14 thoughts on “Rendova Inflatable Rib Retube (Part 2)

  1. Do you guys make tubes for the Walker Bay 10? They have changed their design and no longer have the slide in track model. If so, How much?

  2. hi alfred love your show i have a f300 brig rib boat ..it is self draining by the transome ,but there is a plug in the floor i presume to drain the hull .i was told not to remove it but if it starts sploshing around or for any reason how do you drain it ,all i can think of is a suction hose ..any thoughts ? great info on your site ,for novices ,thank you

  3. He makes a great point get the job done right you don't want to be out at sea and it falls apart especially sailors as the tender is so important

  4. You guys are amazing craftsmen.Do you build complete boats?Awesome is an overused word these days but your work quality truly is just that,awesome!

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