Romantikus doboz sokféle technikával // Romantic style box

Romantikus doboz sokféle technikával // Romantic style box

First, give the surface of the box a coat of primer Then finely sand it over Paint the inside of the box with brown lasur gel Paint the outside with a light base colour (but not white!) then after drying sand it back a little Use decoupage varnish and glue to secure the rice paper pattern Paint a background around the pattern with a mixed palette of acrylic paint in the colours of the rice paper After drying, sand it back slightly, too Then, by using a stencil thinly apply a light colour on the box… Continue to decorate with another stencil, using two pastel colours You can also add a pattern to the side of the box, this time, use dark acrylic paint Paint the back of the rice paper with light (but not white!) acrylic paint then cut out the pattern Attach it to the side of the box with decoupage varnish and glue After drying shade the edges of the pattern with bitumen liquid patina Afterwards, transfer the pattern to the surface using transfer solution. Attention! The image should be mirrored and printed with a laser printer. Paint the sides of the box blotchy with a mixture of the colours used before Shade the edges with mixed dark colours using a sponge brush Treat the box with water-based matte varnish.

14 thoughts on “Romantikus doboz sokféle technikával // Romantic style box

  1. maravilloso de todo mi gusto. maria elena . en un video argentino vi algo parecido el pegamento para transferir se llama translit. yo no se nada pero estoy aprendiendo con los videos. viña del mar. chile

  2. Прекрасная работа! Я получила огромное удовольствие от просмотра видео. Спасибо мастеру!!!

  3. This is the first opportunity I have had to view this video and I love the products and the work. I am trying to find these products in the US but having challenges.  Also, I have one question…I really love the stencils used.  Are these Pentart products?  Where can I find them

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