Relieving Loneliness Through Flow

Relieving Loneliness Through Flow

many different humor societies the worst
sanction the community can issue his shunning the person ignored grows
gradually depressed and soon begins to doubt his or her very existence in some
societies the final outcome and being ostracized is death the person is left
alone comes to accept the fact that he must be already dead since no one pays
attention to him any longer little by little he stops taking care of
his body and eventually passes away there is no question that we are social
animals all in the company of other people do we feel complete the Latin
locution for being alive was entire Horniman essay which literally meant to
be among men were asked to be dead was in dare hominem SST scenery or to cease
to be among men the phenomenology of enjoyment has eight major components one
we should confront a task the one has a chance of completing two we must be able
to concentrate on what we are doing three and four concentration is usually
possible because the task undertaken has clear goals and provides immediate
feedback five one act was a deep but effortless involvement that removes from
awareness the worries and frustrations of everyday life six enjoyable
experiences allow people to exercise a sense of control over their actions
seven concern for the self disappears yet paradoxically the sense of self
emerges stronger off the flow of care experiences over
finally the sense of the duration of time is altered walking is most trivial physical
activity magical yet it can be profoundly enjoyable if a person sets
goals and takes control of the process in the city the terrain itself is not
challenging that there are other opportunities for developing skills the
social stimulation of the crowds the historical and architectural reference
of the urban mill you can add enormous variety to a walk there are store
windows to see people to observe patterns of human interactions to
reflect on some Walker’s specialize in choosing the shortest routes others are
the most interesting ones some pride themselves in walking the same route
with chronometric precision others likes to mix and match the internal unless one
sets goals and develop skills walking is just featureless drudgery young and M ceramics I heard someone say that if you get one
of London then you will get rid of life I’m really traditional myself but at the
same time I’m also like try to create something new like something someone
never done before so it’s like you have to like be patient to do everything and
otherwise everything is gonna fail like if you know have you if you know come
yourself down first then you won’t be able to make anything like no outcome
will be really bad in my free time I’m doing like meditation every day so it
also helps that gave me some inspiration the quality of life depends on two
factors how we experience work in our relations with other people hundreds of
times every day we are reminded of vulnerability of ourselves and every
time this happens psychic energies lost trying to restore order to consciousness
and in flow there is no room for self scrutiny because enjoyable activities of
clear goals stable rules and challenges well match two skills there is little
opportunity for the cells to be threatened being able to forget temporarily who we
are seems to be very enjoyable when not preoccupied with ourselves we actually
have a chance to expand the concept of who we are
loss of self-consciousness can lead to self transcendence to a feeling that the
boundaries of our being have be pushed forward the loss of the sense of self separate
for the world around it as sometimes accompanied by feeling of Union who is
environment just have we learned to separate
ourselves from each other and from the environment we now need to learn how to
you reunite ourselves with other entities around us without losing our
hard-won individuality the most promising faith for the future might be
based on the realization the entire Universum is a system related by common
laws and then it makes no sense to impose our dreams and his eyes on nature
without taking them into account recognizing the limitations of human
will accepting our corporation rather than the ruling role in the universe we
should feel the relief of the exile who is finally returning home the problem of
meaning will then be resolved as individuals purpose merges with a
universal flow

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  1. Your friend on 9gag sent me here. 1. You have a great friend. 2. That video is kind of relieving stress. Nice work!

  2. You need to normalize the sounds a little better twords the end, The music gets a little too loud when the voice isn't there. Otherwise excellent video.

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