades hidden in his bedroom.

  5. They had short pants 20,000 years ago?  I thought we all wore animals skins and leavest  So, bike shorts, then?  Postal uniform shorts?  Bermudas?  OKAY!

  6. If that's all you can find on Donald Trump it says more about you then it does Trump. And if you're a trump hater nothing he says will satisfy you he can say that he ended World Hunger and you'll still find something wrong with that

  7. trump talks to say to say nothing , sure trump knows bad people HIMSELF . trump embarrassed the country around the world , stop sending the MF abroad , enough is enough . The Buffon is past being laughable. We might as well send Baron to represent us abroad . Keep the MISTAKE in the WH to watch Fox all day long .

  8. We have the unfortunate problem of meandering the shoals of bad grammar, poor speech, and attention
    deficit disorder. He is borderline capable.

  9. I feel sorry for these haters. Pearlman is hard to look at, the other loser has a permanent frown and joy…what a fake. it was like a freak show.

  10. I don’t care what or how he say things, I care what he gets done for the Country.
    But, some people rather get a beautiful speaker for eight years and get nothing done. Keep believing in polls idiots…

  11. Oh yeah, what we need are racist, drunken hypocrites, war mongers and criminals who enslave Americans, turn their back on Americans murdered by immigrant gangs and law enforcement. Kamala Harris is one of the most evil, racist, phony persons on earth – yet Joy and the other puppets of the left want to push this evil Jezebel into the White House.

  12. "….if you are a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN…." duh, isn't that the only kind there is? I know some Republicans and some in the media THINK there are MODERATE Republicans, but folks like Susan Collins and the media who go along with this charade are idiots to believe there is such a thing.

  13. -Trump: "The crowd, they heard me and cheered. Huge crowd, you wouldn't believe it. They lined up for hours. "
    -Adviser: "Erm…Trump, you're in front of a Popeye's."

  14. This is news???! Jesus faking Christ. No wonder the mainstream media is tanking. I feel life I'm watching Entertainment Tonight

  15. It is my opinion that Trump is not here to be a president, but is here to shatter the mold of the old; the smooth slow spiral towards destruction represented by Clinton, old money, greed and Wall Street. He is here to break things.

    Whether or not Trump wins in 2020 is irrelevant because by the time he is through his stint of disruption the civilized world will have to recalilbrate our actions and desires and therein lies the possibility of change for the better.

    This empty clown suit of a president has a war in him and it is going to be hellish enough to make even his believers admit that something has to change because as a species we will not survive if we don't change. The current mold is badly broken. Read the first sentence again….

    I firmly believe he is where he is solely to be a catalyst of change, radical change. Yes, he is dangerous. Yes, a lot of us are going to die because of him but it is going to take whatever mold-shattering insanity he comes up with to force the species to change from the old ways and the old guard.

  16. Where is Snookie and her boy toys, this is reality tv at this point. Who cares what actors think about politics, I don't think hellboy thinks people care that much of what he has to say about him, but he does a little bit and it's stupid.👹😂

  17. President Trump may not sound that elegant when speaking and tweeting from time to time, but does show it in his action's, by continuing to do every thing he said he would do for his country, and his fellow American's, but yet, all the left-wing democrats want to do, is, to keep riding and ridiculing him, and cry racism, which needless to say, they've been doing from day 1, instead of supporting their president of their country, if any thing, doing it, just to have a more peaceful, less stressful short life, vs. having a less peaceful, more stressful short life…

  18. Astounding- an actor can nail “Trumpism” in 30 seconds flat. It’s a sign of the insane nature of our political system.

  19. pMSNBC aka just another propaganda wing of the DNC providing "news" to the groupthink low info voters of America who lap it up….Stay dumb dim-o-crappers!

  20. Trump has some sort of mental health issue, certainly. When he first took office, he wanted to see "the button," the nuclear bombs button. It wouldn't be at all surprising to me if he got us into a war. Seems to me by his behavior and threats that he's just itching to show his full power. He's too dangerous, globally, to be a President.

  21. sad to say even tho your all in denial you all live around trump, there hasn't been one day in which no one talks about him and lots of people hates him so much that I think if he god forbid were to pass away the whole country would be in pain

  22. not everybody is the same we are all different , and who is anyone to say what's acceptable or not on anyone you seem to forget that the president is just a man at least he's being himself is more than you can say about all the president that are fakes liers, it is a un going judging call

  23. pathetic how MSM lowers the bar so much that they have to resort to insults and bully tactics…ron is a washed up has been actor

  24. Trump's speaking 'style' isn't linguistically 'oral', I don't think. Judging by the way he's always sort of stream of consciousness when he talks, just shows a lack of focus. I really think, besides being a raging narcissist, he would probably also score high on the ADHD scale.

  25. Donald Trump. The finest president the United States has ever had. He will run again and he will reign at least one more time.

  26. Yeah, I grew up with these people in Kansas. Intelligence makes people feel self-judgemental and they fear and hate it. They don't necessarily want someone "like themselves" but they just don't want to feel dumb, so they accuse other people of calling them that. Hence the creation of the very useful control term "elite". It delves into people's deepest fear– What I call the Primary Fear: That they won't be loved for being who they are and will be rejected from the social construct.

  27. Talking about his speech patterns while kids are being locked in cages…way to go MSNBC hard hitting journalism right there.

  28. Why am I seeing this in my feed. Lots and lots of things I have never watched. Lots of left socialist agent being pushed in me. WTH!!??

  29. When Joy asked the question, Perlman just slipped right into Trump character and it wasn’t until right after Perlman asked Macrons first name that she realized he WAS in character 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Brilliant!!!

  30. When people say they like Donald Trump because he speaks like they do, you know you're dealing with a moron. And if everything they talk about constantly comes back to how great they are, you're dealing with a moronic narcissist.

  31. Apparently you don't have to speak correctly to get voted President and be a billionaire. Syntax is meaningless. And who is the dude with the horse face.

  32. In Donald Trump "I lived in California, you know California is warm… nice people, nice weather…. the taco is good, it is very good.. blag blah blah"

  33. Have you watched "Idiocracy", the movie? This is it… in real life, unfortunately 🙁
    As a European and a Portuguese, I got to say, the great American People are loosing so much. I hope you get back on track, the whole world needs that to happen.

  34. Yes, yes he is so stupid MSNBC that's why he is the President and you two fools work for a bias news outlet! You should be ashamed you talk about your president this way.

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