ROBOT vs MONSTER with ROCK’EM SOCK’EM! (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Cardboard & Clay

ROBOT vs MONSTER with ROCK’EM SOCK’EM! (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Cardboard & Clay

Hey guys since the legendary fight between the Monster and the Robot in Fortnite I was so curious if it would be possible to create a DIY Rock’em Sock’em with these two amazing characters. It’s been a while since we created both of them the Monster and the Robot and we need a lot of different materials for this video, for this project, but before let’s have a briefly summarized verison of the monster tutorial because there’s a secret included I didn’t show you while creating. First there is the brown clay color we coated the aluminum wire of the skeleton. Then Polar Peak cut in half with… No, not the right tool. Yeah with the Saw of Death. It was quite funny to create the backpack of the monster by using the real Polar Peak I created and then this is the secret while creating the head I secretly included a magnet in the head because I wanted the head to to drop off easily when it gets a hit and well because I hit the Rock’em and Sock’em thing this idea is in my head since then. And now let’s get back to the creation of our machine of our game we are creating. We need a lot of cardboard. It was a bit difficult to figure out a good way to start. I have never owned this game, but I was fascinated by it whenever I have seen it. I wanted to create two boxes the same size so that I could place both characters the Monster and the Robot on top. So, let’s see how to create both of the boxes. It’s quite easy by using the hot glue gun. Right now, it’s my favorite tool of choice when working with cardboard, especially when working with cardboard. Ok, that looks nice, so now let’s, oops! Let’s close this box as well. Nearly the same and we take the robot and we start working on him. This is the sword you remember that one I really use the statue from the Neo Tilted the map I created because I wanted it to be as authentic as possible and we even added some more wool for the electric fog effect on the sword. Okay, now let’s start working on the mechanism. These are just some wooden sticks. You can buy them in any hardwood store or get them in ice cream packages, for example. I also wanted to briefly summarize how we created the Robot in the case you haven’t seen the video. I will link it, of course. Basically, it’s just coating the aluminum wire, the skeleton with clay this model well, the robot was quite difficult because it contains many many different colors and I also included a secret while creating the robot. You will see that in a minute. We’re adding the jet-packs and then we are removing some clay and I used the pliers to cut the wire for the arms, so that the arms get movable. I think I haven’t showed you that in the video. Then we created the head, of course. The huge teddy bear and the arms are still movable and we can coat them. We have the crocodile and also the robot arm and then we drill a hole back to the Rock’em and Sock’em creation to make the mechanism work. I’m really really excited and curious if it works out the way I think it will hopefully work out. Okay. So, in theory it works, now let’s also remove the other arm and also drill a tiny hole for some wire. And we can stick a tiny wooden plank to it as well for the mechanism the wooden stick. It also looks nice especially with the sword it looks amazing and we can now stick it to the creation. Look at that! Looks like a real puppet from a puppet show or something like that. Now let’s get back to the cardboard box and we try to get tiny holes. Up to this point I have no idea how the mechanism will work, but we will figure out a nice way. So, this video contains a lot of clay, of course this video is well not really sponsored, but I wanted to show you something. This is the starter set. You have seen that before. You can get it on and we have been working hard to make some new products. You just click on all products and you see the advanced sculpting set. You get a lot of clay, you get all my tools you get even the transparent polish and the liquid clay. Check it out. We have just 30 of these boxes prepared, so we are just basically trying out if you are interested in these kind of boxes. Check out the advanced set maybe something for Christmas. These are the bigger ice cream sticks I am using. These will be the buttons where you later while playing you can smash your fingers on. Some chopsticks, which are always quite helpful. You should always have some chopsticks in your home when creating and doing DIY stuff and hopefully this works with the straw and the hot glue gun. Now, let’s shorten this a little bit. Looks nice. Yeah, that was unnecessary. But sometimes well, well these videos are also for my amusement while creating. I sometimes come up with silly ideas like drilling holes in cardboard, Don’t do that at home, please. Okay, right now, I’m not really confident if… No, look at that! It works! We just leave it a little bit of the hot glue gun, to glue the robot onto the cardboard. That was a little bit too much. Look at that! It really works! Now I’m confident enough to start working on the Monster. OK. Another hole. Yeah, I decided to just go with one arm because it’s way longer and if I would have given the Monster two movable arms, that would have been a too huge advantage over the Robot and I wanted it to be fair while playing in the game. So I thought the Monster has a really really long arm, but just one is moving, but that’s okay. Now, another hole for the ice cream stick and… The same mechanism as we did before. Hopefully it works. Just gluing the last piece and look at that! That feels satisfying to smash this button. Now they can both work. No, not work. Fight. Yeah, somehow fighting is working in a way when you’re a soldier, for example. What I’m working on right now are the dividers, so they will just go in between both of them and we will glue it into huge box, a box like this. An old E-bay box I’ve got. I am not really sure what I bought back then. And we will remove these side parts as well and then we can use some hot glue gun to make it more stable. I think this is a good structure for the whole set of our game. This is the divider and we will glue it right in the middle, so that both characters are not able to touch each other underneath the cardboard. That would’ve make it a little bit too difficult. for all the mechanisms and then we take some yellow cardboard, because this is the color from the game You can just google it if you don’t know how it looks like well or I just Google it for you and here you can see it right now. Yeah, you have probably noticed it there is something different in this video. It’s the sound! You don’t only see what I am doing the different working steps, but you can actually hear them. Oh yeah. Well, it’s not the huge difference in editing the video and the footage I am recording. I thought it would be just about time to change a little bit some different parts and you can let me know if you like that to hear all the sounds. Somehow like an AR. So for me, it’s not much work of getting the sound in, just let me know if you like that or not. I think we should glue some cardboard right there at the end so that both of the character boxes are not able to move too far. And then we can start painting. I take some acrylic paint. It’s yellow, of course for the main set and for the character boxes we will also bring in some different colors. You’ve seen in the original version of the game Rock’em and Sock’em there is blue and you have blue and red team. I thought for the robot it would be nice to paint some parts pink and for the monster some parts bright blue because these are the colors which are appearing in the creation. We need the chopsticks again. Well, these are different ones. Sorry Stef for taking your chopsticks, but you can see that I really needed them. And then we are mixing the colours, the acrylic paint I told you before we make the buttons pink and this is bright blue for the monster. It’s the same blue. You can see on polar peak. It’s the ice, icy blue version oops painted the table. Well, now you know where the color comes from when you see all the color on my desk. Now these are Stef’s chopsticks. Thank you again and we will glue them one into each corner. I think there’s just one thing missing to have a perfect boxing ring and these are the lines. Wan place the characters in position and then we will wrap around. It’s starting to rain you can hear that. We should probably also glue the ropes for the sticks. This is the last one. I’m so excited if it really works if we can can play with it. Now I need someone to play with me Andy. Yeah! I hope you enjoyed this version of Rock’em and Sock’em the classic game with the Monster and the Robot from the legendary fight in Fortnite. It’s quite difficult to play alone. Please let me know which version of the Rock’em and Sock’em I should create next and write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Bye. Bye! As nobody is listening to this anyway four seconds into the video I used the Clash Royale sound from pancakes the Mini Pekka in Reverse.

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