Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — Ipanema Walking Tour (Narrated)【4K】🇧🇷

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — Ipanema Walking Tour (Narrated)【4K】🇧🇷

Welcome to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 This beautiful song is called ‘Chega de Saudade’ It was composed by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes and is considered the first Bossa-Nova song Ricardo Haubrick is the name of
this great street’s performer 🎵 Today we walk through the heart of
the beautiful Ipanema neighborhood Before continue, be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
New virtual walking tours every week in 4K 😉 This Square it’s called Nossa Senhora da Paz it’s located halfway between the beach of
Ipanema and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon In Brazil, something as simple as visiting
an itinerant fruit market is a great experience The fair travels the city, every day in a different place In this open air fair, Brazilian farmers offer
top quality organic products at low prices Here, everything is very intense: from vendors to
the fragrances of the most exotic fruits As every Friday, the fair is installed in the
Nossa Senhora da Paz Square in Ipanema The streets of Rio smell like alcohol 🍺 although it is not due to good drinking Carioca’s culture
but thousands of vehicles run on Ethanol 😅 Today is a cloudy day, but very humid and warm: 89.6 °F We are walking along the Visconde de Pirajá street
One of the busiest and most vibrant of Ipanema This little store sells a popular snack called ‘salgado’ One of the best features of Brazilian cuisine
is the wide variety of snacks Some ‘salgadinhos’ worth trying are: Empadinha: a meat, chicken, cheese, vegetables
or fruits stuffed inside a fried coating of bread Coxinha: mix of shredded chicken and soft spices, topped with dough and cassava flour and then fried Pão de queijo: baked balls of tapioca flour and cheese. Crispy outside and their interior is soft Queijo coalho: strips of fried cheese that
can then be put oregano or garlic Pastel de Bacalhau: salt cod fritter, possibly the most common and most served Salgado This traveling fair is located in these places: Monday: Ipanema (Laguna) and Copacabana, Posto Tuesday: Ipanema, Praça General Osorio Wednesday: Copacabana, Rua Domingos Ferreira Thursday: Rua Belfort Roxo near Praça Lido Friday: Ipanema, Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz Sundays: Copacabana, Rua Décio Vilares
and in Leblon, Posto 11 They usually use an awning to protect
the merchandise of the tropical sun and rain Amazon rivers has a huge variety of fish. Most popular are: Peacock Bass, Arowana, Redtail Catfish and Piraiba Thanks to the weather, Brazil offers a
unusual variety of excelent seasonal products Unusual fruits are transported daily from the Amazon region to the rest of the country and the world We are walking along the Visconde de Pirajá street.
One of the busiest and most vibrant of Ipanema Sellers offer to try everything you
wish without compromise Fruits can be purchased by weight or by unit It is worth buying some fresh fruits and enjoying
them on the beach or in a park Here, even the taste of classic fruits like strawberries, bananas or oranges is totally different 30% of the planet’s biodiversity is found in Brazil You’ll find many exotic products here at
a very low price, sold directly by farmers Some exotic fruits we will find here are: Açaí (pronounced a-sa-ee): of all the Amazon’s fruits,
the açaí is perhaps the best known fruit Açai was traditionally used by indigenous as a
source of energy and also as a cooking sauce It’s usually served as a sweet, gloopy, frozen sorbet, sometimes topped with granola and slices of banana Another fruit is the cherimoya: slightly sour sweet taste reminiscent of a mixture of pineapple and banana Mangosteen: sweet and sour taste small fruit Rambutão: sweet taste and something acidic
It is a fruit covered with hair, very primitive aspect Pitahaya, a round fruit of red, white or
yellow pulp and small black seeds Physalis is a round sweet and sour fruit
orange skin, resembling a cherry tomato Some exclusive fruits of the Amazon are: Pitahaya, cocona, pacay, camu camu among many others We are walking along the Rua Barão da Torre Brazil is the size of a continent, and many of its
states are larger than entire European countries In fact, all the 27 countries of the European Union
fit inside this country twice Brazil it’s also bigger than United States If you enjoy this video, please be sure to
share it on your social media 😉 There are more Brazil’s walking tours on the channel
and tons of other cities around the world too! There are more than 1000 varieties of bananas in Brazil
but only half of them are edible 🍌 Breakfast, known as café da manhã (morning coffee)
is the most practical meal of the day in Brazil The most important drink is coffee is usually enjoyed
as a pingado (strong with a dash of milk) Brazil is responsible for a third of all coffee,
making it by far the world’s largest producer This street is called Rua Joana Angélica This is the Nossa Senhora de Paz metro station belonging to Line 4, ended 2016 Connect Barra da Tijuca with Ipanema and pass under São Conrado and La Rocinha The Rio metro carries 780 thousand passengers
a day and approximately 280 million a year It consists of 41 stations and 2 lines
along 57 kms of extension Do you know Brazil? Leave a comment with
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  1. Até dá vontade de visitar mas o medo de ser assaltado ou coisa pior fala mais alto, Abraços de Lisboa


  2. It's a huge street market!🤩 Lots of stuff and lots of people, so it's very lively!😊 Thank you for the detailed information!😉👍

  3. The video turned out so fast because it is very good. I should do more in other cities in Brazil like Ceará which is in my opinion the most beautiful city in Brazil.

  4. So much diversity and humanity doing nothing to protect it….
    Coffe was introduced in Brazil by the Portugueses making it the biggest world producer of this beverage originally from Africa.
    Excellent video.

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  6. Thanks for the great video, even more interesting thanks to the subtitles with which you explain everything … Unfortunately I don't know Brazil, your videos let me know places unknown to me. Every week I wait for your new video … thanks… thanks and greetings from Rome 😍

  7. Cara, já vi vários videos nesse canal, mas quando chega no Brasil, logo na abertura tem galera discutindo religião na maior altura bem na esquina! There's no other land like Brasil!

  8. Gracias por el gran video, y aún más interesante gracias a la traducción que explica todo. Desafortunadamente, no conozco Brasil, tus videos me permiten conocer lugares desconocidos para mí. Cada semana espero tu nuevo video .. Gracias … Gracias y saludos desde Murcia España ❤🌷🌷

  9. Rio’s neighborhoods are very charming, and the Portuguese pavement is unique to the Lusophone world. 🇵🇹🇧🇷

  10. O Socialismo destrui o Brasil!uma pena,gente descutindo religião idolatria to fora!na minha epoca o Brasil era Brasil hojê é geração nutela😂😅

  11. Go to Rio and you will be robbed or killed by thieves and other criminals. Brazilian justice is one of the biggest corrupt in the world, and the judges set free the bad guys so easily that you won’t believe…..

  12. Ah. Se eu tivesse uma casa no Rio, voltava agora. Estou mais de 10 fora do Rio e não existe povo melhor.Que o Rio encontro a paz!

  13. Infelizmente, não é a realidade que aparece no vídeo.
    A feira, da sexta-feira , na Praça N.Sra. Paz, deixa um cheio HORROROSO, depois que termina, apesar de "limparem". Só quem mora é que sabe.
    Moro em Ipanema há 37 anos e a cada dia está mais abandonada. Ruas com o calçamento cheio de buracos (tem sempre alguém se machucando, principalmente os idosos), muiiito sujas, cheias de mendigos, dia e noite, assaltos a qualquer hora, cachorros aos montes (tem mais cachorros do que gente) e as ruas , principalmente as internas cheiram ( e no calor é pior) a cocô e xixi de cachorro.
    IPANEMA já foi um excelente bairro

  14. Continuando….pagamos IPTU altíssimo. As praias são cheias de pombos ( ratos de asa) e tomada por ambulantes, que alugam umas cadeiras imundas, que ficam na favela, com ratos urinando nas cadeiras à noite. Não consigo entender, como alguém aluga…que nojo! Antigamente, a areia era branquinha, limpinha…agora é só sujeira. Não vou mais à praia. Aliás, grande maioria dos moradores, não frequentam. Antes todos se encontravam e era papo saudável. Agora é só cerveja, comidas sem higiene e música alta. O gostoso, era escutar o barulho das ondas….acabou!

  15. É triste saber que o mundo acha que o Brasil é assim todo por causa do Rio de Janeiro. País de mulambos, favelas , tráficos e tiroteios,

  16. Is it safe enough during the day and early evenings in common areas of Rio? Would like to travel there. While in Paris, I kept my wallet in front pocket. Greetings from Denver USA where its frosty cold.

  17. their avocados are huge,not like the miniature found in asia or australia
    looks like pygmy the avocados in here and very very very pricey too

  18. I am carioca, Rio is beautiful despite its political problems, make a video walking around copacabana, Christ the redeemer, and downtown.

  19. Olha que cidade bonita,enquanto onde eu moro é um lugar depressivo em meio as montanhas de Minas Gerais,é dificil,parabens pelo canal.

  20. Caro Senhor Wanna Walk, excelente reportagem essa. Hoje o Nordeste brasileiro, principalmente o Vale do São Francisco, se tornou um dos maiores celeiros na produção de frutas, talvez a maior do Brasil. Bom trabalho! Parabéns!

  21. Que lindoooo recuerdo apenas empieza el video estas en la Rua Vizconde de Piraja yo ahi alquile departamento a media cuadra piraja al 310 que lindos recuerdos si habre recorrido conoci Rio en marzo 2018…que lindo video tambien fui a esa feria fijate tengo algunos videos de Rio..en mi canal…saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina…espero volver a Rio ojala sea pronto

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