What the heck are we creating with this time? Let me show you. So as you guys have heard 100 times my goal and art is to make children’s books and as I shift my focus and start to work more towards that I thought it would be really fun to create a video where I warm up my brain and kind of exercise writing or just being silly having fun with it. So that is why I’ve picked up these.
These are writing prompt dice. But instead of numbers they have images that prompt you to write something related to the image. They’re just really silly and cute and now I’m really excited to start creating something and writing some little short stories or some poems and drawing an illustration with them. So with that let’s roll… Get it. Let’s… let’s like… start. Like dice roll… I’m sorry.
(No she isn’t.) But first thank you to the sponsor of this video Skillshare. As I pursue my dream of both writing and illustrating books I’ve realized I need creative help and skill share is just that. Whether you want to try a creative hobby, pursue a career, or learn a new skill, this is the perfect place. Reading books is great and all for inspiration but I found this really amazing class on Skillshare by Daniel older. It’s called ‘Storytelling 101: Character, Conflict, Context and Craft.’ and I was super into it. He has a very energetic way of teaching and I found myself writing over a page of notes on how to write better. He was mesmerizing and I learned a lot. Skill share is super affordable at less than $10 a month. You could not only master a new skill but also support a passion creator like ourselves. Sign up for a two month free trial by following the link in the description. Thanks so much to skill share! You guys are probably bored of hearing me talk but really quick I wanted to show you what supplies I’m going to be using for these stories. Like I mentioned, I have these story cubes which are writing prompt die. And as you can see instead of numbers they have cute little pictures on them. I just love them. I think they’re so cute. We have a score, which is a sportsy sort of die set. We have prehistoria, which is dinosaurs and stuff like that. And we have clues which is like mystery and detective and murderer-y stuff. So for our stories, I’m going to be combining all of these dice together and see what we can come up with. I am super excited to try these. I mean they are just dice. You roll them. That’s all there is to it. But I think they’re gonna be fun. And to illustrate our stories I found this really cool moleskin notebook. This is called the ‘Two-go notebook” and it says “For both of me”, which is a very strange subtitle, but I had to get the sap green because you guys know I love Sap Green. So you open up the book and it’s really cool. This is what I was drawn to with this book. It’s got a blank page on one side so that you can- I mean you can do whatever you want with it, but I’m going to draw a picture on one side and the other side has ruled pages so I can write our story. So I thought that was perfect and super cool for this project. So I’m excited about that. And to illustrate and write our stories I’m going to be using friction pens. These are so colorful and when I saw them I had to get them. I was actually sent this black one over a year ago by Holly brown. She is a fellow art youtuber. And I thought the idea of an erasable pen was really interesting and useful for this sort of project. As you can see it looks just like a regular pen, but at the top it’s got this plastic eraser that erases the pen by using friction and not so much whatever technology regular erasers use… by falling apart and… You know, I don’t know how erasers work. Anyways, this is what we’re going to be using. Okay. What do you guys say we get to rolling some dice and creating some stories? So for each story, I’m going to roll each die set and see what lands into the circle. We’ve got our red die. All right. We’ve got a trophy. For our purple die… It looks like we’ve got, ooh, a blood splatter. And for our green… the closest to the circle is a flying pterodactyl. Alright, let’s just jump right into it. I already have a little bit of an idea so I’m actually super excited. We have got to start over. I swiped my hand and it’s smeared the ink before it was dry. Okay, let’s get into it. I’m feeling… I’m feeling better. I just need to remember to have fun and don’t worry about perfection. We’re just here to create fun little drawings. Because we’ve got so many dinosaur themed dice I have an idea right away of what I wanted to draw. So we have our trophy in our dinosaur and we have a splatter that I’m pretty sure was supposed to be blood but, being me, I’m not going to make that blood. I’m going to make that another sort of splatter. But hey. If you want to leave a guess as to what sort of splatter I’m going to draw you can leave a comment and then I will reveal the story to you. That might be fun. You can’t see it. Oh my gosh, it’s so light and bright. Oh my gosh. Any guesses as to what I am about to draw in this trophy? Here we go. If you guessed bird poop, you are correct! Now I know the flying dinosaur isn’t a bird and it’s poop probably didn’t look like bird poop. But uh, it is what it is. Maybe I should draw some clouds. I don’t know how drawing clouds will make it more clear that the dinosaur is far away and not super tiny… Okay, let’s stop adding detail before I regret it. Okay. We need to make up our little poem or short story about our lady. So let’s brainstorm really quick. You guys this is going to be so stupid. Okay. Are you ready for our poem? Okay mm-hmm. Suggesting that that P stands for both pterodactyl and Poo. “The P and pterodactyl is silent but the crowd for Sue was loud
the beasts flew by
and in the blink of an eye a gasp was heard from the crowd.” I said I was going to write short stories. Is this technically a short story? I don’t know, but it’s silly and fun. So I’m excited to see what we create next. Next story. For our second story we’ve got… Closest to the circle is a whistle. Closest to the circle is an exploding volcano. And… Ooh. That is… What is that? We’ve got a happy person and an angry person…? Oh, is that like…. Maybe for… What is it? Kickball? When you’re choosing people and one person is going to be last you don’t be the last person? Is that what that is? No, wait, this isn’t a sports one. This is the mystery one. So this is a lineup of people who might be in trouble like with the police. Anyway, these are our three dice for this story. So… Because these are prompts I’m not going to follow these exactly to a tee. I’m not going to follow that the fact that they are in a lineup. I’m just going to follow that we have two people in the story. How does that sound? Great? Good! And I was thinking maybe there were two people in an argument and the way they settled this back in my day, this time… whatever era this is. They… made people stand at the top of the volcano and the last person standing Aka the last person that isn’t dead Gets to win the argument. Okay, and there are two people that are going to be standing at the volcano, but the thing is is that they died a long time ago. So… Oh, that is quite a neck. Oh my goodness gracious. Have I ever seen a skeleton before? Maybe not. Maybe not. What if there was a dinosaur… that was the referee?
Because who else is going to be able to get to the top of that volcano without burning and dying? I think as I use this pen it eventually starts to flow a lot better and the head of this dinosaur is way darker than the neck. Don’t make fun of him. It’s a skin condition. How dare you! Maybe adding some blue spots here and there will distract from the different color head. Oh no. Okay, let’s come up with a goofy story for these two. Okay. This one is really silly and there’s not a whole lot since that’s made but that’s fine. We are writing fiction. We’re just being silly. “What’s 6 times 2?
Ned and Fred had an argument. They couldn’t stop the shouting. Fred hit Ned stone and caused a dent. So they went to the elder to solve it.
The only solution was a waiting game On top the volcano’s peak. Whoever was the last one standing Wouldn’t be 6 feet deep.” So the joke here is that they both died on top of the volcano because they didn’t have good solutions back in the day. Alright. Next story. And our next story… Closest to the circle is… oh man. I am NOT a sports person. What is that just a team versus team? It’s like two people versus two people. I don’t know what’s happening. And for our green dice… Ooh. A fossil. And for purple… OOoooh. We’ve got poison. That’ll be fun. So these are our three dice for this story. I mean this could be a pizza with people’s heads as pepperoni if we wanted to stretch the truth. Okay. For this one, to be honest, I don’t have an idea but feel like drawing something. Sometimes you just have to wing it. So that’s exactly I’m doing. I’m just gonna wing it. Okay. So I don’t- I don’t know what it is about little objects like bottles, but I feel like that little poisonous bottle on the dice was just so cute and I just really want to draw some poison. Okay, we have a spilled bottle of stuff but where to go from there… So I know that this is a fossil. It’s supposed to represent not a snail, but I’m taking inspiration from the swirly shell and I’m drawing a snail. Oh no. But where does the team situation come from? Hmm. Uh oh. There’s obviously some rivalry. I guess it could be rivalry not in the sense that there’s teams we could do something else. Maybe this snail is… Are snails enemies with anything? I don’t even know. I seem to have backed myself into a creative corner here. But that’s the most fun thing about art is that you’re solving a puzzle and trying to figure out what might work. So let’s just keep thinking. This room has a strict Team, no snails. There you go. You guys we tied it in. All of the chemicals inside are very… They’re very salty. So we have a picture of salt and now the snail is going to die. Oh, this is creepy. It’s like a human with a snail head. They are against all snails and they created this salty… concoction. Lured in the snail. And now the snail is dying. Oh my gosh. I just realized I’m using the wrong pen.
[Inhale] I had this on the side of my desk and I just picked it up and started using it and now I can’t erase it. Uh-oh. Hope I didn’t want to erase anything because I was using a non erasable pen. Oh my gosh. So this is a simple and silly one. So, let’s see what sort of Poem-y short story we’re gonna come up with. Okay. Are you ready to hear the story of Doug the slug? “Everyone thought Doug was sad his eyes were always red. The reason why he’d cried so much will keep you up in bed. Doug was such a hateful man. His tears were made with purpose. Collecting them into a jar their saltiness was murderous.” Woohoohooo. Doug kills snails. What a butt hole. Okay, next story. Okay rolling for our fourth story… We’ve caught a goalie. Ohh. A cave man. Oh A safe. Okay. That’s what we a minute. So we’ve got our- That’s not a goalie. That’s a referee. Wow. I am NOT a sports person. We’ve got our referee, our caveman, and a safe. All right. All right, so I’m probably going to stretch the… prompt on this one just a little bit. Instead of using safe as in the picture shows like a safe with money I’m going to use safe as in safe as in you’re out. So I’m going to have some biggest ball set up over here. So because we are dealing with a lot of prehistoric dice and sports I thought it would be silly if we have a dinosaur that is so big he is able to stretch across all of the base and so we’ll have a referee who maybe isn’t so happy with the dinosaur cheating. Oh my gosh. This guy’s arm is so long. It looks like an alien. Oh my gosh. Look, I never claimed to be good at drawing things straight away with pen and I’ve always been the kind of artist that just needs a little bit of sketching time to make their art look good. So… This is what we get. I don’t know why I drew this so close to the bottom of… Wow. Because where else is the rest of this illustration going to go? Let’s see… You know what I need to stop doing? I need to stop drawing full background illustrations and just focusing on a silly character design and talking about the character. I’m going to add some color because this one just I’m so sad and plain. I’ve never been that great at ink drawings when it comes to fasting drawings because my style is just so simple. I feel like it leaves the doodle looking very inadequate and kind of sad. I completely forgot that one of the prompts was like a caveman with a spear. So I just put a spear being held by someone back there. Oh jeez. He’s like,
“I’m here to kill the dinosaur if you want me to!” I… spelled dinosaur with a ‘B’. Binosaur. Thankfully we are using erasable pens. Oh my goodness. “Unwritten rule.
Who brought the dinosaur on field. He’s cheating again! What’s the deal? Get him out.
We’ll become his meal!
The cave kids argued. This is unreal.
And when they were not looking the dinosaur took the steal.” ‘Cause get it? He’s… he’s stealing third base… Or… I- I don’t know base ball. Rolling for our fifth story. We’ve got… What is that? I think that’s a person sweating. Like their face… maybe…? Next for our green dice we’ve got… waves… with a Sun? Is that dinosaur? I’m confused. Are tho- Is it like a desert? Maybe that’s a desert. You know what? Artist’s interpretation. We’ve got files! Okay, next up. We’ve got our waves or I’m going to call it a sandy sort of… what’s it called? A desert. It’s a desert. So that’s what I’m going with. Alright this caveman is… What kind of hair do caveman have? Let’s just give him really sad balding spiky hair. Cute except not. So I really don’t have a story. I’m just kind of winging this drawing and I don’t… I don’t know what’s happening. I’m just winging it. Sometimes you just have to wing it! So we’re winging it. Okay, so we’ve got our caveman… He’s holding a shovel. Wow, that is a spiky shovel. Well, you know shovel technology has really developed over the years. Also his butt’s sticking out his clothes ’cause his clothes aren’t big enough. What!? That’s crazy. It’s his fellow… employee, Bob. He hates, Bob. So he buried Bob in the desert. for some reason. Maybe we will find out in the poem, who knows. Our files are also buried but they’re not naked. So our dice has a sun and we also need to make sure we have our our sand dunes in the background… or waves. Who-Who am I to say what this is.
They could be on an island and there’s oceans in the background. Many- Many oceans. I’m giving them red cheeks and a red head because it’s really hot outside and they’re getting sunburned and Bob’s boss is bald. So now the top of his head is getting sunburned. It’s making him more angry. All right. I’m calling this one “The New Guy.” It’s kind of got a in anti-joke feel to it. Let’s read it. “Bob messed up. His boss was furious.
He expected to be fired.
But now he was curious. Where were they going? He couldn’t be serious.
He dug his own grave. Goodbye, Bob Poor Bob, maybe he will learn to do better… Well, I was gonna say his next job, but he’s dead now. All right. Let’s go to our next story. All right, rolling for our sixth and final story. Oh no! So off-camera, we’ve got someone tripping somebody, A bug, and finally we’ve got… a calculator…? So we’ve got someone tripping somebody, a bug, and a Calculator? No, or is it like a code like the code to a safe? Maybe that’s it. Like a PIN number. Maybe it’s a PIN number like like a credit card. You know what it could be anything I want it to be. Let’s see what we create. Okay, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. We have a bug someone tripping and a PIN number. What is even… what is even happening here? Okay, let’s just see if we can’t. Let’s just see if we can’t. All right start off with an ear. A very large ear. Okay, we’ve got someone upset. I think they are going to be tripping, obviously. Okay, so their arms are going forward because they want to catch themselves. You know what? This is actually the first one where we don’t have to make a cave man or a dinosaur. So, let’s see if we can’t… do that. I’m changing this pin number situation to be a calculator because… You can’t tell me what to do. I am going to go ahead and change the pin number prompt to actually be a calculator just because… because I want to. Okay, so to tie in our dragonfly I need to add some flowers and to be honest, the dragonfly isn’t really gonna make too much of an appearance, I don’t think. Okay. So the gist of this illustration is I don’t know what the heck is going on. e have a girl who’s carrying a calculator, who is tripping over a vine, and… there are… dragonflies flying around her? What’s happening? Who knows? Maybe our little story can help. I simply call this one “Distracted.” “Claire loved mathematics, but she hated ticks numbers addition arithmetic gross a bug. Getaway! Distracted by her calculator.
Wait, what was that flutter? How did she get here? Better look where you’re-” Get it? Because she loves math and she can’t get her eyes away from the calculator. So she just kind of wanders around and then ends up in a forest and and then she trips. It’s a goof. All right, so that is it for our silly goofy warm-up illustrations and poems. I hope you guys enjoy these silly dice doodles. I think these are really good just to get the juices flowing and practice short stories and just thinking like a writer instead of just an illustrator. Sometimes you just have to make bad art and have fun with it. All right guys, thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget if you want to get your two-month free school share trial, click the link in the description. Thanks for watching and Stay Golden. Bye! [Music]

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    * Note: I say graphite but it can be graphite, ink, pigment/binder/filler ratio, fill in the blank etc."…..

    (More technical)
    Erasers work in 2 basic ways
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    2) The interacting properties of the paper, graphite + eraser on based on their makeup (Chemistry)
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    Example: invisible ink vs normal marker ink…invisible ink typically is light, heat or Ph reactive…..

    In this case of the Fixion pens the eraser uses friction to begin to remove the ink as the eraser moves back and forth it creates heat (energy) + the ink of the pens is heat reactive in this case it causes the ink to "disappear" ….

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    Children's books don't require strict iambic pentameter or anything like that, but it really helps if you can read the poem with an easy flow, without having to speed up or stretch words out, if you're making things rhyme. Let's take the last one you wrote, for Claire the accountant. I'll give you an example of how I would approach the text for the image. It's not perfect and I'm not saying it's better — only that it's more comfortably spoken, as most children's books tend to be read aloud.

    Simple as pie or super complex,
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