Renter Friendly SPARKLY GLITTER WALL DECOR IDEAS.5  Easy Different Way to Sparkle Up your Wall

Renter Friendly SPARKLY GLITTER WALL DECOR IDEAS.5 Easy Different Way to Sparkle Up your Wall

hi in this video show you five different
kind of sparkly glitter wall decor ideas. which will light up your home specially
in this winter .Here am using canvases and spray painting it into black color .You
don’t necessarily need to use the canvas you can do the same project with the
cardboard box as well .I have done the same project with the cardboard box, you can
see that in the rest of the video .Then I’m using a sparkly sequin fabric which
I purchased online and to here I’ll show you the difference between a black
background and white background the black one looks much sparkly than the
white one that’s why I decided to paint it into black. Then I’m using hot glue to
attach the fabric into the canvas. here let’s see how I’m doing the same
project with the cardboard piece. I cut it into the shape of a large sized
canvas. Cut the four sides like this and we can
fold it inwards and secure it by using some tape or hot glue .For this project
I’m using a different kind of sequin fabric it is called all over sequin
silver fabric and it is really stretchy so we can adjust the size according to
it. I didn’t spray paint it into black
because this particular project I have done a couple of months earlier. to make a border I’m using mirror-like
stickers the link is in the description below .tiny bit of extra glue to secure
it well because I don’t just a glue it has already got. For the next project um spray-painting
a canvas into pale pink color .and mix a bit of a black color into the glue
because I want to get a gray background for the glitter then I painted it into
the canvas. for this particular project I’m
following an abstract painting style which I ve seen on Pinterest. I’m using just regular silver glitter and that’s really relaxing to do it .my
five-year-old couldn’t resist to play with the glitter so she’s helping me in
between. Tapout the extra glitter then I mix some
glitter with glue securing the glitter with the glue
mixture for the next project I’m using the same
painted canvas and mirror tile stickers. just attaching it into the way I want
I’m not following a particular design for it. I’m using double-sided silicon tape to
attach it to the wall. I really love this because I’m renting
tohe home and it really protect the wall from damaging. again for the next project I’m using a
canvas and a small mirror which is like a the Dollar Tree or Pound land kind of
mirror I’m attaching it with the help of hot glue. then I’m cutting out small strips from a
chunky glitter sheet. and gluing each strips into the canvas
it’s just not following any specific pattern doing it in an
irregular way. and adding a small square piece into
the center part. here we go ,that’s how I transformed an
empty boring wall into a stunning wall and I love to look at it when it
is dark outside that time it sparkles more I think and that’s it.If you like the
video give me a thumbs up and if you have any questions leave me a comment
below and see you next time bye bye

11 thoughts on “Renter Friendly SPARKLY GLITTER WALL DECOR IDEAS.5 Easy Different Way to Sparkle Up your Wall

  1. Coool good👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍👍👍🌷🌷🌷

  2. Hi…amazing diy ….iam from india….where r u from….plz diy for ferero rocher boxex reuse plzzzz

  3. Oh wow! These are amazing! Beautiful job♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. I live in an apartment. When you are renting, it's so hard to personalize the home. Thanks so much for the ideas. Be blessed, today and always! =)

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