Rollova! The World’s First Digital Rolling Ruler

Rollova! The World’s First Digital Rolling Ruler

The need to measure will always be there, from straight lines to curves compound surfaces and everything in between That’s why we created rollova, the world’s first compact digital rolling ruler We are introducing a new way to measure By removing the complexities of a traditional ruler, the rollova is compact and simple to use Just press and hold the button on the back then roll It across a surface It creates and saves accurate measurements you can count on in the unit of your choice Whether you’re a designer or a tech lover Rollova is for everyone, the rolling ruler is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle Rollover comes with a genuine leather case that fits onto your keychain in a second embrace this winning combination of high quality materials, precision machines stainless steel frame and a stunning minimalistic design Rollova provides measuring capabilities in a range of Units using a revolutionary user interface By supporting this campaign you can join us and make this epitome of convenience a reality We are ready to change the future With you by our side

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