Removable Tape – Got (the right) Tape by Sure-Fit Designs

Removable Tape – Got (the right) Tape by Sure-Fit Designs

Hi everyone, I’m Glenda with Sure-Fit Designs and I know some of you know me as Glenda the Good Stitch. You know when I was 12 years old, my dad gave me my first sewing machine. One of the things that I learned from him throughout our experiences together was that no matter what the job that you’re doing you need to have the correct tools equipment and supplies. And the tape that we use (for pattern drafting) falls into that category of the necessary and essential supplies. The tape that you’re likely most familiar with is the Scotch brand regular tape It’s called Magic Tape. This tape is designed with stick to it. And it should (stick) when you stick something down. You want it to stay put. If you use this regular tape on our master patterns, it can #1- rip the tracing vellum. But #2, it can actually lift the printing off of the pattern and rip the surface of the paper away. This is not what you want to be using. The product that is bar none the very, very best. Is this Scotch brand Removable Tape. That’s what I’ve got on this dispenser right here. When you take this tape and put it down on the pattern and… one of the reasons you’re going to do that of course, is to line up the tracing vellum drawing that you’re doing with the master pattern underneath, when you go to remove it, it comes up very easily. It does not rip the surface of the paper. Now I’m going to show you a very quick dart transfer and how this actually works on the tracing vellum itself. So I’m just going to turn this (pattern) so I’ve got it more in the direction that I like to work from and I am going to do a dart transfer for you. To do that we need to draw a Designer’s dart line. This is called the Dressmaker’s dart. I’m going to make some long red lines going from the tip of the apex out to the beginning of the dart. That’s called the designers dart. Now. I’m going to show you how to move that dart up into the shoulder line. So we’ll just take a line going up to the shoulder line like this. Then what I’m going to do is put a little piece of this tape over top of the apex. And I’m going to cut the designer’s dart up up to the apex. You don’t want to go quite all the way through the apex. I’m cutting on the red line. You’re just simply going to remove that dart – like that. And now we’re going to cut down through the center of the shoulder line. I’m going to cut up to the apex but not quite all the way through. Then I am going to pivot the side seam shut like this. In comes the removable tape. We pivot the dart shut and you tape it down. But let’s say that you accidentally tape too far. You can see – whoops – now that rip happened because of where I was grabbing it. But as I move the tape it laid down properly or shall I say came off properly. Then you’re going to back this opening with tracing vellum. And it would look like this. And then you’re going to tape down well. Once again if you make a mistake, you can lift it off without any trouble whatsoever. And you continue taping. You’ll find our tape in our Essential Tools section of our website Thanks so much for watching.

5 thoughts on “Removable Tape – Got (the right) Tape by Sure-Fit Designs

  1. I figured out the hard way, that the removable tape is essential. If you are tracing anything at all, you want to use the removable tape to hold what you are tracing, and to hold the see-through paper you’re drawing on, too. Any other gives a sticky mess. I’m in Scotland and Amazon UK does have it, if Sure-fit Designs UK doesn’t yet.

  2. The tape is amazing and goes perfect with pattern adjustments. I reuse mine. Normally I’ll have about a dozen apr 2” pieces stuck to the side of my drafting table. I love that it leaves no residue on my master patterns!

  3. It's great tape, I use it for marker drawing. BUT where I live it's almost 10x more expensive than regular clear tape. How can weaker tape be so costly? I don't understand

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