Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — IPANEMA Beach, Walking Tour in RIO (Narrated)【4K】☀️🇧🇷

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL — IPANEMA Beach, Walking Tour in RIO (Narrated)【4K】☀️🇧🇷

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 Today we’re walking in the sunny Ipanema Beach 😎 This is one of the most famous beaches in the world This is what an ordinary day looks like in Rio Right now, temperature is 36°C or 96.8°F Our walk begins at Posto 9 which is located between
Av. Vieira Souto and Rua Vinícius de Moraes Some people says that Ipanema is
the classier cousin of Copacabana This is a sea of young people, umbrellas, beach chairs,
small bathing suits and one million beach vendors ⛱ There are many different kinds of publics here: a mix
of youngsters, cool gay guys, hipsters and families I recommend to pick a different spot each day
so you can see the variety of personalities Locals are friendly people so you’ll spend the day
meeting people, playing footvolley and having fun Some people says that Copacabana is for the party
crowd and Ipanema has more of a neighborhood feel Ipanema is a long stretch of lovely sand
and a great place to relax on the beach This video is just one of many Rio de Janeiro walking tours, be sure to check the channel to see more! There are many vendors and small restaurants that
line the boulevard, perfect for snacks and drinks 🥪 This is a great place to walk and people watch
The sand is very fine, clean and almost silky Prices on the beach are affordable: For example, to rent two beach chair with an
umbrella all the day will cost you about 3.5 dollars a good caipirinha will cost you about 3.5 dollars 🍸 A great sandwich (called sanduíche natural by locals) will cost you about 2.5 dollars and it really worth it 😋 Cariocas (Rio’s resident) arrives at Ipanema
beach early and stays all day in summer Be sure to order a Matte (iced tea with lemonade)
and a bag of Globo crackers, a real Carioca tradition The Matte vendors will be wearing orange outfits
and have a large metal barrel under each arm You will also see men walking up and down the beach
swinging small grills used to bbq cheese ‘queijo coalho’ This is a type of cheese, similar to Halumi, that is
very dense and lends itself perfectly to the small bbq Before continue, be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
New travel videos around the world every week 😉 As we go, the beach gets a little bit louder and crowded Ipanema it’s a safe neighborhood but no need to bring expensive things to the beach. Use common sense When is the best moment to visit Rio de Janeiro? December to March is Rio’s high season so prices and crowds are at their highest between these months Prices fall after Easter, city it’s less crowded and the weather is still hot, if more humid, from March to May Brazilians aren’t uncomfortable making friends
even if you don’t speak the same language Have you tried a caipirinha? The caipirinha was invented by farmers in the State of
São Paulo during the 19th century as a local drink The name ‘Caipirinha’ literally
translates as “country little girl” This is most loved and certainly,
the most famous cocktail of Brazil A caipirinha is simple to prepare: smashed lime slices,
two tablespoons of sugar, ice and a shot of cachaça How many people lives in Rio de Janeiro? About 13,500,000 people lives in the capital of the State
of Rio de Janeiro and the second-largest city of Brazil Cariocas are usually open minded and unprejudiced The beaches are open and friendly with
all types of body shapes and sizes Whatever you decide to wear, there is no judgment Brazil is known for its popular itsy-bitsy swimwear with
men usually wearing tight, small trunks aka sungas And women wearing these sexy
and traditional thong style bikinis Confidence is the main accessory on Rio’s beaches
so wear what you feel most comfortable in The beach vendors spend all day, every day walking
up and down the shores selling their goods Be sure to try the popular Açai with granola and banana or strawberry for a healthy and refreshing snack The pastels and mini pies of prawns, cheese
and dried meat are more substantial offerings Leaving trash anywhere is not good beach etiquette
so be sure to help keeping the place clean Barraca do Uruguay it’s very popular these days It is illegal to go topless in Brazil
and this rule is taken very seriously If you spend the day at Ipanema beach, it’s worth
staying until the sun goes down to see the sunset On the horizon we see the beautiful
Morro Dois Irmãos and Favela Vidigal Most days in Rio are sunny, and the heat
during the summer can get intensely hot 😓 Head to the beach early or late to avoid the hottest points of the day between 11am and 3pm Rio has an incredibly active lifestyle and a day at the
beach isn’t always a great opportunity for doing sports The weekends, during peak times, can get crowded, yet
the hustle and bustle of the beach is friendly and lively Wanna try surfing lessons? Local instructors speak English and lessons are
open for beginners and advanced surfers 🏄‍♂️ The warmest sea date temperature was
recorded in 2016 and was 25°C or 77°F When you visit Brazil, be sure to
try their national dish: Feijoada Feijoada has as many versions as there are cooks but always has black beans and always
has a mixture of smoked fresh meats Anyway, the authentic feijoada has all sorts
of bits in it, such as tails, trotters, ears, etc 😳 Are you brave enough to try the original feijoada? The distance between New York City
and Rio it’s 4800 miles or 7,754 km Thanks Joel for your very generous donation
supporting the channel every month 😉 If you enjoyed this video please be sure
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  2. I love feijoada! My friend's family makes on Saturdays in their restaurant!
    I think its authentic, she makes it like they did in Brasilia. Tail cuts, shoulder cuts,ears, sausage, and dried meat.
    I also love açai! I go to a local smoothie place and get açai blended with strawberries,blueberries,and banana. She puts in extra açai because I like it so much. If I had the extra money I'd go even in the winter. Its a great treat for me I don't get to enjoy often.

    These videos make me smile. Thank you.

  3. Acho bem interessante esta forma de mostrar a cidade , como se estivéssemos la!!! o Rio e muito lindo mesmo! Parabéns!

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  5. Justo fuiste a la playa de los homosexuales, es como ir a la playa 22 de Miami, hubieras mostrado las "normales", infestadas de garotas, bueh..igual el lugar es bonito y trae recuerdos de ese hermoso país 🙋👣🇦🇷

  6. À muito tempo que vejo comentarem que todas as praias do Rio são insuportáveis por alguns motivos como: cheias de carros com som alto disputando quem faz mais barulho, pessoas falando alto além de muitos palavrões, lixo por toda a areia dificultando-se até de caminhar sobre a areia, assaltos e arrastões pra todo lado e a todo momento, etc,etc …ou seja, esses vídeos desse canal pelas praias do Rio servem como uma perfeita prova de que quem tem boca realmente fala o que quer.

  7. Nasci nessa maldita cidade e digo a todos oq se vende é esse cartão postal desses bairros da zona sul falida e com essa classe media que se acha ! 90% da cidade do Rio ou são favelas ou bairros favelizados e pobres ! A mauiria desses que.moram em bairros como Leblon , Ipanema e Copacabana estão vivendo no limite para dizer q moram ai !

  8. Thanks for sharing the video. Ipanema is my favourite beach in Rio; it felt like I was there. I recommend the famous meat & sausage mix sandwich (colita de cuadril y chorizo) at Barraca do Uruguay. Next time take the GoPro and go into the water to catch some waves… Cheers!

  9. Essas pessoas jogam lixo em frente e suas CASAS NA RUA onde MORAM. QUERER que essas mesmas pessoas não jogam lixo na areia das PRAIAS, E HIPOCRISIA!!!!!!!

  10. A praia é bonita, quem estraga é o povo que é mal educado, desbocado, porco e vulgar. Fora os roubos constantes. Não recomendo ir com a família.

  11. Hey Wanna Walk, Very nice focus effects. May I ask what camera you used for this particular video? I am trying to do similar videos on my channel with the A7iii, but the stabilization is no where near as good as this.

    If you get a chance, I would greatly appreciate you to check out my recent videos and provide HONEST feedback. Subscribe if you enjoy 🙂

  12. Que tal ir às cidades da região serrana no inverno? geralmente as cidades de lá ficam em torno de 5 graus, e muitas vezes chegam a 0°C

  13. Sou de Fortaleza e acho interessante como a infraestrtura daqui é completamente diferente com a do Rio, apesar de ambas serem cidades litoraneas. O Rio é muito bonito, mas ainda prefiro Fortaleza, no Rio só tem areia, mar e barracas de praia que são colocadas pelas próprias pessoas, aqui em Fortaleza tem toda um estrutura, bares e quiosques na areia da praia, arborização, coqueirais, quadras esportivas, espigões …

  14. Son bonitas.
    Al ser oceánicas más bonitas.
    A nosotros nos gusta con poca gente, por eso buscamos más apartadas.
    Se disfruta mucho!

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