Robot Origami: Robot self-folds, walks, and completes tasks

Robot Origami: Robot self-folds, walks, and completes tasks

We have designed and built an origami robot that gets up and goes. In other words, the robot forms itself, on the spot, accomplishes tasks and then it disappears by degradation. The robot self-assembles using a folding process that is triggered by heating. After this the robot can run along designated trajectories, it can carry objects, it can clear obstacles and it can swim. It can execute a variety of tasks and when these tasks are done the robot can recycle itself by dissolving its body into a liquid. This is the first robotic device that completes a full life-cycle from birth to its death. Typical robots consists of electronic devices. Our robot is made based on controllable materials; this is the biggest difference. The robots body has embedded in it a small magnet. This allows us to control the robot by programming a magnetic field. In other words, the robot has external, programmable actuation. Currently the robot is controlled remotely by a person. We’d like to advance this robot and make it more intelligent. Such that it can make decisions by itself. Origami inspired robot designs have the potential to be faster, cheaper, and easier to fabricate than robots created using traditional manufacturing processes. It is easier for such a system to be used closer to humans such as in the human body. For example you could regard this robot as a controllable drug capsule or a surgical tool which can be removed after its used in the body. You can imagine ingesting these robots and then controlling where they travel in the body. Once they arrive at the correct location they could form themselves into active instruments that can actually manipulate and help through the healing processes. For the short-term we see these robots as potentially extremely useful in inspection tasks because they are small and they can travel through very intricate and small narrow pipelines that are difficult to inspect with today’s technology.

100 thoughts on “Robot Origami: Robot self-folds, walks, and completes tasks

  1. Now it gets creepy. Imagine an army of these boys to assemble complex Black Tasks giant shape shipfter robots…

  2. NOW That's some scary shit. image AI building this 100 times bigger and stronger. to protect itself from third party menace

  3. WTF!!! This is disgusting!!! Yeah I can't wait 2 ingest some fucking robots!! U ppl are sick & will be the end of our species!!

  4. seeing this origami folding itself i feel like an axe builder from '800 who just discovered someone invented chainsaws


    Ooops, I mean, Can I have one, please?
    (I'm using my inside voice now!)

  6. it was a continuously turned on and off of a magnetic filed causing vibration and changes in direction they called it the external remote, i would consider it a real robot if they some how successfully fit in the so called remote and program it to produce magnetic fields that tern itself on and off according to the program.
    i am not an expert of robotics, i may be wrong. that's i am saying because i do not want to offend any one.

  7. Hi there, I work for a magazine company, we would like to use this video for our Facebook page, we will credit you. Would this be possible?

  8. Why are there so many haters? I noticed some people in the academic world are so insecure. Get over it, losers. A lot of you thought you'd be inventors but failed. So stop hating on those that made it. This video is amazing. Let me see you do 1% of what they did.

  9. finally, terminator won't be looking so scary…., just pee on it, and they died. Thanks MIT You make the world less scary.

  10. Jesus can you guys stop making shit thay terrorist get hard to? Make something useful. Like Playstation with a multi-cd changer. So I don't have to get up to change my games.

  11. Next time you see a magnet in water on your desk, you know it was some mit brat who sneaked in with his foil bot and tried to destroy evidence Haha!

  12. Nano technology is being used in human experiments. They are testing it out on unsuspecting human beings. Just look up Targeted Individuals and Dr Robert Duncan.

  13. Romanian and Asian Intelligence put together can make the future technology greater and greater. I'm very proud… I'm crying :)))

  14. Needs VERY strict regulations, i can see a highly dangerous future application of this that could run out of control by misuse for military/intelligence uses, very, very quickly… scary really.

  15. how did this get in my recommendation? not complaining but stark should have made ultron with this material so the avengers couldve just sprayed it with water wicked witch of the west style lol

  16. @1.32 … Wait … What? U make the robot to make its own decisions? … Fuck bro if it does decide the worth of humans then mankind's finished boi ….

  17. Gotta give it to the Americans. They really know how to talk something up. Had me going for a while though I must admit. Haha. A twisted up bit of paper and metal being dragged around by a magnet. God give me strength.

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