100 thoughts on “Reveal Wheel Card Designs

  1. I got my reveal wheel this week and I will try your clever ideas to use the supplies that I already have 😁

  2. Here a palm, there a palm, everywhere a palm tree 😄 Beautiful cards as always, I have this set and it really is so fun and easy to use

  3. You read my mind! I just went through my stamps and dies yesterday for this alternative. There are so many small, cute stamps and dies out there. Can't wait to play!

  4. OMG Jennifer This new Lawn Fawn Die Set is Funtabulous and OMG It was so much fun watching your creative processes and being able to see all of your ingenious and brilliant ideas come to life!! You are such an enabler and yes I plead guilty as the enabled I did pause your video and order it….and can't wait to play and even make interactive layouts. Every single one of your cards is Spectacular. Super cute card that Lila made sucha cute idea just an adorable and fun card!! Thanks for your Super Outstanding Tutorial and Sharing your Tremendously Terrific Tips, Tricks & Techniques. YOU so ROCK!!

    Joan Smith

  5. I noticed on your cards that they all had a sewn edge look. Is that a stamp or was it done with a sewing machine?

  6. Oh my gosh Jennifer, that Father's Day card is fantastic! So is the flamingo card of course, and I already loved the reveal wheel die, and I wanted to make my own window too but hadn't done the figuring out part yet — thank. you so much! I love your envelope card too! 🙂 You are the best!

  7. Thanks so much for this. I have made my own similar card, and I decided to order the reveal wheel set to make life easier. It will be arriving this week, and I was planning on trying to figure out how to incorporate some of my existing supplies into this type of card. You have saved me from taxing my 68 year old brain, as you did all the figuring for me. You also gave me some new ideas, as I wouldn't have thought to use the envelope die/stamps. I especially love that one! I love all your videos – you truly are an inspiration!

  8. I always love your videos. You are so creative and I always learn something. Especially love the flamingo card.

  9. I bought this die as soon as it was released and love it. Thank you for sharing how to use other dies to change the window. Which Copic marker colors did you use for the front of the card?

  10. Love the idea of using other dies for the opening.  The Mama Elephant card is so cute. Would love to see how you put that one together.

  11. This video tutorial is simply fantastic!!! Kelly at LF comes up with such innovative dies and sweet, sweet stamp sets and you've shown them off wonderfully here. Simply fun cards AND a great opportunity to pull out some of those unloved brands that we all likely have stashed away. After the first minute or 2 of your video I was wondering if you could say Reveal Wheel 10x fast, lol. I can't even say it 5x fast in my brain….hahaha. Kathy Racoosin is awesome and her coloring challenges "allow" us to take time out for ourselves "guilt-free" and enjoy some daily coloring. Such a wonderful idea. I hope you realize that you are to stamping what Kathy is to coloring. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that seeing a new video from you pop up in our feeds is like opening a surprise gift. Thanks so much for being such a constant source of inspiration and I hope you're having a fabulous weekend. ~HUGS~

  12. Thank you for this great tutorial. I've just bought this set and your tips and creative ideas are so helpful!
    Creative greetings from Belgium xxx

  13. I just love what you did with these! Lawn fawn and others always show us how to do it with what comes with the set, but I always love how you take it above and beyond! Thanks for showing us how to get it to line up to use other dies. I hadn't taken the chance to figure it out, but I knew I probably could. Love your cards this time! I would love to see the scalloped box card popup if you have any fun ideas with it too!

  14. I have ordered mine so I'm sitting by the mail box everyday waiting ! this has got to be one of the best dies I have seen in awhile ! I love what you did with it. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us. God bless you.

  15. That is SO fantastic how you made those unique windows for the reveal wheel by lawn fawn! You are so creative and talented! 😀

  16. I keep repeating to myself “You don’t need the reveal wheel die set” but I think I am losing the battle.

  17. OMG this is so much to make and you are so smart to create your own too. Must have in your collection. Thank you for sharing

  18. Hi Jennifer, thanks for another great video! I have a request that maybe you can add to your list of video/blog ideas: Could you make a video on patterned paper? Like ideas and creative ways to use patterned paper on cards. I know you don't usually use patterned paper, but I would love to see what you could do with them!

  19. Wow Jennifer, this new die set is amazing. It’s a pity that we are not always able to get all of Lawn Fawn’s products here in Australia 🇦🇺. And the cost of postage from the states is very high with the cost of the dollar these days. But this is definitely a “must have” set for sure. Thanks so much for your videos, I love to watch them all. From Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

  20. It is so helpful to see new ways to incorporate stamp and die sets you already own. It helps me make a decision about buying something new like the reveal wheel.

  21. I love how you show us to maximize the use of a variety of the stamps and dies we already own. These are such fabulous ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  22. I love all these but I order them, I don't get to them right away then I forget what I wanted to do with them lol

  23. I love the interactive card dies. I have a couple and would love to get this one as well. Going to have to save my pennies. I'm on a strict budget. Your cards turned out so nice. I love them all. TFS

  24. Jennifer this card is one of the most beautiful one I have seen in a while ❤ it.

    Are you going to be here in Minnesota this weekend for the 2018 Scrapbooking Expo? Just wondering.

  25. Love the engineer in you figuring out how to use different dies for the reveal. So very clever. Thanks for doing this and for sharing.

  26. Your ingenuity is boundless! You just have an amazing way of creating new designs and techniques- don't know how you do it, but I'm so happy you do! You bring creativity and joy to so many! Keep on creating, Jennifer, and keep on sharing…you are the best!!! : )

  27. I went to a lawn fawn event wirh Kelly at a local store yesterday. (We made cards wirh the ice cream card) Bought the reveal wheel die thinking I could use some stamps/dies I all ready have. Thank you for showing me how. 😃💖

  28. Love it. Thanks for the tutorial showing how to put it together. I am a visual person and the videos always make it easier to understand. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Well, I didn’t think I needed this set, but you again took it to the next level. So now I think I need it! Lol
    Thank you for your continual inspiration.

  30. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards. I am always looking for new techniques to and ideas for my cards and this one is fabulous. This set is a must buy and try. Thanks Jennifer for always keeping our creative juices flowing. Have a great day.

  31. Hi Jennifer! Love this little card. I have a small suggestion. I have recently made a rotating wheel card into a SVG file (an A6; all different windows from Lawn Fawn's). While designing it I made one of the wheels as a template. I cut out all four of the windows from the wheel. Then, you can use your low-tack tape and tape it to the wheel your are using for the card. Then just set it in MISTI and align the words in the windows. You can re-use the template for each window type and each card, and save all of the measuring and drawing windows and erasing windows, etc. Hope this makes sense! Happy day to you.

  32. So fun! Ordered the die set, and I'm waiting with great anticipation to make some "wheelie" cute cards to send to friends and family! TFS

  33. Thank you for the tips on how to line up the wheel. I just made my first one and had trouble getting them just how I wanted. The tick marks will make it lots easier. I also love the idea of how you used old dies to make different shape windows. I like how you used a sentence on the dad card.

  34. I just love these shadow box cards, just made my first one and can't believe how very, very nice it turned out!

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