(Resin art, DIY) 뭔가 담으면 빨려 들어갈듯한 레진 바구니 만들기

Hi, I’m a creator one sculpture Today’s work is a basket of galaxy. Today I’m going to use new machine I had this machine but I didn’t have a chance. This machine is called a scroll saw Perhaps you remember using it for a while in, the Chrome Fidget Spinner video This tool is optimized for cutting curves. Instead, you need a lot of concentration when using this tool. scroll saw will go in the wrong direction iIf you don’t concentrate for a moment the outside shape making was finished, so now i’ll cut inside following lines As you go inward, you need to concentrate. Of course, my concentration is the best in Korea Never make a mista(ke)…. Anyone can make a mistake at least once. Just a happy accident happened. But no more mista(ke)… its no matter i can carve it again Even if i make mistakes Finish it with a positive mind. Separate the finished shape and Pull out the saw blade. Somewhat satisfying shape was created. Now I’ll make a shape using my dremel. First, smooth the surface and trim the edges. You have to be careful because the wood is thin. Of course, my deliberation is the best in Korea It’s a piece of ca(ke) You haven’t seen anything. Print the drawing. and Cut with a scroll saw. Today’s work is a basket of galaxy. If you feel like you’ve seen the same scene May be it is just feeling now I’m going to resin work but Before that prepare a song.

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