Review of The Peak Design Everyday 10L sling | The perfect bag?

Review of The Peak Design Everyday 10L sling | The perfect bag?

you saw the title you saw the thumbnail
you clicked we’re talking about it the peak design 10 liter sling this is my
basically go to camera bag now I have the peak design bag back here if you can
kind of see it’s kind of blurred out that’s the twenty liter everyday
backpack and for my photo shoots I just wasn’t bringing that much gear so I was
like I need a downsize so I got this bad boy a few months ago and it’s there’s
been some good there’s been some bad but I’m gonna show you what’s in there and
then kind of talk to you about my kinda talk to you about my thoughts after the fact. okay so here’s
the 10l sling from peak design this is what’s in the bag
normally my XH 1 with the 23 1.4 lens sits here
you know attached to the body and it kind of fits pretty snug I’ll put a
picture of what it looks like so we get an idea how it all fits together
but anyways I’ll start taking stuff out so we’ve got the godox v8 sixty mark two
for fuji film pretty snazzy little flash i also have the pro controller sometimes
I use this sometimes it don’t majority of the time I’m doing natural
light work sometimes when you’re at the beach to help with fighting the sunset
because the sunset can be so bright you need a flash so this pops just enough a
little bit of fill light in not to make it look unnatural but just so that way
you’re not pulling so much out of the shadows but anyways this is a really
nice flash and it kind of fits right here when I’m doing a shoot that I know
I need to bring it along with the other things I got in here I’ve got the X t2
with the Fujifilm 56 1.2 it’s kind of my workhorse lens I use this one a lot
between this one and the Fujifilm 23 1.4 that’s that’s kind of my staple lenses
that I go to it’s beautiful the Fujifilm I’ve had this xt2 for a couple years not
have a single problem with this camera or this lens and I absolutely love them
so that fits in that side right there last piece of camera equipment that I’m
bringing with me normally is my Fuji film 18 to 55 this is pretty good if I
know I’m gonna be doing some type of video or maybe I need something just a
little bit wider than that 23 millimeter 1.4 that I’m filming with right now but
uh Maggiore the time I don’t use this if I know if I’m going to a location where
I’ve never been to before I like to make like a little location video I’ll pop
this on my XH 1 and between the embody stabilization on that and the OIS on
this lens it’s it’s a pretty magical combination so besides that in in this
front pocket where you could kind of put a really small laptop or an iPad I don’t
really find that functional because the camera gear yeah I don’t use that if I
put anything in there it’s like a piece of paper or a white balance I have a
couple white balance cards makes editing a lot easier that I’ll throw in there
they’re on a little lanyard okay for this top pocket here there’s not much in
there right now normally I have two batteries over here in this compartment
because it’s wider than all the rest so I have two of the food small Fujifilm
batteries sitting in there I have a backup little flash just in case
something’s not going right with the the godox
or if I didn’t bring the godox because I don’t do that a lot and I just need some
type of extra light so that’s what I normally have in this top pocket nothing
ever else really lives in here maybe I’ll have some business cards in this
pocket but I’ve handed all those out so you
don’t get to see those today okay moving on to this front pocket of the bag we’ve
got a Pelican case I’ve got some SD cards there I never get
into this ever I I basically have it just in case one of my cards happen to
like crap out and stop working so I never use that then this guy this is a
Fujifilm Instax share sp2 this guy is a little magical device so so what this
guy is it’s just just a little printer prints Fujifilm pictures off of my fuji
film cameras so what I did is I just clicked a reprint button so it’s a
pretty one right now for you I’m not sure honestly what picture is gonna come
out we’ll see what it develops but what I use this for is on wedding base shoots
on family portraits on engagement it’s really fun to be able to write after the
shoot when we’re kind of wrapping things up and talking and you know going over
when I’m gonna get the photos back to them it’s really fun to be able to print
out a couple pictures that I know like don’t need much editing to look good I
guess that doesn’t even sound good that just looked really good in camera so I
print off a couple of those and it’s fantastic people die over me handing
them instant prints and they love it a lot of them go home or on their way home
snap a picture of the prints and post them on their Instagram accounts or
Facebook accounts and just say you know normally they say some nice things so
this is a really cool investment I kind of got the idea because with my business
card so the last thing I printed was a business card I actually have a couple
designs made up where I have my logo my email and phone number at the bottom
there for my business so yeah I normally keep business cards right here in this
pouch I guess I’ll show you that they go on the pouch so these guys go right here
like this so my business cards go right there but
yeah so this guy is really cool really small it’s just right here in the front
pocket that’s the inside of the bag so I’m gonna pack this sucker back up and
then again the XH one goes right there so that’s the inside of the peak design
everyday sling the outside here on the bottom
I keep a gorilla pod I think this is like the 5k model I don’t know but it
works with the peak design plates that work with the peak design clip here so
normally how I how it goes on a photoshoot if if I know I’m taking some
video maybe I’ll set up the XH one and attach it to a tree a pole or something
get some video of me doing photography that’s good for multiple purposes this
YouTube channel it’s good for it’s good for Facebook ads stuff like that but
this peak design clip also works really well
I don’t like camera straps you notice I didn’t have any camera straps on any of
my cameras or in in the bag I don’t use a camera strap I don’t even use a wrist
strap they just get in my way so I use this peak design clip that normally one
cameras sitting here and I have the other camera in my hand so if I need a
switch it’s easy enough to one handedly pop this off slut slap the other camera
on there and locked on don’t have to worry about it
I don’t have to go fishing in my bag during a shoot I like to be able to be
fast be quick moments and photography happen really quickly and I don’t want
to miss him so straps get in the way slow me down this clip works well this
bang the system that I’ve got going on it’s not a perfect system but it’s
working for me right now and that’s why I recommend it to people to ask me about
camera bags so if you’re looking for a camera bag check out peak design not of
an affiliate I don’t get paid to recommend their products but uh yeah I
thoroughly enjoy their products I think that they look nice and minimal normally
when I’m out on a shoot I don’t want to look like a target so they’re they’re
really nice thanks for watching this video if you have any questions about
this bag or if you have this bag let me know what you think because I like to
have conversation with you guys makes this whole video thing a lot less
awkward when I know I’m talking to somebody on the other side of the camera
so let me know how not how but what you think of this camera bag if you don’t
have it what questions you have I’d love to answer them have a great day

2 thoughts on “Review of The Peak Design Everyday 10L sling | The perfect bag?

  1. I bought this bag a week ago and had it on me this weekend and I absolutely don't like it. It was irritating my neck, hurting my shoulder and as a female it was just not a good fit. Too bad, cause I do love so many peak design stuff 🙁

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